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Pizza loving gobshite, tweeting about food, soaps, horror movies and brain farts. Pogonophiles-R-Us ✌🏼 If offended by profanity, off you fuck. No DMs

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@flyingbadger Chronology is a concept that doesn't always conflate with one's physicality or psychology. In other… @louham74 This is why take-aways need to be open 24hrs 😂2020 can get dry fucked all the way to the 9th circle of hell #Mindhunter cancelled??? It's one of the best shows… @louham74 I need to start doing that 😂Does anyone else think that recommended cooking times don't apply just because you've had 6 bottles of Kopparberg?… @NSaifolahi True story 😂 @CaptureLifeUK Ahhhh the nostalgia @GlitterChops Cooking is totally overratedI need to wake up with beer fear, craving a maccies and looking like Beetlejuice again... Fuck you, covid and your…'s so long since I've been out out, I can't remember how to get ready 🤦‍♀️It's always the "charity begins at home" fuckers who instantly apply caveats when charity actually begins at homeWho called the fun police? 🧐
Retweeted by C-bombThere were 2,703 excess deaths across England and Wales in September, official figures show - but #coronavirus was…
Retweeted by C-bomb @abroom73 @reece_dinsdale I've been feeling quite disillusioned with Twitter this week but reading your exchange ha… @holly Given current restrictions, one assumes humans will evolve into hermit crabs..Can't remember what time I'm supposed to start work 🤦‍♀️ If I start too early I'll be well jazzed off @DylanIsWriting
@_leoniethomas @AdamCSharp Haha, I'm slightly more enamoured with Japan 😂Excellent metal band names from around the world: 7. Aggressive Snail Attack (Croatia) 6. Teddy Bear Autopsy (Czec…
Retweeted by C-bomb @louham74 @bloatedstoat Isn't it! Can't wait to get it framed and on the wall.. Spooky how it arrived just in time for Halloween xI've coveted this photo ever since I first saw it at my big bruv's house in London over 20yrs ago and today it beca… @PardonMeImBlunt Really? God I'm shit at keeping track of stuff like that haha 🤭 Thanks and back atcha![boiling pot] dad lobster: why's the heat on with the lid off
Retweeted by C-bomb*wrapping ourselves around the country like a starving Anaconda Dickens, George Orwell and Hitler walk into a bar... Before 10pm, obvs. AND they ordered a 'substantial' meal. @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell Keep believing that if it suits your agenda and I'll keep knowing that hungry children… @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell I was talking about hungry kids in ALL circumstances. I'd never defend neglectful, self… @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell I'll defend any parent UNABLE to feed their children thru no fault of their own. Howeve… @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell All the parents who've lost their jobs or have ended up with less than half their wages… @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell I'm fully aware of the facts thank you but I'm not of the opinion that children should… @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell Another inaccurate blanket assumption 🤦‍♀️ @Mariebe10098426 @simonfell Tarring everyone with the same brush isn't a good LOOK either but one look at your bio…'s a Puddle Jumping Championship??? How did I not know about this? Jumping in puddles has been one of my favou… @SisterGail @DaveVescio Absolutely THIS @simonfell "coronavirus" or COVID-19? 😏 Your lot have been politicising it from the get-go and as for some fabled '… you shithouse @simonfell
Retweeted by C-bombThey didn't. #FreeSchoolMeals
Retweeted by C-bombNo child will go hungry in Barrow this Christmas because our amazing charities & volunteers will step in. Last Chri…
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@Jake_Vig The heat between me and you?Forget your political allegiances, if there’s one petition you need to sign.. it’s this one!
