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This guy. 👏🏾👏🏾😁 everyone know you can still buy bread already made
Retweeted by #QuaranteamWhere is our Health Minister?Madras HC directs Centre to explain why disaster relief of just Rs.510 crore has been allotted to TN though it has…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamWill never take a walk in Indiranagar with boy followed by crispy Onion Rava Dosa and filter coffee for granted EVER again.
There I was trying to avoid Zoom for security reasons and I see India’s Defence Minister uses it to communicate wit…
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Gee. I don't know @VOGUEIndia. I was more concerned about the lack of #PPE for healthcare workers on the frontline… the last 24 hrs, 1suspected case committed suicide, 1 was denied ICU bed- which is only for confirmed case. She…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamPM CARES has over 10,000 crores based on “announced contributions” which is $1300 million. An average imported Co…
Retweeted by #Quaranteam @IWTKQuiz @harmanpartap you should check this out. They have videos on YouTube and are also conducting weekly quizz… mean... as effective as anything we've done today
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Breakfast Club much fun with this @IWTKQuiz quiz session on a Sunday afternoon! And 5th place is not too bad, I guess 😎 @TapiocaChip Isn't it amazinggg! I'm almost done with Season 4 and I'm sad :(( @ramya_ranjini I watched Endgame last night and was a mess. @djpingle @IWTKQuiz Lol nope. I think was because we missed out on finals by a point. My imbecile of a partner spelled 'toucan' with a P 🤣🤣When I moved from Bahrain to Chennai, my dad went around asking what's the best school he should consider for me. H…
@IWTKQuiz A bottle of Gatorade and cheap shades. From the Derek O'Brien quiz in Bahrain no less. @Blahktweets @localteaparty Degree stopping paper. Rightfully concernedI'm so glad I made it to Chennai before the lockdown started but I just wish I could apparate to Bangalore to pick… is bad public health policy. India is among the countries with the lowest testing rates. We know how many TJ…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamSafe to say Sridevi commands respect in my household. 🤣🤣 all lights are switched off at once it might lead to failure of grid. All our emergency services will fail&it mi…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamWonderful move. Next video conference must be with top doctors, health experts & medical professionals to discuss I…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamAbhishek Bachchan has a great opportunity to absolve himself of all his bad movie sins by simply taking away Amitabh Bachchan's phone
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Thank you Corona lockdown for exposing all the closet Sanghis in my friend circle.I love the internet. Please never stop.
Retweeted by #QuaranteamWhether PM or HR dept for WFH? JALE ya JAAN JALE - Pm ko ghanta fark padta haiThe heat generated from all the candles lit by a billion Indians will kill the Coronavirus. What a masterstroke!COMMUNITY IS ON NETFLIX THIS IS NOT A DRILL ALL SIX SEASONS. I REPEAT. ALL SIX SEASONS
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Where is Gambhir anna me of how I would answer questions in exams, where I had no clue about that topic.
Retweeted by #QuaranteamThese are @chennaicorp sanitary workers on contract basis. No masks, no gloves, no protective gear for them in th…
Retweeted by #Quaranteam @harmanpartap @harmanpartap Haha. I'm intrigued. There are 2 possibilities I'd have guessed :P who do you think it is??Lockdown in India or also known as fascists coming out of closets. evening to everyone except those who are reading Immortals of Meluha in this lockdown period.This is Wilson. He is now working from home.👨‍💻
Retweeted by #QuaranteamIndia tests positive for fascism.
Retweeted by #QuaranteamZoom In! We’ve got a secret message for you.
Retweeted by #Quaranteam#AndhraPradesh govt takes over private hosps with immediate effect. Not out-source care/ not contract in/ not pay…
Retweeted by #Quaranteamif co-vid19 has a low impact on infants, why are indian men scared.
