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@spiteplanted bleach??????? @spiteplanted THE COOCHIE POCKET AT THE BOTTOMwhy do womens underwear have pockets? like what am i supposed to put in there? a piece of gum?
@LikeWhoFramedMe BURN IT DOQWN IS MY FAV @AlphaFLy_TV yeah? lets see a pic of you @222GenTle i’m thinking abt going back @eriiqt #LTwin @BottomFragVAL @an1megf ITS ME IN 6TH GRADE HAHAHAH @emijuju_ shut up please come to chicago D: @606Ericaa IM SO EXCITED TO MEET YOU WHAAAT I DIDNT KNOW @606Ericaa why does that say adult? it should be (child) @emijuju_ WAIT YOURE COMING??? @_Od26 LMFAOOO YOURE SHORT? HAHAHAH @juliaaiis for you my friend? i’ll let u bite the left ankle @BottomFragVAL BIG FAN ur the guy who’s level 600 in valorant and hardstuck immortal o: @StripeLe ok and i’d still fight u @fairyfps bro don’t act like u haven’t chewed on my ankles#NewProfilePic @606Ericaa ARE U ACTUALLY COMING @OfficialNilanaK i had to look @Volpz_R6 @MeltedR6 how would u see him if ur not there @HyperR6S thank you for scrim 💯 @HyperR6S PANBA PARTYif you’re under 5’8 please do not go to the chicago lan, i don’t wanna get injured from you ankle bitersSerenity gave me a chance when i first came into the scene and gave me the best family i could’ve ever asked for. t… GOING TO NSG CHICAGO IN JUNE??
@222GenTle gen you’re so hot… @keaIani my little puppy 🥺 @KynoR6 @keaIani PINK MIXED WITH PLAT SO ITS PASTEL @TheGooseHouse it must be done. @willminder @bdog2916 @yayFPS @Asunaa @Vanityxz @ethanarnold too easy for bdog @fairyfps idk what she talkin abt i hate this mf @Huston_TV i am :D @HyperR6S @OfficiaIDevour making you proud 😭
@seshiriaa_ @OfficiaIDevour HOW TF DO YALL SLEEP? AM I SLEEPING WRONG? @_routers @OfficiaIDevour @Saulsrevenge THE FUCK UP IM ON DEVOUR @OfficiaIDevour @Benzival i got u with the free carry @Lexval0 if u pocket sage me then yes @westjett1 sorry westjett, i don’t queue with immortals 1s.. @yoxics u play fortnite @S1SS1L like bruh i care too and still wanna have fun, it’s not like i’m gonna purposely throw?? @serval6k mine was all bruised LMFAOOO it’ll be fine i ask so many people to queue and no one ever wanna queue, this game ain’t fun no more when everyone’s sweat…
@HyperR6S @KidSkys @Panbazou it actually looks so good what the @mleQT_ @TSM @athxna @Subroza @RossyUA we know you put your blanket over your clothes.. don’t lie @an1megf or her @cupkatez bro stop i deadass can NOT pick between the two @_routers was gonna tag some people until i read comments and saw it was ahad. stay maidenless 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @cupkatez blodreina 🙏🏻
@Aeolus @akaFrizzle are you guys tagging your friends? are they the furries or do they wanna efuck furries too? @RehabHigh @ItsSweater oh no… send it @milviXO U GOT IT?? @spiteplanted he could get it.. @ItsSweater sweater… why do you have 115 hours… @risorah OF COURSE U DO U NERD LNFAOOOOO @jacksonaliu i said it @lmAvenger it’s never too early…does anyone wanna play vrchat? i’m trynna efuck some furries @VAMPlN loved the viper mini but switched to ultimate
@HyperR6S easy scrim 💯 @EskaaSZN @quoted_tech @ranked_demon cuz u suck @rponcee__ idk but it’s starting to feel like the normal 😮‍💨it’s 90° outside and my parents keep the house at 80°… i’m waking up in a pool of sweat every day 😭 the PERFECT temp is 69-70°
@SpiriTzR6 @EskaaSZN i can speak french ):< @S1SS1L i would too @SpiriTzR6 @EskaaSZN woah woah woah @EskaaSZN te toi!!!!!!!!!!!!dickriding is not a form of transportation ❕ @JTayy_ …… don’t say nothinwhy are there SUBS on snapchat, like who purposely wants to watch stories of people u don’t know @an1megf like y’all can add me but i won’t promise to respond LOL @spiteplanted I DO TOO ITS SO MUCH BETTER IDK WHY @902Creed @Aeolus why don’t YOU stream more 😡 @Aeolus run it @fairyfps claud you gotta get out bro.. ):serious question, do people actually still use snapchat? i snap someone one time and they’re instantly my bff @seshiriaa_ @Aeolus @GhostGaming vouch @kikieria i miss you 😔
@amaanderz @emijuju_ ^^ this! make sure to elevate ur pillow so ur lashes don’t rub against it when ur laying on ur side @fairyfps welcome to the club 🥲 still missing astra… @emijuju_ pros: no cons @HyperR6S they grow so fast (‘: @DruffVal ??? @HyperR6S @serval6k LMFAOO MY FAULT @FaZeClan @moonpay who are these ppl @HUN2R @TheGuard @JL4U__ THIS IS RIDICULOUS, MY MANAGER @Seowulf SAID IM ONE OF YOU GUYS NOW
@yoxics @Aeolus i don’t see anything @yoxics @Aeolus u got me boss?? 💯 @wisteriaVal me 👹 @Aeolus aight my cashapp is $Femaless lmk @Aeolus rent 😭 @bungeecsgo @Seowulf COUNTER LOGIC LETS GOOO @Seowulf you said i was in???? @ScrewFaceVAL LNFAO AT THIS POINT TWITTER JUST HATES YOU GUYS