Retweeted by C-bombIt's been put in Tier 3, hasn't it.. @Jake_Vig Wonder if wildlife photographers present their work as 'animals strike curious poses' @stayssafeplease 10/10 would watch this @ThatEricAlper Kings Of The Wild Frontier - Adam And The Ants Control - Janet Jackson Soul Mining - The TheLooks like 2020 just brought you the biggest battle since @Blur vs. @Oasis. To the death @piersmorgan.…
Retweeted by C-bomb"whatever 'in love' means" ughh.. it made me cringe back then and even more in retrospect 😠 #Diana @ThatEricAlper One Cut Of the Dead Await Further Instructions Earth Girls Are Easy The Last Dragon Very Bad Things… @TMCharlie 😠😠😠😠😠The general public policing each other.... Looks like the 20,000 culled from the force weren't needed after all eh 🙄“Alexa, it’s been so long, I fear I’m starting to forget the power of live music. Show me a live performance of jus…
Retweeted by C-bombInteresting exchange #GMB between Claude Littner and Simon Wood The first a millionaire telling people to ‘suck it…
Retweeted by C-bomb @TMCharlie I nearly headbutted my TV 🤬Oh jeez, he actually just told Simon to "relax" wrt his and his staff's livelihoods going under 🤦‍♀️ #GMB @kay_aye_ar_kay Haha 😁 I tend to gauge it by 'can I type or have my fingers frozen' 😬"it's been a mild autumn"?? Are you shitting me, I've never had my heating on this much in September and October before ❄️☃️ #GMB
Never using lemongrass body scrub again.. I smell like a Thai curry 🤦‍♀️YASSSS!! I am over the fucking moon and nothing can bring this week down now 🎉 Luke Evans fix, incoming 😀… incredibly valid reasons why #DeepBlueSea bears repeated viewings :- 1) Thomas Jane 😍 2) Samuel L Jackson in a s… any of the 241 deaths actually FROM #COVID19 tho? 'deaths within 28 days of testing positive' could mean that n… @bluegrass1111 Same difference tbh... 😒 @flyingbadger @StarShapedClub Can't remember the order of presenters tbh... It was so manic, it was hard to keep tr… if you needed a reminder quite how mad The Big Breakfast was, here’s a little clip. Far too much going on her…
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I am going to be honest. I am struggling. I cannot find work and I have bills and it is all getting to me. If you…
Retweeted by C-bomb @Acidic_Blonde Richard Dormer's voice @Reverend_Makers I once saw a Spanish magician do a trick where he started the trick with a countdown. "Uno". "Dos…
Retweeted by C-bombThis is untrue. If you lockdown young people because of Covid-19 with little support, then you should expect that t…
Retweeted by C-bomb @AnothermillennR Very Bad Things @DaveVescio .. to drive 😊Looks like I'm the only person who's happy for them and their families.. Oh well 😕 #GMB @BBC6Music Drop The Pilot by Joan Armatrading Yes by McAlmont & Butler Why Did It Have To Be Me by AbbaIt's early, I'm not a scientist and maybe I'm being a bit thick but how can we know the long term effects of a vacc…
@Bedazzled1313 Cheers bud, wish I had £300 for the little dreamboat I spotted on there but alas... 😭 @brexitjoker @Andrea62928413 @piersmorgan @MattHancock @jamesbird None of it makes sense; probably one of the reasons why so many are becoming increasingly suspicious of… @hamzajahanzeb @rizwanahmed Have you watched The Night Of, with Riz Ahmed? He's utterly brilliant 👍 @sluggy1967 Thanks. I'm in South Cumbria but there don't seem to be many places tbh.. Unless they're all on Fakebook 🤦‍♀️😉I'd have preferred this to be a direct debate between Andy Burnham and Michael Gove tbh... 😏 #AndrewMarrFAO people in my local area: where can I get a rescue dog please? 🙏🏻🐶🐕💕💔 is entirely accurate. I’m so disappointed in doctors simply folding like a cheap suit when threatened. I qui…
Retweeted by C-bomb @JeremyCom Frustrated technical psychologist
BREAKING: The Department of Health have reached an agreement with police forces to allow them to know if an individ…
Retweeted by C-bomb @simickle @Astrronomy Yes! @jamesbird She doesn't seem fond of fact checking before going to print either: "I was told.." Ugh my brain hurts! @jamesbird She's a defence / security correspondent?? Jeez....Trivial in the grand scheme of things but... I cringe when they pronounce it "Barrow in FurNESS" 😣 It's pronounced… @MassAppeal93 Yep, the things that used to mildly irritate us that now we'd crawl on broken glass for eh... 😔 @WStirfry @suzannecroftxox @Cparks1976 Haha, it was always 'the back kitchen' in our house Which left me baffled a… @WStirfry @suzannecroftxox @Cparks1976 "mum, where are you going?" "I'm just going a message" Me: 🤔🧐🤨 @emerald1910 Hey Ed, Here’s a picture of me eating toilet paper as a baby. I would not recommend it, but I have no…
Retweeted by C-bomb @Ttown316 @emerald1910 Thank you, from all of us 😂 @Astrronomy @Dayewalker Case in point: Zombeavers 😁 @Astrronomy REC (the news reporter)I kinda miss the days when you'd go to your GP feeling lousy and be dismissed with "it's JUST a virus.. plenty of rest and fluids" 😐
@mikepriestley13 And if the witness was a total stranger, how did they know it was Belle? @michaelglasper Katsu Pussycat @LunaLocoJewels I can't remember hating him this much but I could happily kick Todd2 all over the red recWas Todd always this much of a wanker? #Corrie