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The world famous Pharmacy Assistant, mega fundraiser, improv theatre performer, magic enthusiast, Doctor Who fan, and all around nice guy.

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@timothydunn Better late than never. @mattwasfunny @WordsHQ @hqtrivia Thanks for the clarification Money Flipper. Please tell that to the rest of the HQtees playing. @WordsHQ @hqtrivia Me too! What bugs me the most about the new format is that @mattwasfunny seems to be ignoring th…
@HouseofTarg Any word if you'll be having another perogie sale soon? Many thanks! @IL0VEthe80s Vanna White @LeeAsherMagic 321 Contact.I see 'Brian' is trending tonight and I have no idea why. I assume it has to do with this guy.
@bruins_514 I always remember Brian Hayward's Shark mask. @CanuckThespian @TheBiggScreen If it calls you Dave, be afraid. Be very afraid. @bryanbehar You ask such redundant questions. 🤪 @ThatEricAlper Anything by Chicago. @ThatEricAlper Taller than you. @TSNSteve @rbcomputing Stupid is as stupid does. @jay_sankey Thanks for the online lecture this afternoon. Going to be revisiting the VST again as it's good for so… @Ben_Seidman The four questions are probably going to be: 1. Why is this night different? 2. Why can’t I see bubbe… @Legopolis Me too! @cmanzare Correct!
@McIntoshNeve @dickie_kate It look likes he's ready to get in the wrestling ring and take on Covid after watching that nonsense. @TheBradOwen @waynehoffman It's time to buy a new clock. @RealMattLucas is the happiest thing to arrive on the internet in a long time. Watch it and feel happier that there are great… @EwanM123
@mymothrsdaughtr @psu256 Mark only had one hit while Richard has had many. Ergo that’s how I know him and his work. 😎 @DeeeDoc I met Dustin in Las Vegas after he did a set at the Comedy Improv. Wound up chatting with him and adult en… @Laurab0310 I met @ConanOBrien after a taping of his show in May of 94. Super nice guy as we talked about The Simpsons. @Irish_Rose14 I met him in Montreal at the Jazz Festival in the mid 90s. @CanuckThespian I met Ron Popeil in Las Vegas in the early 2000s. Very nice guy. His dancers were nowhere to be found though. 😏 @psu256 Well that is his stage name.Check out this awesome short that my friend @twitandrewking made. I hope everyone finds their proverbial speed boat. 10 famous people you've met, but one of them is a lie. Which one? Reply with your guess. 1. Wayne Gretzky 2.… @michaeltodf Happy Birthday to your son! @HouseofTarg @motherschildren I'll probably play pinball on my iPad and just charge myself the $6 cover. Alas I'm a… @jordanzadler Can't Get There from Here is my all time favorite song, partly because I associate it with camp. But… is cooler than discovering @andrewneeme has a MUGS mug. #meta Does @TheBradOwen have one as well?
@michellea_olsen You’re not pathetic. Hope you’re feeling better soon! @twitandrewking Great job on @DougHempstead's video!
@timothydunn I’m sure there’s gourmet tacos in NYC much more worthy of your imagination. 😏 @ThatEricAlper Red Red Wine @ThatEricAlper Help @bryanbehar Well said! @macantone @BenMank77 @tcm I don’t understand everyone’s obsession with this show as it screams exploitation and sh… @IL0VEthe80s Larry, Curly, and Moe.
@timothydunn @jenbender76 I could use a shirt like that reads 'boy' instead of girl. 😉 @twitandrewking How many kilometers is that from the launch point? @ian_mendes @TSN1200 Eddie The Eagle. @NadineThornhill I'm very glad you and I are on the same page. Shows like this exploit the worst in society. @LeeAsherMagic Mazel Tov! But I would have thought it'd have been kosher. 😏
@Dr_KarenLee @MSSocietyCanada @ParkinsonCanada Thank you for all the work you've done for the MS Community, Dr. Lee…'re all allowed to be upset, and pissed off in these uncertain times. Let's use our frustration for the positive… @JKCorden Thank you for the song. I needed to hear that. #YouWillBeFound @TobyHadoke One of my all time favourite Muppet sketches. Haven’t sent this in a long long time. Thank you for sharing it and the laughs. 🙂
Hey @MAURICELAMARCHE, wishing you a very Happy Birthday! I hope you're able to celebrate with some of Mrs. Buckley's delicious peas. @mayfairtheatre I miss the Weyland-Yutani ad.
