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Alex Aniel @cvxfreak Tokyo + San Francisco

Japan Business Manager @LimitedRunGames; BizDev @BraveWaveMusic; Author of "Itchy, Tasty: An Unofficial History of Resident Evil." 日本語もOK。

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If you’re a fan of the Virtual Boy make sure to grab the Limited Edition version of Virtual Boy Works from…
Retweeted by Alex AnielSerenade your everyday adventure with some sweet tunes! We're excited to announce that the Shovel Knight: King of…
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @toraton Definitely!
@LimitedRunJosh I think Japan still has the previous formula so I’ll bring a can of this new stuff back and do a taste test…The new Coke Zero is so much worse than the previous one... @CarcinogenSDA @PC98_Audi @Jawmuncher @dark1x Well, you also like Bubsy, soooooooooooooooooooo @gamespite One could only hope!I think @dark1x has become infected with DINO CRISIS SUX syndrome. He says it almost as often as me now! (cc: @Jawmuncher)Spending a few hours in Tallinn, Estonia today. This is the most interesting thing I’ve ever drunk beer out of. @travisjo I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you! @IkhsanMisfa Thank you!Alex Aniel @cvxfreak - Itchy, Tasty, an unofficial history of Resident Evil, the book I'm reading right now, it's a…
Retweeted by Alex AnielThe Xbox - Server Edition, I guess
Retweeted by Alex AnielI had no idea Cruis’n Blast was originally on arcades and is coming to Switch next month.*plays Resident Evil Revelations theme song* #REBHFun @jt_mag_os So in a real world scenario, a Japanese vaccination certificate could be redundant given the effort need… @jt_mag_os Anecdote here, but I flew from Japan to Germany last month w/ a US vax printout. Based on my experience,… @MarkMan23 One of my favorite destinations ever.
Happy 30th anniversary the Streets of Rage message
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @LimitedRunJosh This one looks more evenly distributed!
@UnknownSilenc14 @LimitedRunJosh Good question. Can’t find an answer to this online.It's the final day to pre-order République: Anniversary Edition and Victor Vran on PS4 and Switch! Pick them both u…
Retweeted by Alex AnielI love German bakeries. (Although I’m always surprised that sometimes there are wasps all over the baked goods an… ALWAYS makes time for me, even if he knows what’s coming. 🚶‍♂️
tbh I asked myself this a lot for a year or so after RE6 came out. night, I found a lost iPhone on the Frankfurt subway. After some effort and help from @Blablurn I managed to r…'s already been more than a month since Dead by Daylight crossed paths with Resident Evil thanks to the addition…
Retweeted by Alex Aniel👀 @FiXalaS DINO CRISIS SUXOn IGN: Former Blizzard programmer and co-founder of Undead Labs and ArenaNet Jeff Strain wrote an open letter refl…
Retweeted by Alex AnielNew on IGN: We spoke with seven former and current employees about the culture at Activision Blizzard and the fires…
Retweeted by Alex Anielfolks often wondering what are good games to play in JP to practice--any of the 1-3 pixel remasters are a fantastic…
Retweeted by Alex AnielGuessing @cvxfreak asks himself this question every morning when he wakes up
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @Kyoufu2011 @johntv It’s a reference to the Antarctica setting in the second half.
This PS5-branded Balenciaga sweater costs about €700; more than the PS5 console itself. This is typical pricing f… time seeing brand new PS4s since late 2020. They’re practically discontinued in the US and Japan. Is Sony shi… is still killing it in Japan according to Famtisu. Sales hit 4,684 last week, a new post launch high. This i…
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Retweeted by Alex Aniel @teelopesmusic I bet there’s an Axel Aneil out there somewhere @teelopesmusic hi I’m Tea Lopezinstructions on installing the 1TB SSD expansion for Xbox Series X|S
Retweeted by Alex AnielSeagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X|S 1TB Solid State Drive is $186.99 at Newegg w/ code EMCEYSB59…
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This wasn’t even a joke. This was the song he had last played on his phone. 👀
Retweeted by Alex Anielthis is how you upgrade the storage on a PS5 and an Xbox Series X 😅👷‍♂️
Retweeted by Alex AnielOn the road with @dark1x now. He let me hook my phone up to his stereo system, which can only mean one thing: @henryevil Thanks so much!It finally arrived, can't wait to read this. #ResidentEvil @cvxfreak
Retweeted by Alex AnielWent from reading @cvxfreak’s GameFaqs walkthroughs as a kid to reading his book yeah that’s history right there ☝🏻
Retweeted by Alex AnielJust finished Itchy, Tasty by @cvxfreak. It’s an in depth look at the conception and production of Resident Evil 1-…
Retweeted by Alex AnielWhen @cvxfreak signed my copy of “Itchy, Tasty”, he signed the back of the book…. So naturally I needed to order a…
Retweeted by Alex AnielTokyo says 3,865 confirmed coronavirus cases Thursday -- third straight day of a new daily record in infections sin…
Retweeted by Alex AnielCapcom reports its highest first-quarter results of all time thanks to Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Ris…
Retweeted by Alex AnielShibuya peeps- the Ku is adding slots and expanding reservation capacity and everyone is now eligible to reserve. I…
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Bought this brand new PAL copy of Resident Evil Revelations for €19.99. I imagine Media Markt had it on their shelf… @LimitedRunJames @dark1x bought another one, melon farmers. @cvxfreak is pleased.
