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Preview for @cxltures 😳
Retweeted by 1% cxltures @DeyyFN u def got articles but i don’t think endless got them connections @ZitoFN_ na im chillin tho on break @ralfn_ why am I Getting vouches 😭 @ralfn_ i could probably @74Exotic Ok @ZitoFN_ i dropped out @sniperiwnl i kept a lot of it still i’m still makin a bag @sniperiwnl WTF @yungcalc why is this so funny to me 😭 @parallelbrandon Yo @haileyyloll 6 foot 7 @Vynlabtw @LiquefyFN edater @1PBrady @YourFellowArab @La1em idc bro cool @YourFellowArab @1PBrady @La1em 😭 @LiquefyFN Gav ur not funny on god @Vynlabtw @ @Mikey6_ @Co1azo Yo give me a chance @1PBrady @fakeifys Yo @fakeifys fuck it 500 likes on this reply and i will too @ParallelTid i don’t even reply to them anymore @UnknownxArmy1x It’s Brady Are u stupid Or Something??? @ParallelTid tf @Ceice liquid @L2wraith thx @h8Iey did u not see my aim on stream @gtmryder @fakeifys 😭😭😭 @h8Iey no way u actually think that @gtmryder @fakeifys im 5 foot and 280 lmk what u think @phoxitel hbd @fakeifys not funny @SiteableDL @kylerrrwtfff @fakeifys @nglnicole U said u were napping 🤨 @ilyells u fit in @ilyells u can join killer cord @ilyells i thought the same @fakeifys @fakeifoo wromg account @fakeifoo Yo jake @cIeeoh @killer what if i @ me instead of killer @cIeeoh @killer i gave u the pfp ur using and ur being mean @cIeeoh @killer wtf @cIeeoh @Killer @bhronosFN i had $1k at around the same too we are Feelin it rn.
@wyaKiller V @RxckitMe na we knew alr it was u @ovverthink wtf @forpzy i dont feel like streaming @Komikxll what the fuckPushing the Limits of Creative Building
Retweeted by 1% cxltures @wyaKiller @shahh @SiggyGG @ExSZN @swazlol @FRChronic @SiggyGG @FaZeSway @Wolbiespsd nice vi @cricketslmao why is everyone using outerspace @nglLiana link da tracker @nglLiana 🤣 @SoaRDylan @verified BETTTT @SoaRDylan @verified V, if u get it can u get me it too @overtimemegan @fakeifys @overtimeroan @NotLucFN @RodlinOT 3.7k+ @overtimeroan @NotLucFN @RodlinOT That’s 3.2k. @madisonbeer can u follow me ill cry @madisonbeer can u follow me back @forpzy @OnePercentHQ Boy u actin like u didn’t tweet this @OnePercentHQ Please like this reply i’ll follow u @StableRonaldo fye @ilyells @candihotti ok lets do it @forpzy @candihotti @1PBrady @ilyells ^^^ dont forget @ilyells @candihotti im down to 1 verse 1 @1PBrady @forpzy @ilyells @candihotti boy i thought it was u me and santhro @candihotti @1PBrady @forpzy @ilyells 😭 i love getting u Mad its funny @1PBrady @forpzy @ilyells @candihotti Or Candi woudl think u would Flirt with ells and she would get mad @ilyells @candihotti ???? when @ilyells @candihotti wow uh idk @ilyells @candihotti U guys are gonna win FNCS @ayvexs @Nzptzy @Donwtw ye bro these for sure real asf @Donwtw @Nzptzy do u realize that wasn’t me right and i tweeted quit after for clout tweet @ayvexs @Nzptzy @Donwtw yea u straight that’s more weird than buying followers or a twitter account @fakeifys Oh Yeah @fakeifys do u wanna know how much i posted stark season? @Nzptzy @Donwtw astleast i actually get good likes this man eithyer bought his twitter or bought followers and tryi… @Donwtw take off that pfp @Donwtw how u steal my pfp and clout tweet ur ruining my brand @yungcalc @jojiFN Woah cmon now i got God mechs @yungcalc @jojiFN Is this Me @SoaRDylan CONGRATS DYLANN @FaZeSway wtf @FaZeSway ye but get a better 2d thumbnail get fakeify to blur it for u he actually good @hashkashh @FaZeSway @Vujcichh @WavyJaiden send first ill dm paypal @hashkashh @FaZeSway @Vujcichh @WavyJaiden ok im down @FaZeSway @Vujcichh @WavyJaiden but go to vid analytics and go to reach @FaZeSway @Vujcichh @WavyJaiden theres no way u have 4 mil subs and dont know where to check ctr @FaZeSway does ur 3d thumbs do better on montages or 2d @TonzFN 😭😂😂 @veocis @slamyur how u got 162k bro u bought ur acc or some shit @slamyur ur so Amazing @ralfn_ Yea obv tf @ralfn_ and girls be saying my voice hot and i’m like 🤨 @ralfn_ a lot of ppl say My eyes are Cute @1PBrady @ralfn_ What @ralfn_ But i Never @ralfn_ A lot maybe to some ppl