Did someone say #perogies? Thanks to the @HouseofTarg for selling these bad boys. I can play free play pinball on m… @XtinaBianco1 Celine vs Liza was epic. Both amazing performances. Despite the fact I'm Canadian and adore Celine, I…
@ThatEricAlper Pepsi. #simple @timothydunn Looks awesome! If you can't make it to Switzerland, the White Pass railway from Skagway, Alaska has majestic views.Things I have little desire to do during my imposed staycation: Discover the wonders and joys of The Tiger King. #nothanks @twitandrewking Champagne and mini champagne did bottles didn't work but at least the Canadian Club did. I was worr… @ChrisChapman81 The DVD box sets are worth it for that reason... plus the episodes are unedited and full of awesome… @timothydunn Diet Tonic? Puhlease. Must I teach you all in mixology? The secret to eternal youth is regular tonic.… @twitandrewking Things that don't go well together... Oil and Water, Orange Juice and Toothpaste, Scotch and Vodka,… @WendyLiebman I think Jeffrey might enjoy this version. :) @timothydunn You can't do that! Are you nuts?! You have to blend it with some other fruits and juices as well. 😏 @gordwilson Another speedy recovery to you Gord! Be well, Sir!Hey @LaurenceWall remember a few months ago when you did the poll about the worst parking in Ottawa? Enjoy!
@Colin_Cloud So we can all do this. @Robritchie409 Not sure what took you so long to get yours, especially considering your connections, but I'm deligh…'ll be supporting a local business @HouseofTarg by purchasing their delicious perogies tomorrow. I'll also be sur… @mayfairtheatre A few other notable movie theme songs that feature the title that come to mind are Live and Let Die… @MPMarilynGladu With the party temporarily suspending the leadership race, I hope you'll reconsider your decision a… @HouseofTarg Awesome! Silly question, but are they easy to prepare? I'm kinda like a Homer Simpson preparing breakf… is the truth: @twitandrewking Is that Mall Muzak or one of the rejected soundtracks for Twin Peaks? Creepy stuff. @ThatEricAlper That's easy... @scissorsisters because one of their songs was featured on #DoctorWho. @twitandrewking How big is the boat?
@PeterMacKay I urge you, please... WAIT. If you want to criticize the government, sure do that. I look forward to h… @PeterMacKay Peter, I don't understand what the obsession is with you and your team. You send me multiple emails a… @CanuckThespian And yet his approval rating was at 49% in the latest gallup poll. Should be interesting to see what… @jay_sankey Many people have been using Zoom but use whatever platform you're comfortable with. As for the time, af… @sethmeyers, your latest A Closer Look was surely a tippy top production! Thank you so much. @sourcitruslady That's nothing, I grew up with his dad's face.My friend @twitandrewking is an amazing Ottawa artist. Check out his Daily Distractions if you ever need to put you… @twitandrewking Awesome art, especially the little trailer on the little island. Thanks for the daily distraction. @joselle_b26 Happy Birthday! :) @michelrouxjr @ash_flay Merci beaucoup! @jrtrottier @Senators Can I please have a penalty called: 5 minute major for being too awesome! @MsBudgell @ChrisGGates The 'A' Team Happy Days The Love Boat @XtinaBianco1 Celine vs Kristen was epic! Love the outfits and the sugar packets. @TheWyattMcclure @YoungSheldon @CBS Just seeing this tweet now. Thank you, Wyatt! I’ll get to @DisneyParks eventually.
@twitandrewking It was a thrill to see how my burger was made on the grill. Now if you will, my head hurts so I'm g… @theamazingj Just discovered Lounge Lizards today. Fantastic and hilarious performance... and a much needed distrac… @RepKatiePorter Get well soon, Katie! @StuntmanStu from the The Doctor! @TheTank_91 @nhl94dotcom @mayfairtheatre @gabaribeau @apt613 If you have to do this at least bring some scotchdka with you for the occasion.