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Drawmonkey at large. East Coast at heart. He/him I've probably designed a model you liked.

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@Omarisal @SeattleOPA @SeattlePD Ask him how much contempt does SPD really hold the public in, by expecting us to b…
@plumplumcurse There used to be a GREAT bagel shop in Cap Hill on 15th, but it’s been closed for almost a decade.… @jupin @RealGDT @perlmutations @SelmaBlair @actordougjones Kinda wish he’d been allowed to finish up a trilogy. Not… the thread. @Iscaneus He’s just a slicker grifter than the rest.It’s nice the Karl Rove thinks Rudy is an idiot, but let’s not forget that Ol’ Turd Blossom is a deeply awful perso… @Iscaneus Ugh. I just read the whole thing. More church, less iPhones and crazy Dems! seems to be his arguments. It…
@Painter_Local @ministomp I’m old enough to remember these guys, though. So the “new” kit is still an upgrade. @SeattlePD “We have contacted the OPA and are awaiting them not holding the officer accountable as always.” @AndyBCampbell Imagine using your time as a newspaper writer to help shitty parents humiliate a typical 14 year old… Porter needs to be speaker in 2022. RT if you agree.
Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099 @NikkiHaley @standamericanow DON’T THREATEN ME WITH A GOOD TIME.Dachshunds are trending! Her nickname is Meryl Streep. #diva #dachshund
Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099 @axios “Scoop: The communications director for Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, a seditionist Republican freshman w…
@mattgaetz You shouldn’t be allowed to drive, drunky. But here we are. @harikunzru I desperately hope he doesn’t just so it might dawn on these morons that he doesn’t give a fuck about them and never has. @TheDailyEdge @VP Despite their best efforts with Syria and Iran. And there are still nearly half a million dead Am… @Verghast404 On a 2D plane if your target was on the same plane, sure. But in space...Me: *wakes chained to a waste pipe* Where I am? Jigsaw: I want to play a game. Me: Like, Warhammer? Jigsaw: What… @Aeryn_Rudel I once drew a guy armed with a hedge trimmer on a pole (totally real arborist tool) and was told I was… @Acyn He and Fox Andes Corp should be civilly liable for anyone who dies from following this advice. They should be…
@tylersigman I wish. I remember when I would read something like that on Twitter and belly laugh at the absurdity,… ex-drug addict turned pillow magnate is trying to overthrow our Democracy. It’s amazing that stringing together… @Garfytwit “In a world where everything is a nightmare, One Man is brave enough to take on a walking robot suit aff… @BourassaArt Really great talk, Chris! @dillon_kw @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden So glad you won, but this is horseshit and backpedaling. It doesn’t help us and it doesn’t… @blainecapatch You can only call it a Blaine Capatch Joke if it come from the Blaine Capatch region of California. @NYMag They can’t recognize the same swollen asshole because it has a few new zits on it?Comparing Trump to Nixon is like stack ranking diarrhea. It’s all shit. We need to stop with this kind of thinking. @8bitTarot Nope. I make these system agnostic. You should adjust encounters as you feel they will fit your group an… a one-page dungeon I wrote up and ran a little while back! @Joshcolon Thanks, Josh! @8bitTarot Thanks! @Jodyanna83 “Because I be, what I be. I would tell you what you want to know if I could, mum, but I be a cat!”Been a while... here’s some of what’s been going on at my Patreon!
My great-great grandfather fought for the Confederacy. He was caught and imprisoned twice. Each time he was let go… @RepDanCrenshaw Keep a close eye on the situation, dimwit.
