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I'm Juby and I draw Cut Time and work in video games. Kindly do not edit/repost my artwork.|한국어・日本語 🆗|insta: jubyart|◆

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@animatorjenna omg I would love to give you some of my little ones!! something to give back in exchange for your candle 🥺🥺💕 @sjelli3 wow... they really messed upwhy did nobody warn me that pothos grows so much that you have to propagate like 40 pots of them over two years wh… @SamuelDeats 🤔🤔🤔 @sangmun_ yes @frigbiscuits thank you so much for enjoying it ;-;💕💕💗💗 @EldritchSky some of their clothes are pretty crisp and fly though!! but I guess they would only look good on twinks😔
it's kind of like how I feel about kpop boys... I loved kpop boys when I was 8 but now I just want them to be well-clothed and warm @Zanza47 all in a day's work of being juby @eugelng FEED JORBY AND EURGE @teasugarr oh no, I don't think I would have played it... I would have been into the charactersI think I would have really been into genshin impact when I was 15 but now I just want meat and jawlines @tetrablock happy birthday!!! 💕🎈🎈🍰💗 @sirpangur juby liek the fat round leaves 🥺💕juby's new plant friend (pepperface peperomia) @punimelt oh nooo how sweet are these ;-;💕🍄🍄 @cysketch or has it simply just begun?Art is one of those great things where your entire life becomes your research and your tool belt. Yes practice draw… your art doesn't mean you have to *just* practice drawing. Whatever else you pursue in life adds to that… @piecesofpenti i miss your doughy hugs!!!! 😢😢💕💕💔💔 @piecesofpenti ilu 🥺🥺💗💗 @flouridation thank you so much!! I'm happy you enjoyed it ;-;💕these drawings are from my first ALBW fanbook 👀 @TheGreatSurf thanks, lau! 🥰 @BHTshiikun しーくんありがとう!!この頃本当楽しかったんだよ、君とゼルクラさん達のおかげで。懐かしいや😭😭💕 @prismhexes I love me some candy colour hehe!!! and wahh thank you so much 🥺💕💕💗 @loveariddle_ widdol 🥺🥺💗💕Look at my chonky old art!! I remember having so much fun with these... good times the years my style leaned toward a softer aesthetic and sometimes I kinda miss drawing more dynamic proportion… struggle between keeping my art stylized and preserving nuance cos the latter requires there be some kind of real… @jakewyattriot i think your comic rules!!!! 🥰🥰🥰 @slyllama it's going to get hairy @slyllama *narrows eyes* you'll be hearing from my lawyerI keep trying to trim my hair ever since I cut it to a bob and it's so difficult without a hairdresser or an extra…
the stickers are sold out! A reminder that there is no restocking of these listings. I am going out to post the o… @jakewyattriot the art direction on this made me think of necropolis as an anime 🥺 @Galtenoble haha I get it!! and thank you 💕 @Toradhart thank you ;-;💕 @feyringo ;-; 💗 @buntglas_ thank you 💕 @voniive thank you 🥺💗do you ever work on a painting for 3 years just because it's comforting @idledee I look forward to it 👀👀👀 @tsulala kazu really said ACAB 😂😂😂 @loveariddle_ no juby LOVE your art!!!!! so much!!!! @tsulala I guess if you want something bad enough you end up investing in it! I earned this advantage 😚 I'm so tick… @tsulala i love drawing people playing musical instruments until I have to draw the instruments ok for real musici… @loveariddle_ riddle i love your art so much 😭😭😭 look at those shapes!!!!!
@fayren i guess you have to make a doujin now @tsulala juby's brain needs to stop tbh @loveariddle_ so inconvenient, so sexy 😔Who invented those gloves that totally expose the wrists?? it's like designing boob windows for the hand so scandalous @Keith_E stap
@idledee <:3c @sirpangur 🥺🥺🥺 thank you ninya!! 💗💕boop @Toradhart 😂😂💗 @sirpangur ☺️💗I forgot the twitter algorithm does not like links 😔LRT I'm a participating member in the upcoming Zelda 35th Anniversary anthology project @Take_This_Book. I'm joinin…스물다섯 번째 참가자를 공개합니다.
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@Zambicandy thank you zams!! (excited rel is so fun to draw) ☺️💕💕 we're here!! #cuttimecomic #hiveworks @tsulala
@idledee i use social media to speak the truth, but also to sin @idledee zelos has always been so lewd 😔 @zutomayo この動画をカナダからにも観させて下さい😢😢😢Youtubeの地域許可してないんです @hanabushi_ なんだかカナダには観れないようです😭😭 @Yung_Khan_ we are hoping whenever we can get back into it, it'll just... come back to us 😂I called up my swing dance friend and we were both like "I can't remember how to dance anymore" and laughing but de… @Velinxi all this does is give me mild cravings for sushi, the kind that tastes like vengeance
@fayren wow she is beautiful *crushes in birb*Your feelings are so important. I lived so long being told they weren't, that I believed it. Please take care of your kokorosIt's weird to consider, but just because you don't "feel" the pain doesn't mean that feeling isn't there. It doesn'… am starting to realize that my starting to feel really intense angy and crippling sads is just the anaesthesia on…
@xWonko those jars messed with the wrong birb @AriaOfEffect it's oki... it took nearly 4 years of therapy for me to unlock angy. You can do it!! @inkbringer thank you 💕🥰
@tsulala I love this update 😂🥰💕💕 @tsulala WE CAN NEVER UN-KNOW NOW OH NOOOO *clutches head in agony* @Secondlina thanks, isa!! 💕 @Okolnir i see you are a cat of culture as well 😌 @sirpangur fi is lovely like ninya!!! 🥺😭💕💕 thank you for enjoying my dress up fun ;-; @yueko__ wahh thank you yue ;-; I want to get good at drapery in skirts!!HELLO i made another digital compilation for my 2020 stuff! also 100 pgs, around more than half are unposted, a mix…
Retweeted by Juby 쥬비 🎻(・ิω・ิ ) @idledee aw dee ;-; thank you;;; I actually have a timeline laid out for the whole story and I write each chapter a… dressed up @sirpangur 's Ophelia for her birthday ;-; Happy birthday on main, ninya!!! Thank you for being born a…
@daysofcolor the only points bits on this sausage ;_;so I am about 2 months into being Very Angy all the time. After 4 years of being depressed potato, this has been a… @EiffelArt oh no... cups lil pal with my hand 🥺🥺🥺 @parfaitpeach juby can't stop thinking about him @isakytm that's what it should be 😔I have been enamoured with striped bittysausage for many hours now @idledee It is ideal to have thumbs but I honestly often forego it asdgdf... I have a sectioned script though, and… @genicecream GOOD
sorry I forgot to say it updated again it is now a bigger montage!!! montage galore @art_by_toast I owned a 22HD cintiq and I have memories of having to restart the driver all the time lol @onelastsketch I bought mine in 2019, so a year and some change. my 22HD cintiq lasted me about 7 years before dyin…
@azolitmin cintiq is not worth it, especially nowadays with new companies putting out comparable products and less… @tsulala NOOO BAD TOCH