Retweeted by Alex Anielいまだに血の匂いが漂う…。妙な呼吸の音が耳元にかすかに聴こえ、凍り付く恐怖は我々に迫りつつある… 荒野行動xバイオハザードコラボ、7月29日10時より開催 詳細: ぜひ荒野で異なる…
Retweeted by Alex AnielMicrosoft CEO @satyanadella on Xbox / gaming. "We're all in on games. The Xbox Series S and X are our fastest selli…
Retweeted by Alex AnielJapan headed towards 1 million recorded COVID-19 infections. Will probably get there in a matter of weeks. Unfortunate.
Our Resident Evil: Village collection is finally here! Pick up the long-sleeve or the Lady of the House t-shirt n…
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @imranzomg ❤️Finally got my copy of Itchy, Tasty by @cvxfreak.
Retweeted by Alex AnielKatamari Damacy and Resident Evil Village merch at Fangamer
Retweeted by Alex AnielThis was such an awful call to begin with - made me realize you really can’t trust a thing these people say. Anyone…
Retweeted by Alex AnielICYMI: Capcom has fixed the performance issues of Resident Evil Village on the PC (which were indeed related to ant…
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @kiha_ki It’s not out in Japan till Thursday, right? @jakeplaysthings Mask up and social distance. Avoid the busy areas like Shibuya, I suppose. Maybe walk or bike (usi… went to the same testing center in March before flying to the US and was in and out of there in under 5 minutes.SMH. Tokyo about to report 3000+ cases of COVID-19 today. I knew a massive rise was inevitable when I waited 25 mi… @SWrightAU I NEED THAT OMG
🤔 🗓️
Retweeted by Alex AnielI’ve had a few people ask me this recently for some reason, but a bit about my personal background: - Ethnically…✔️ Nintendo of America ✔️ Nintendo Co., Ltd. ✔️ Nintendo of Europe GmbH Hidilyn Diaz wins the Philippines' first ever Olympic gold medal 🇵🇭🥇
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @AllanPaxton5 @dark1x It’s Southeast Asian table etiquette to do so @NickRedfield31 Yes, I’m Filipino American with both nationalities. @ccharlesreed @dark1x I actually have sinigang on the docket for later in the week!
Playing through the entirety of Super Mario World with @cvxfreak tonight. Still a top 5 game of all time for me. Ne…
Retweeted by Alex AnielMade chicken adobo, a savory Filipino dish, for dinner. This is John’s first time trying it and he seems content!… the 90s, during #ResidentEvil (1996)’s development, Capcom was struggling financially. In order to save the comp…
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @MathewM1986 time playing Resident Evil Dead Aim with a GunCon 2 since 2003 or so. IMO it’s pretty good! On one hand, it… a bit of Pokémon Blue with @dark1x ‘s IPS screen-equipped OG Game Boy. Who knew the green hue could look so… would be nice if the RE story writers have all the main characters actual dates of birth. #REBHFun @DadaBlanc @dark1x I’d be happy to try to make something happen. Send me a message through my website ( Thanks. @345triangle @Matt_Alt Can't succumb to cognitive dissonance if I'm not there Bring on Paris 2024. @345triangle @Matt_Alt These are definitely going down as the Cognitive Dissonance Olympics. I ended up going to G… @345triangle @Matt_Alt I imagine most people have far more nuanced takes than that, though. Maybe they feel oppos… of hollywood #REBHFun @Matt_Alt I think those people are trying to get something out of these Olympics aside from watching them on TV or… @cvxfreak your book finally arrived can't wait to start reading it , already enjoying the quality of the cover…
Retweeted by Alex Aniel @cvxfreak Just got my copy in the mail. Can’t wait to sit down and read it.
Retweeted by Alex AnielJust arrived! Looking forward to peeling back the flesh on the history of Resident Evil. @cvxfreak #ResidentEvil
Retweeted by Alex AnielIt's here! I'm very excited to start reading it. @cvxfreak
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Completed REmake on GameCube this morning on @dark1x ‘s BVM. Games looks gorgeous on a CRT. Interesting timing wi… entrada triunfal de España en #Tokyo2020 con la mejor OST de fondo
Retweeted by Alex Anielnoteアップしました 東京2020オリンピック入場行進 いろんな過去があって今がある サウンドクリエイターがなぜ泣くほど嬉しかったのか|HARUSAN #note
Retweeted by Alex AnielToo bad the #Tokyo2020 Opening Ceremony didn’t feature Mamoru Samuragochi’s Mansion Basement from Resident Evil Dir…