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I'm Juby and I draw Cut Time and work in video games. Kindly do not edit/repost my artwork.|한국어・日本語 🆗|insta: jubyart|◆

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@fishushy thank you🌱✨ @VinDublin thank you kindly 😊 @GreenElusive when they are family, it's probably the hardest ): @Abby_Starling I am sorry for your experience, but I'm happy to provide some solidarity ;-; thank you 💗 @153px it was definitely disorienting... thank you, you too!! @thiecelin dobby is happy!! @ooorangy that's a tough thing 😢 It was definitely a kindness that I was Dismissed LOL... I'm still very grateful for itJuby always had a hard time seeing and acknowledging red flags cos... many reasons but... yeah... I'm better at it now, thank goodness On this subject, it was kind of embarrassing and telling when after I was Freed, people st…"DEMONS BE GONE!!" I whisper to myself, as I write about the traumas and feelings linked to my bad habits @KusyTv Not yet... Hopefully my demons aren't that badThe longer I'm in therapy, the more I'm realizing that it's basically a slow-burn, self-administered exorcism @Zambicandy Thank you zams 🥺💕 soft juby love you @tsulala I love ricket juby love these character wallpapers!!They saw my growing independence and within a year, they discarded me. But others around me have also noticed that…'s not an excuse for my bad behaviours, since I had to be capable of them in the first place, but I was a very in… 6 years of my adult life, I was in the thralls of a narcissistic abuser. I didn't realize it at the time, but I… @NoRegretsButOne yeah! she's a character in my webcomic Cut Time :3this was something twitter crop would decimate but now, they are, uh, freeing us from the twitter crop on desktop too right? r... right? @Rima_Peligroso 😂 oh, that juby can be such a tease @strawdoll_ 😉👉🏽 @strawdoll_ you have to treat the suit like a sex object and ur thirst will do the rest @Rima_Peligroso oh no... i've failed 😢for context, I realized in horror one day that I had never drawn The Main Character in a suit... ever... so basica… henlo friends! No new pages yet but have a little illustration, as a treat #cuttimecomic @pending_url that's a good way to liveit's nice when someone that you like and respect tells you that they like you too. it's like... the feeling of your soul being petted @Secondlina this girl is a yikes for me LMAO... I know what plagiarism looks like and this isn't even it...
Raye, Batty and Deon. Just something cute I worked on my free time, I want to add a frame and some catnip in the bg…
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@Angathol this is very informative!! thank you ☺️💕 @picklestpickle @nekkokami i think that's what they are, actually! @nekkokami @picklestpickle i am not sure, the leaves are actually tiny! @Angathol you seem to know way more than me!! I just get plants cos they look cute to me 😂😂 @Angathol I think the first one is an elephant bush, actually! The leaves are very round... ;v; and I think the sec… plant mums and dads... what plants did I buy today? No I'm not playin, I really don't know their species ;-;'ve shipped out all orders, including other merchandise since April 12th. I apologize that I don't make my shipmen…
I don't understand the sudden trend of artists making rond froggy friends but I find that I can't complainI just see dancing ham 🥺
@thembolinaa @runDEVINrun i feel like our fashion sense is like, the same, but i'm just the kawaii grampa version of you @actionhankbeard ye
@na_insoo !!!! Feed juby!!! @artbysarahc I'm sayin!! @ShinyKiiwii @samdrawsalot LMFAO too real @SpaceLorenz @MyOwnSelfsel I find astrology in itself to be really cool and harmless +and aesthetic)!! I hate how v… @untamablecosmos People always ruin a fun thing by being vapid and hateful, juby highly disapprove!!!!! @sirpangur cos u know I love you and ur cappiness hehe 💕💕 @_irisart Thank you for enjoying it ;-; @Velinxi 🥺🥺🥺 thank you vel!! 😭❤️Things I like to do with astrology: - build fictional characters - guess people's signs - assign sign headcanons to… @MyOwnSelfsel It really is insulting to everyone as human beings with free wills. We are what we choose to be, not… am an astrology nerd in that I know more of the theory than i should, but I am not delusional enough to use it to… @totsukunishoujo @mucknagabe これひどいです😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕 @sangmun_ character: is forgiven and redeems themselves through contrition and profound changes in their worldview…
There is one (1) postcard/tape bundle left and then we're sold out! Thank you kindly for your interest and support ❤️
udsafhasdfafs it looks amazing and IT'S SO SOON!!!!! AHHHHH @parfaitpeach LMAO😂 @eyecager I will never be able to look at your work the same way again,Save $5 by purchasing with the masking tape set!! I have a new Zelda anthology listing in my shop. It's a collection of 40 beautifully illustrated postcards f…
@Nagrolaz :3c @little_misere 🥺😢😢 thank you meems wehhhh @little_misere Once we are vaccinated!! So this summer!!! aAA I miss you 😢😢😢Me: designing characters ❗<Intrusive thoughts>❗ Heidi Klum: "do you think this is fashion forward" Me: "I'm... thes… @little_misere 🥺😭 I want to meet him one day @little_misere I'm love him(there are two pages of it this week because I'm a wild animal) @Anguiculus Thank you hehe I want to hug herI've posted a couple of rough design sketches for this week #hiveworks #cuttimecomic
@Zanza47 Hehe I'm glad @fayren just bros being bros
@KanzakiYufei That's how I feel about yours!!! 😩👌💕💕 @cysketch It's so wholesome when you show people how to make something neat and then they try to make the thing. "*… drew hayden for @KanzakiYufei cos they drew the sweetest rel for me!! Read our respective comics!!! 😂😂 @_joannetran he's perfect (and i'm sorry these were my first words to you aHA;; I think your landscape art is so lovely) @tsulala it must be the whole posse 🥺🥺 they love little fishboi @tsulala is that??? our baby hellhound?? @_joannetran This doge's head is an octagon @maobaby Oh no i--[ Y O U D I E D ] @maobaby This just in: Adorable Artist Makes Adorable Things and Juby Has to just Take It 😔
@barachan ahh the gwen one!!! ;v; 💕💕🔥🔥🔥 @actionhankbeard omw mama nuri 🤣 @actionhankbeard finally up early enough to get nuri to feed me @ooorangy oh dang u right 😂 @ooorangy yeah it was kind of surreal to witness. Not that I ever trusted her again LMAO @rubyxlight my grades certainly suffered for it but I still graduated on time somehow 😂 @Skiefire sokay, I found it funny too cos I didn't even realize what i was saying LMAO @ooorangy to her credit, she stopped bullying me after I gave her a condolences card for her mother's passing at th… @rubyxlight my dental hygiene program was running its /very first year/, and as such had a huge inferiority complex… @ooorangy 😂😂it wasn't fun but I sure learned a lot about life @ooorangy yeah and in my case? it was a japanese woman and I wondered a lot if my being korean had to do with it LOLthinking about how my entire life was built around emotionally insecure tyrants who kept projecting their unhappine… was one instructor who clearly didn't like me bc I wasn't docile enough. She told me that I'd fail if I didn'… example they made us "dress professionally (ie, extremely uncomfortably)" to attend lectures so we "look good"… back, I was kind of A Character... I would get into arguments with the instructors and one year I was sent… I was in university, my class was very small. We were about to start a new lecture, one that involved a condit… @Hawk_Hunting just let me speedrun life @ProZD I'm dead I love this episode LMAOOOOOOO @ProZD my bf once said "lacroix tastes like the idea of flavour" 😂😂 @untamablecosmos 😢 let me clip thru