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@BoundaryBreak it’s sweet @USPSHelp check dms please @AlsoN00rIrfan omg who 😍
@ChuyPlaysNTDO @ChuyPlaysNTDO you should buy me a switch @mehdistrash nothing irritates me more and it’s always someone u introduced them to 😍he’s ok :)
@trishapaytas if my pizza isn’t personally inspected by trish i don’t want it 😒🤚 @CashApp done babe #cashappinbio $duckyfan @mehdistrash i can’t believe we give this advice for free
@jonpauljeffords LMFAOOOO @jonpauljeffords @AidenAtKotoki @mehdistrash jon takes a stand @AidenAtKotoki bait his azz and get him suspended challenge 😍 @AidenAtKotokiGET HER BESTIEim looking at you american eaglewhen brands make white shirts and they end up see-through that should be illegal and punishable by death @AlsoN00rIrfan i say yes @BoundaryBreak this hurts @trishapaytas he really disabled likes/dislikes and comments after getting ratiod too hard. i don’t know what else… ketchup 💝 #genshinimpactfanart #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons
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@ColourPopCo I think giveaway is the wrong word to use here if you have to do a whole look to even get a chance lol @jonpauljeffords @AidenAtKotoki @mehdistrash someone’s gotta do it @AidenAtKotoki @mehdistrash im sickened 💔 @AidenAtKotoki @mehdistrash it’s always the ugly ones @AidenAtKotoki @mehdistrash LMAOOO I DIDNT EVEN SEE THISSSS @YaBoyWamuel @mehdistrash are you mentally ill @mehdigeek_ @PodSaveAmerica @VP PLEASEEEE @mehdistrash that’s normal and i feel it too, imo the root is that billionaires want us little people to feel guilt… are so scary LMFAOAOAOAIt's an honor to be your Vice President.
Retweeted by 🌸Now the real work begins, folks. Follow along at @POTUS as we build back better.
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Retweeted by 🌸༄ ୭̥° headed to resident services 🧸🤎 ⋆༉‧₊ #animalcrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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i think i just hate conversation and being bothered HELPP toxic ❤️ @NintendoNYC you’re out of your mind girly @trishapaytas your references were so good 😍Really cute Tom Nook and Isabelle wired Switch Controllers are available to pre-order on Amazon! Tom Nook:…
Retweeted by 🌸 @jonpauljeffords don’t worry bestie only like the cheapo long target ones they break if u breathe on them 😍i’ve literally smashed mirrors lol heheanyone else always breaking things cause ur so depressed and angry 😍
@discord remove the avatar change limit or give us a size preview feature please girly @mehdistrash ppl will say that yet won’t agree to switch bank accounts with me, strange @AidenAtKotoki of my problems would be solved with money every single one but i can kms for freei need lasik so bad i can’t fucking take wearing glasses anymore i don’t know what it is but i can’t drive or watch…
magas love freedom until business owners exercise their own freedom and deny them access to nonessential goods and servicesLMAO WHAT @AidenAtKotoki LMAO expensivekys babe ISNT EVEN TODAY ITS NEXT SATURDAY BYEmy dog has his monthly checkup tomorrow and it’s his first one since november because i didn’t wanna have a mental…
@AidenAtKotoki @NintendoAmerica it means we outsold @AidenAtKotoki @NintendoAmerica we have the budget ❤️ @AidenAtKotoki it doesn’t look like it they’re so crazy like that 😍😍😍 but yes give us 4 palettes @AidenAtKotoki these are my favorite packaging @AidenAtKotoki exactlyim not impressed it looks cheap and tacky like everything else from colourpop LSJSKDJ the top right blush looks nic… @StellarQuartz actually we are @StellarQuartz we need to start using our power for good 😭 @AidenAtKotoki you’re safe there will be a distraction @JonpaulJeffords he really said hmm yes i did it and i’d do it again bop bop 😍 @mehdigeek_ she sure did say it @JonpaulJeffords he got cancelled for being abusive to his employees or something 😭what did i say
@Anxiety2_0 @CashApp im too stupid for trivia bit ableist innit @fuchsiarascal HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @CashApp please go back to how you used to do it i hate the trivia ❤️ @AidenAtKotoki @JonpaulJeffords here it is your reputation era 😭😭😭 @mehdigeek_ LIKE UMMMM.... give us PST at least... but no now i have to be up at fucking 3am for some pantsnormalize respect for all time zoneswhen brands do launches / restocks etc at like 8AM EST.... hateful @mehdistrash they want to embarrass us @JonpaulJeffords Bonjour මJonpaulJeffords 👋 Tout va bien, මcutehorizons est cancelled 🚫
Retweeted by 🌸 @CancellerBot @JonpaulJeffords LMFOSYDIDNF @mehdigeek_ this hoe was cancelling 3 mins ago 😭 @mehdigeek_ nothing to see here girly 😍it ignored me ..... 🦪 @CancellerBot @mehdigeek_
@acluckyleif LMAOOO bold @Aerie that’s 3am hawaii time why are yall so mean 🥺 @DramakinsTv i am disgusteddddd and we really pay rent... for WHAT.... literally nothing matters we are just floati… remembered that we live on a planet in space @Swankyswager5 it is @AidenAtKotoki instagram is trying to be tiktok and facebook so badly help.... we’re outie @AidenAtKotoki instagram is definitely dying who even uses that DUMB ASS shopping tab @sergioalb64 good night bestie @NintendoFanGirl for the price that they are i wouldn’t have been patient at all, you’re nicer than me hahaha @JonpaulJeffords i will delete my instagram so fast @JonpaulJeffords I JUST KNOW THEYRE GONNA CATCH ME SLIPPING ONE DAY ON ACCIDENT AND I WONT BE ABLE TO GO BACK @h3h3productions i might have a tumor behind my eye but i’ll never know because i can’t pay the $750 copay lmao
@AlsoN00rIrfan helppp the confidence boost that would give me LMFAODJDJHDJ @Aerie how soon 😭
someone teach me to make bots pleathethat’s why we won goty, by a lot! now they ignore me 💔 and the item still says in stock at my store somehow @AskTarget i thought we had something special @AidenAtKotoki ur still in school girly they got time to get it together 😭 maybe @AidenAtKotoki look into it for where u live for mine there’s like an application for the tier 1s rn 🤪 @AidenAtKotoki hmmm if ur like an essential worker or have a health condition u should be able to? where i live peo…