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Today is MOTHER 3's 15th anniversary 😮 Here's a new version of the translation patch! (th…
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ @regretorb hasn't he been through enough朝起きたらFCのおかんからニャンのリクエストがあったので書きました。AF3…
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★#Okami is coming out with special POP UP PARADE figurines featuring Amaterasu! POP UP PARADE figurines come in incr…
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★do you ever feel sad about how fuckin beautiful Mor Dhona used to be before SOMEONE (not saying who but it rhymes w…
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ @zerosshadows Haurchefant and sunflowers!🌼ART RAFFLE🌼 thank you everyone for 4.7k+ followers!! i'm so thankful ;_; RULES: 🔹RT+Follow 🔹Reply with the charac…
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エスアイ I can't tell you how much I miss you
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ @DRKestHour HmmmAdded a new design to my threadless shop for all you Dragon Quest fans! Come get your posters here:…
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★cimmorro's tressym (winged cat), jasper...!!! jasper had a bit of a hard time as a kitten, always falling behind an…
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★quick snooze before aesir comes and flavour blasts them at the ceruleum processing plant to lvl 10 so they can pick…
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ @brixori aw well @brixori it's pretty cute[emmanellain voice] HEY BESTIE ❤️
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★Sometimes I think about how Fandaniel has been the source of this man's only (barely qualifiable) human interaction…
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ @brixori that wasn't a cars promotion it was a disney/pixar promotion. but yes cars was.... a long time ago... @brixori oh that was a coles or wolworths promotion a couple years back now!5.4 and thinking about them
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★Unpopular opinion? I miss when homestuck had such a sharp and angular style with clear silhouettes and a limited c…
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★oh to bring back a giant stuffed toy you made... 😔
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★One day late but I had to draw the good boy 🍫💕 who wants to do the pocky game? #オルシュファンの日 #FFXIV
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★more doodlesss :3 reshi puts his legs on in the morning bring a triple cream coffee if u need him functional early…
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ I impulsively listed my B-grade soap stones ;v;!!! If you have an open order on my Etsy, yo…
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It's time! #HollowKnight #secretsanta
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★Emet-Selch is like am I hallucinating? Why is no one else saying anything?
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★And another dragon who I think was actually a cat pipes up saying they got see how they harvest the grass and that… the third (a med cat I think) never had theirs. And they grew plants as they waited useful ones and you see it… had a really weird dream. It started as basicly a warriors map, 3 sibs each waiting for a friend from another cla…"Enough of this darkness. Go to the sun. Give yourself like a spark to smoke." Quick #HollowKnight piece as a break…
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★my trophy husband. love of my life.
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★today is a good day to love and appreciate mooncat fangs
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ @RayPilley oh yikes sorry buddy, I had to deal with this shit all the time with Xion KH people came at me a lot. Never fun to deal with.448.
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★Day 1224 : still no news of Bayonetta 3
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★me: i love you stephanivien: love you too me: more than steelvien “spanner” de haillenarte I, esquire? stephanivien: know your limits.
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★why is estiniens last name wyrmblood when all the other ishgardians are named oiseauxheureux de fillementeuauauaueuaux
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ @DRKestHour i want one so badpov it's ur birthday and ur lesbian aunt with no kids splurges and comes to deliver a giant moogle to you
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★happy birth @aurumdress here’s a ‘Wildi :)c
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★i forgot i took these pictures of estinien during msq and im going to throw up
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★i think i found one I can understandish? @caramelmage NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...does anyone have an easy to understand expert craft guide... most of the ones i struggle to read, they aren't very me friendly.*screams and shakes my oddly delicate rhea* WHAT AM I DOING WRONG @caramelmage ah pepper lunch is one of my favourite places to eat!hearthward
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★thank u for doodle requests! these are all real runway looks (even renos i promise)
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★Your regular reminder that the word on this says “welcome home”
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★ffxiv except when you change classes instead of the fwoosh and the lightcircles you get a full on magical girl transformation
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★it’s bat appreciation day so here’s some zubats. we got a battle friend, some wary hatchlings that were probably fo…
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★A woman dressed in a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt holds her cat as she takes part in an embroidered shir…
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Dancer of the Boreal Valley concept art
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★#VIERApril Day 17: Casual Bubble tea in my Final Fantasy? More likely than you think... 🧋 #NenekoColorS #CereBryn
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★here is one of the most insane and well-known gx japanese/english differences. 4kids, did... something to Mad Dog.…
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★I mean, fuck dude he sure is!
Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★I MISSED THIS TRIO SO MUCH HELP
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Retweeted by ★CephloCuttle★~ the match-3 ep ~ 🎶 Here's "3" songs that will be on @SoftNotWeak's new game Spirit Swap: Lo-fi Beats to Match-3…
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