@Nikchick @YuYu_Kami FUCK. PEOPLE. So sorry. 😥Especially white Americans don’t like to hear it, but we got to the “coup” stage of fascism because we didn’t impea…
Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099 @RobHawkinsHobby Yeah, I’ve certainly done that - it’s just much more convenient to spray everything than brush on matte medium/varnish. @RobHawkinsHobby I still find some of the shades I use have a sheen - both from Army Painter and GW. 😥 @ZagoWills @DiceyJune Just like sharing models... @ericszyszka This is how you end up leading the 12 Colonies. @RobHawkinsHobby Even hit or miss, finding a replacement for Dullcote that is easy to get and apply is gonna be tou… @DiceyJune Thanks so much! @DiceyJune Yarp. @Pramas @NataniaBarron That works for artists too, Chris. @GrahamMcNeill Pretty sure the Netflix shows Dragon Prince and Voltron had vets of ATLA working on them. I enjoyed what I saw of both.Trump just demonstrated he controls the GOP base by leading a mob of thousands to assassinate his own VP & the reli…
Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099
@tedcruz Resign.Serfs are at their bravest when the Dragon lays dying. @dandrezner @espiers Change “Will” into “Has” and you got yourself a stew. @SportsbyBrooks @RexChapman Don’t threaten me with a good time. @RexChapman @adamboultonSKY @ErinElmore She’s been handed everything in her life on a silver tray.Hey #PortfolioDay! I’m Chris and I do concept art and toy soldier stuff! @murshedz @washingtonpost Welp, that staffer’s claim was wild disingenuous and so are you for promoting it. Functio… @DerekSheen They should piss on the body then set it on fire just to be sure. @plumplumcurse Good luck man!! @HuggyGB Not the Grenadier ones - this was the Fantasy Regiments set by GW. @OctopodiG Mine were made from these guys - even older than the plastic spear gobbos.
What was your first fully painted Wargames army? Mine was a GW Orc and Goblin army made from several boxes of the F… @Verghast404 Not sure? I simply used the tape and then stuck them to a big metal tray. @Verghast404 @Two_Thin_Coats Magnetic tape works well. It needs some super glue to secure it permanently, but it do… @DMACalvert You should tell him if he doesn’t forgive you that you’ll beat him up and burn his house down. It’s rea… @Riggins_44 I still have to do two more. I’ve never had a chance to use them in a game, but they are a nice break from so much yellow. @Riggins_44 I thought it framed the black helmets well. Gotta make headshots easier for the enemy! @Riggins_44 Always great stuff. I went t with Black armor on my own guys. @americamag You slobbered all over him to get your judges and NOW you want to distance yourselves? I swear, nothing… @AlmostKirk I need to get back on those cats too. @AlmostKirk Yep. Gonna us them with Titans!Tiny smol tenks and menz.
@KaylaChowShow Don’t pee on that!“Don’t call us violent Nazis or we will get angry and may kill you for it” seems like the GOP’s basic through line at this point. @DrPaulGosar @ali Admitting sedition in print. Bold move. Don’t bother deleting, the screen grabs are already done. @PaterPuellarum I am so, so sorry for your loss. @hughhewitt Counterpoint: He has the chance to let his DOJ make mass arrests of know seditionists and make this cou… @CheriJacobus What’s even more terrifying is that it’s possible that the FBI ISN’T going to question her and she’ll… @RepKenBuck @JoeBiden Traitor.No, they shouldn’t. Throwing more power and money at police forces that are already riddled with white supremacist… @KellyannePolls As much as I find you repellent, I’ll give ya lady - your brass balls are enormous.
“Unity” seems to be code for let him get away with it because otherwise his supporters will be mad but trump’s supp…
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Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099 @MichaelStubel @spekulation This is so sad. I’m ashamed of this city more and more every day. @RepMalliotakis Cop killer. GTFO. Resign.Sigh. I am going to attempt painting some 8mm Spazz Marines this afternoon. Hoping to get back to hobby posting on… know correlation doesn’t equal causation, but maybe if you’re not a trash-person you haven’t lost any followers f… @eric_odinson @NPR At least CSPAN takes random callers. NPR sent producers out in the field to find these people. T… day after the insurrection at the Capitol, @NPR did a segment on All Things Considered interviewing Trump suppo… the Republicans are sincere about unity, they’d force resignations from Cruz and Hawley.
Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099 @tedcruz Resign. @CawthornforNC It’s a privately owned company. Why do you hate the Free Market and Capitalism? Are you a Communist or just a dumbshit? @SeattlePD Fuck the OPA, refer their names to the FBI and let them sort out any criminality. Otherwise, the OPA won… @spekulation This is horseshit. Refer them to the FBI for criminal investigation. Otherwise we’re just spinning our… Twitter is finally rolling out the “Get Rid of the Nazis” feature we’ve been asking for? Hoping an “edit” button isn’t far behind.Delete your account.
Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099So funny people are still looking to the Constitution for answers right now. “Hey, what does the Constitution say w…
Retweeted by Chris Walton 2099 @RudyGiuliani It’s in the same place as your evidence. And integrity. @jupin That painting of Tip O’Neal is cursed. @Jim_Jordan Your role in it will come out.