Retweeted by #QuaranteamMay his soul RIP but is argument ko communalism karo ab? yes sorry it's Thursday. Apologies, I have a case of the #lockdownbrainGood read on a Wednesday morning. It's alright if you're making the most of the time you have now. It's also COMPLE…
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@shrishrishrii ! I think these are free now, at least that's what the app says. Download and see?A wheelchair bound man (no travel history) in the city's basti has tested positive/ treated. As the centre denies…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamI did a thing 6 days in a row. @Madorwut She says think about yous a lot at the end and I canttttttt @Artoo_Detwo Ugh cannot even. @Artoo_Detwo I dunno, personally think there was NO reason to mention the colour and looks in that comment at all w… this woman in bubble wrap and protect her at all costs RIGHT AWAY yes, it probably speaks to that woman, her family and friends more but really?!HOW ON EARTH is this man dark or not good looking?! Ugh this page has such a large following and they could have pi… GOD Wartime CEO is going to be the new big thing on LinkedInThis migrant worker from Kurnool working in Guntur, Andhra talks of how villages nearby don't let them in, shopkeep…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamArnab on Republic now: 'We have seen people die in traffic jams because of Shaheen Bagh and now Tablighi is spreadi…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamNO ONE AT ANY OTHER GATHERING HAD CORONA VIRUS OKAY because fustafall there was no other mass gathering of any sort…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamWho else thinks the govt will use Tablighi Jamaat as the excuse to declare community transmission has started?
Retweeted by #QuaranteamHere's the link to the news report with the date. It's allegedly about the temple "taking precautions".…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamThe damage is done. News blaming Muslims for the outbreak of COVID-19 has reached every household in the country th…
Retweeted by #Quaranteam @iamdatemike He will do destination press conference. Any excuse to fly elsewhere and not have to 'apologise for in… think M0di is taking out his frustration on all of us (more so the disenfranchised) because he can't throw a hiss… very observant. You just might be on a con call with a mermaid or a centaur. Day More from Les Mis by a family in #CoronavirusLockdownUK? This is quite possibly the greatest thing I have e…
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everyone in April:
Retweeted by #QuaranteamThe intern is smoking some quality shit. @TapiocaChip AwwwwLOL. Also that handle's name what 🤣 hate houseparty.huge blow to sanskriti, age 18
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People are dying.
Retweeted by #QuaranteamIsn't it problematic when the head of research of a reputed institution misinterprets a very important graph?@ irony of this is he executes judgement by demanding a VACCINE for Covid-19 🤣🤣🤣 at the difference between the income & expenditure of PM Relief Fund from 2014-2019. Looks like there are some…
Retweeted by #Quaranteam @shrishrishrii You need to do a "My mom cut the call" thread of tweets."Elect a clown, expect a circus." God knows who said these lines first, but they are ringing true the world over.
FUCK NO are struggling to get by on limited rations and survive the mental stress this outs on one's own self and re… don't need your permission to question the government
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Retweeted by #QuaranteamI think we're under the assumption that if we cure her then we cure everyone and stop the spread. Like an alien mov… Dalgona"considering" of migrant workers waiting to reach home to watch Ramayana on DD National. @IndianExpress video via -…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamAvunu. Asal ninne Bong Joon Ho Sarileru Nekevvaru choosi daanni Korean remake cheyala anta. Asal rape scenes ela ch… your privilege, RGV. This isn't out of choice.
Mindblown with this trivia today @kweezzz I want my MTV @kweezzz Lars placed his ad in this one looking for band matesUncle ne zyada pee liya aaj.'s opinion. The rape scene from Sarileru is the most disgusting writing in films recently. To have it enacte…
Retweeted by #QuaranteamWhy are all the people being diagnosed with this thing the biggest fucking socialites on the planet? Attending more… hunger death. Eleven year old Rahul Musahar. Let's watch Ramayan on TV
Retweeted by #QuaranteamThis virus should force us to rethink our attitude towards our healthcare professionals
Retweeted by #Quaranteam @iedoradityo So meta. No need to waste more tweets for what is an absolute waste of a movie.Third day into the I'll thought out lockdown, India has seen its first starvation death. This is entirely on…
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