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xin @cveol FFXIV Hell

xin.she/her.23 ❤i love @kvgua❤️commission: closed! ✨chipotle bowl @ malboro

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my fear of tanking vs my thirst for sidurgu and his big thick loreEstinien Wyrmblood
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Retweeted by xingod i cannot take him srsly like this gives myself a headache navigating ffxiv mapsam i blind ,Where da heck....お供します!
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Chai-Nuzz would absolutely become "my wife is soft" guy if he were ever drugged or something of the sort. Just thre…
Retweeted by xin @NeathDarkWaters THANK U🥺 @keithologist jahsISBSIWNDOOWKF @combatraenFFXIV thank uuuu🥺 @PIR8KNG JABDKSKF HIS DEFAULT STATE @xoishu HES RLY BEEN FISTING IT FOR 2 DAYS STRAIGHT😔CHIPOTLE UR CHAKRA literally spent like 2 days leveling monk to 50 just to equip these claws...😔🦞 @tachimukai STHAPKDKV OM CRYING LEAVE HIM ALOBEN @tachimukai UR THE SECOND PERSON TO TELL ME THIS I HATE THISHF DOGKEOGKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU CLAWS to inspect someone's glamour but then they suddenly turn to you sjdjsjkrAOo
Retweeted by xinトルコ人の男の子と無人島でサバイバルしたんだけど、笑いすぎて生き残れなかったwwwwwww
Retweeted by xinAJDHFHAHAHAHAHA after estinien makes fun of alphi and ysayle TELLS HIM OFF *everyone crosses arms* i love family ro…
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Retweeted by xini know a lot of people say they welcome disagreement but i am not one of them. if you think i’m wrong you will simply have to kill me
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영웅이 무의 대지에서 나오질 않는다
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Retweeted by xini See @Sakokii sakO....sweet dweams da big hrothgar tank pets me at the beginning of a dungeon @bylethslutbot BWABE @tachimukai big slurPs @_Ravix_ whAts ur addwess 🥺i’ll log on to my alt @corpsedust their brains r so big being able to put all those furniture pieces together @bylethslutbot whahts a molecool i only kno tiddi suckme looking @ ffxiv homes: god i love real estate🤍 aether | sargatanas | mist 13 plot 58 #ffxiv #ff14 #ff14housing #ff14ハウジング #hgxiv
Retweeted by xini’m lactose until big tiddie anime chara shows upBalthus #FE3H
Retweeted by xin @ShioriArts I AHTH THIS @xenvita_ thiccbalthus 😔👌 @ShioriArts HSH DIJEOFO SHIO SH UR BTUPRGLLthiddies OUT but still rocking that designer choker.. she knows what she's about. That smile? She really dgaf.. r dogsitting our cousins dog again h칠흑에 좋아하는 미코테 엔피시 너무 많구~
Retweeted by xin더 못그려 허어엉 요츠유 유우기리 요츠유우 유우츠유 뭐든좋으니까 홍련 기억해주세요
Retweeted by xin @whitetree89 cus everyone just shipping themselves w npcs or their friends 😭
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@ffxivhour HOUR IM CRY!1! HE STARTS BEATING UP DIRT JUST FOR U @ffxivhour KAJDas all he does is punch the floor and scream 😔😭 @daddyvanbaelsar JAHFKSKF HE KICks u gently,A Tapi wanna draw wol art but i’m so sleeby and i got work tmr eats my fist @FATESTAYNlGHTS U R FORGIVEN... FOR NOW😔👊 @daddyvanbaelsar ENCOURAGING U TO LOV THE BOWL!1! @ffxivhour BWEASE... i just lov smacking thingsme seeing drg jumping skills: ah the perfect miqote job me seeing ninja backflips: ah the perfect miqote job me see… u said the burrito was better than the bowl fuck those fucking fucks and their fucking round table Alphinaud in the background: (crying, holding swear jar)
Retweeted by xinexarch: do you want to play 20 questions? perhaps to get to know each other better? you can go first wol: okay... w…
Retweeted by xin @Phantasmic808 thankS lmao i literally started this job bc i saw these sexi claws 😭 @Phantasmic808 these ! Meaty Claws tanking makes me so nervous like i’m having a good time but haha,i’m in danger @mochagearsolid I LOVE HERSHDKFJKGJG MISS YSHTOLA???? the ast gives me every card including the ranged ones even tho we have a ranged dps in the party,Thank U... i…삼팔광땡 파판클럽
Retweeted by xini’m gay and casting medica iime walking outside into the snow with iced coffee in hand: why it cold
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“love and family” #FFXIV #FFXIVShadowbringers #オルシュファン #Haurchefant
Retweeted by xin @Beyonddz thank U!!🥺 @T0KY0DRIFT JAJDKSKF THANK U 🥺 @cveol chi: chi: h- erik:
Retweeted by xin @x3xNoelle KANCOWKDIWKDKDKD NOELLEjust... thinking...
Retweeted by xinねうねう…
Retweeted by xintanking for beginners: - your goal is to ditch your healer ASAP so you can die in a swarm of enemies like you've al…
Retweeted by xinive got...wol loving disease Goodnite everyone forget that one time all of thancred's girlfriends found out about each other and the scions had a big laugh…
Retweeted by xin[we all start kicking his kneecaps]
Retweeted by xinwhen you're like 20 minutes into shadowbringers and you ask the exarch directly if he's g'raha tia and he's like "n…
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Retweeted by xin @siIverfuIler CRIES HES COME SO FAR IM EMOhis bday sept 1st ):yes i made a moments for my wol no im not okchi 😺 @afiregender ITS CUte i just wish the tights could be dyed black LOLi cant believe the monk quest line rn is just the wol being called a dumb jock by a nerd and i’m into it😔i BReathed had to google what swiving meant only to find out estinien said fuck in ye olde english
Retweeted by xinmonk punching noises...... Asmr to my ears