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I ❤️ making fats mad! • autistic • proud hamster mother

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I am at an all time low so naturally, HELLO TWITTER!
Ignore the split ones they were overwatered bc it wont stop raining I fed them to the birdsSrry I’ve been inactive girlies but look at these Tommy toes from my garden
be so pretty that it physically hurts him
Retweeted by Annabella ⚠️FATPHOBIC⚠️“Got 20k steps in at yard time #bestanorexicIf I went to prison id still be tweeting with my secret phone to edtwt like “y’all would not believe what the kitch… @luvcvipiid HELP @yoouunghoon @sugarrrloverrr OH HELL NAW @provokia I’m sorry you had to see that. The internet is full of it sadly @prettycalsedtwt @catsamee Vouch. I use the blue one it’s my best mascara
@dolliecals Me trying to see if it says lb or kg @anaoats @BL3M1SH @_f00daint1t_ I used to also in NC I just kept a knife on me and carried a stick to scare bears away @cherrysPPlace It’s a rainy day I need grandma to drop the recipe NOW @zedbmi I don’t sh but I’ve seen peoples scars in public and I’m glad they aren’t self conscious about them @crimedolly Good paying job in a field I enjoy, tons of cats, a comfy house of my own @BXXCUTTER @grimmysynny ILYI NEED THIS @strvur You may be on to something @beatdon777 Living the dream @hate_fats Based Twitter skin how ??
I’m ready for the furry allegations.Confession: Zootopia is a cute movie. @rantingpancakes Realskinny
Retweeted by Annabella ⚠️FATPHOBIC⚠️ @misobmi When I was 13 I said to my mom “I think I like boys and girls.” She was getting ready to go somewhere and… laying in bed with AC and the ceiling fan on all summer @Losecalsfast I embrace my cringe @rhythmkgs Mean comments don’t make you fat. Your man hands shoveling McDonald’s fries down your gullet doesWe are out of ramen. @junk0r3x14 Nice 👌Gonna OMAD sum ramen @SickKidd0Soxks No. At your weight you should be losing fasterf@tspo w commentary- 'jfashion' edition (these were all under the gyaru/jfashion hashtag btw)
Retweeted by Annabella ⚠️FATPHOBIC⚠️ @g0rebarbie Finally a picrew that’s actually pretty edtwt meetup
Retweeted by Annabella ⚠️FATPHOBIC⚠️fat bitches stop posting urselves on edtwt unless ur ready to end up in a fatspo thread challenge
Retweeted by Annabella ⚠️FATPHOBIC⚠️ @DelightsVi0lent Goodnight!69 days til fall @kcalgals The same to you <3 @polyvlukova Purr
My crush has a gf @twilightcalz Yesssfasting and losing weight is so fun until u (quite literally) become afraid of food 😀😀
Retweeted by Annabella ⚠️FATPHOBIC⚠️ @rubyredcals I love @qucumberwater This looks like an underground city to me @L19509564 I see a cliff in the desert @whhooshh I’m terrified! @DelightsVi0lent I like it Picasso @scooborexic That’s ur aesthetic now ywGRIMMY NOOO @mikrocalsmos Their parents clearly didn’t do their jobs correctly.. @110863O @0rth0_wh0r3_ @etherealella444 @daintymelodee @Sparrowb0nes2 @kurt11737494 @cutcopi @milkylvr n who one: edtwt last week: @KomaedaNagitoL @theflowerdancer OG thinspo @goatttwt *opens Twitter* *closes Twitter*
I reached my daily limit wtf :( I’ll continue tomorrow @dollcore_cals This reminds me of a cute lil bakery @vivntonic This is so dope it reminds me of a sci-fi movie @whimsicalgirlyy Looks like a cute alien to me @strawberryspo69 @wrenbmi A woman changed her babies diaper in one of our rooms once and it stunk SO BAD I told ppl… @chibigf I SELECTED A CUTESY ONE BUT THIS IS TERRIFYINHGDGS @cyanidedepresso It is @rasberryramune With Dorothy as req @DietArabella This is cool @donlikescoffee I like it @scooborexic Here u are bb @skinnybiatchez A lil creepy @LocalBurntout Wowie @4everf4iling Urs 🤲 @277386O Hope u like! @mochijagi Dope @CharKalie So cool!! @camybiggestfan Dope @cyanidedepresso Sick ! @corpse_bloat This actually looks like a bloated corpse so cool @skinnysunnyy Here u go @magicanagirl So cool @starrexia Here’s urs! @bedheadin YES IM YELLING GUYS THIS IS SO COOL!!COMMENT AND ILL PUT UR USERNAME INTO THIS AI PAINTER AND CHOOSE THE STYLE BASED ON UR LAYOUT!! @vanilladoIl I WONT HIM put my username into Wonder and omggg I love pussy eating disorder (I have this one ;() this has been done before but this is so fun which one should I do nextI put different eating disorders as a prompt into an AI app (Wonder) Anorexia and Bulimia need to work on my ego 🧘‍♀️Why do I get offended when I’m not in someone’s orbit when I’ve never interacted with them @hwacal Same here @sodgunn @7RosesForJuliet TIGHTTT 😩Gn everyone. I hope you’re all doing alright 💗 @900kcals Grimes is my fav :) @dontasklol7 HELP