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listening to the caramella girls + drunk jars are beautiful I feel like im on shrooms rn this shit is so wow glass is stunning @clintonio12 I want to abuse the featureI want to terrorize my friends with things that are stinky that I am forced to experienceits actual bullshit that we haven’t figured out a way to text message scents yet
@mondomascots thank you kingthank you azealia banks for everything you do hasnt fisher released any more music its not like hes in lockdown anymore fucking GO @mondomascots link??? @smith__ryan__ @homeofsexuals yes watch strangers with candy its absolutely iconicarmie hammer after reading about the donner party @JOSEHHOLGUIN1 so true @coolado_ my tongue out in every photo because I want to taste the desperation friday @hotdogfaggot I love your work internet stranger @Cr0_590 im not done with this!!! king!!! @Cr0_590 im done with this
@Bray_erryday lmaoo same tho I shoot my shot and then get a $10 request @ds_whitaker @NPR we need healthcareit costs 0 dollars to not refer to your plants as your childrengive me attentional god damnit
@hotdogfaggot @hotdogfaggot I think shes a queengay people MUST work out in pairs otherwise who will take the onlyfans promotional photo of you shirtless on the stairmastertodays mantra: rachel ray is such a bad chef her dog food got recalled and im glad that is not me elective colostomy bag surgery I literally hate pooping @chrisfields123 @sebaebay pre workout directly into mouth @sebaebay wet scoop @petworthot same @AldrichEsmeray @tyleriacona yes?? im not stupid @ryanfleischer_ youre a clown for other reasonsjail time for the man doing shrugs at the squat rack @petworthot oh u knew I was talking about u huh bobs energythe pick me’s on r** a******** posts are do u not feel like a clown writing that out @alcoholeic my legacy is being a slutty cook smh @tyleriacona ur spending it girl @tyleriacona oh boo hoo men with money want me @sha__wn good answer tbh
gays that support jeremy kost
Retweeted by zankou chickendropped my chapstick in between the seats of my toyota camry I want to fucking DIEgym is playing MUNA reference caption influencers have got to GO ive HAD IT @TheSharok @ProfessorCrunk we’ll do all that and get back: “K Sent from my iPhone” @notcameronrose @ALXJLCR alex LOVES indentingI remember stressing out freshman year about sending emails and doing full write ups like shes describing and getti… 👇🏼
Retweeted by zankou chickenthat last season of sabrina wasnt very good !!!!so horny 🥵 my balls are so heavy with pee 😤
the sexual tension between me and every subway I drive past @notcameronrose sky😍 @jasonderulo @jamescharles been locked out of my onlyfans and I need it to prove I have an income on my rental applications !!! that being… have developed a hot dog addictionAzealia Banks when she gets hungry
Retweeted by zankou chickenit takes absolutely 0 creativity to succeed in gay t shirt worldmaking gay clothing is literally so easy just change this to büssy and it will literally sell out in 12 seconds banks boiling her dead cat down so she could collect the bones isnt even the weirdest thing to happen this yeargay ppl will try to get u to follow them and then unfollow you like as if im gonna stick around 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼 bye stupid I aint your fan 💋💋
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her 200,000th follower is going to hell
Retweeted by zankou chickenIn all future releases of "Home Alone 2", the role of [redacted] will now be played by Hatsune Miku.
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@RuPaulsDragRace did she lie @B_McC2 oh youre short short
Retweeted by zankou chicken @Cr0_590 you arent but go off I guessTwitter after banning Trump 1,449 days into his presidency
Retweeted by zankou chicken @Cr0_590 deleteevery day I come closer and closer to pooping my pants @AustinXAvery youfeeling like I want to start a lot of confusing drama gonna make a tiktok about everything I eat in a day laterbringing your louis vuitton bag to the gym to let everyone know youre an eye contact bottom since the all white converse werent enough @TreadwellShann oh thank god I was worried for a secondall these republicans denouncing trump NOW just fucking now as if they couldnt smell the smoke before they saw the fucking fire
I am about to be so goddamn RICH preparing myself for the number of times I’ll see the “we did it joe” photo today @banditkabaii me afI dont want to be ripped I want to be chunky with big bouncy tiddies and a massive ass @Cr0_590 that man stole my shoes @pcalii_ “sometimes”Please don't let people know about Sci-Hub which hosts 85 million scientific research papers. Absolutely do not sea…
Retweeted by zankou chickengay people when theyre told its disgusting and inappropriate to thirst after white supremacists @Partisangirl she was a terrorist so no @bjbjonez
@tedcruz @AOC your actions (and inactions) include more than just what took place yesterday. Your failure to see th… @WMLA04 for the most part thats true, however I believe 3 or 4 dems still accepted campaign contributions from the… first thing I wouldve tweeted from nancy pelosis desk had I gained access yesterday its nice to see these politicians whos negligent legislation allowed for an average of 1 school shooting a week… @egodeath666_ the name of our cooking show @smartthrob imagine making a tiktok about it so the attention is on you