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Cyberpunk 2077 @CyberpunkGame Night City, Free State of California

Welcome to the official Twitter account of Cyberpunk 2077 — an open-world, action-adventure story developed by @CDPROJEKTRED #Cyberpunk2077

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@tostspender @CyberNate2077 True. We never left. Cheese anyone?!
@fabiandoehla @Nadyasonika @pawpanasiuk 👀 @TRettsch Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende!In case you've been wondering how our week went.
@Numptym0ments We're sorry to hear about your holidays. We appreciate your support and are truly thankful that you trust us!
@itismenoman People are disappointed. It’s ok. Thanks for checking. 💛 @Warlance01 Do the schoolwork please. Tomorrow is going to be a better day. @PoshPenguino @JoeJ1700 @Newsdan5 Yes, that’s what we meant. :) Day got a bit hectic. 😰 @PoshPenguino Next level would be: @PoshPenguino Same. @UnderBeers @ishayxo Or course we are. This sucks - who enjoys letting fans & community down? @Newsdan5 @PoshPenguino We did sent some stuff already and we feel like we need to send more, yes. Was one of the f… @kevincorky @chenteboy01 Probably yes. @MilosRadmilac @chenteboy01 Fair enough :( @ishayxo We were wrong. @rickyberwick Thanks for making us laugh! 🥰 @KirbySt4r @BartowCoDawg @justin02350 @Nibellion @chenteboy01 It was fine until up an hour ago. @BartowCoDawg @justin02350 @Nibellion @chenteboy01 It’s fine. We have a very nice community, a great social media t… @PKernaghan Can you see me? @justin02350 @Nibellion @chenteboy01 Yes. Understandable. We’re sorry. @chenteboy01 Would anyone notice if we delete this real quick? ☹️ @OleTerrTerr @PoshPenguino Our admins right now: @Jxvii8_ @PoshPenguino True. 😭 @PoshPenguino Well fu** :( @Branden_Gilbert @CP2077Countdown We’re truly sorry for that. If fans and followers taking days off to play and enj… @CP2077Countdown We’re in this together.We have important news to share with you @LukaszSlipko We had a writing contest in our forums some weeks ago 😊 @austinRwilson We are currently talking to the winners, and will provide links retroactively if available!We’re excited to announce the winners of our official Cyberpunk 2077 illustration contest! A big thank you to ever… @BandaiNamcoNO Just don't let the Netwatch catch you, Choombas! 😎 @CaMeLeO08647265 @Porsche @NVIDIAGFN It is. @CarDynamics1 @EmilyEmica @Porsche In the game. And in the real world. We all know. @EmilyEmica @Porsche Yes, skipping time is possible.
@GabrielMicle @jesawyer @Porsche Johnny would be quite happy... but it’s not the case. @zamriakmal7 @DaveEl_ @CohhCarnage @Arekkz The upgrade is for next gen consoles only - you can adjust PC settings a… @chasssd @PhiWeber Dude why would you want ANOTHER 3cm penis?! @fabiojspereira @Porsche Depends on your driving skills. @PhiWeber @Porsche Wait till you’ll find that other tweet. @darthkeinji @Porsche Yes. Bring that car along - great addition for every photo. @christian11_xxx @Porsche SPOILER!!! @TDOCBT @Qu4r7zzz @Porsche None of this makes any sense. And we’ve not sent review copies yet either. @TheFigaro1977 Ah, the memories 😍 @DaveEl_ @CohhCarnage @Arekkz If you plan on getting a next gen console (and have no plans to upgrade your pc) we’l… @Dantecb2077 @PaweSasko Same. ^PW @johnmarshallyt @PaweSasko Oh. @ThatOtakuBear @Porsche Just this one. As it’s the perfect car for our rocker boy Johnny. @Saterienne @PaweSasko @rob_malinowski still waiting to see his blue checkmark in the meantime. @PaweSasko Depends. If you have a massive penis and get erect (due to the quality of the quest design) it might int… @PaweSasko @Porsche Our admins after checking your latest tweets. @DrexTheLynx THAT‘S THE SPIRIT! @driGx2 @Porsche Search for Porsche 930. Buy one. @HeRoicVergiL @Porsche That‘s what she said. @lautarito95 @Porsche Don‘t drink and drive! @Archano @Porsche @WalnutBr3ad was first though.Massive Cyberpunk 2077 spoilers. @Strippin @ajthomas112000 @TwitterNotify @ESPER995 @Irine_Meier Irina, your turn #TeamCyberpunk 💛 @PoshPenguino Full confirmation! @DylanWh35207593 You look amazing. @tauriqmoosa @PhiWeber Tiny Silvertail! @tweetelenarie @DeusEx We hope so too! A great and inspirational series. Lots of Deus Ex fans in our studio. @tauriqmoosa @PhiWeber Might be dead by now. @tauriqmoosa Yes. Photo mode. Lovely photo mode even. @Strippin So are we! 🦾 @AvaGG WHAT IS IT? @harish_dusa We will let you know, no worries.Villefort Alvarado 570 De Luxe #Cyberpunk2077
@P308R Yes 📸 @DeceiveNina Better story. Cooler items. Great choice. 😍 Galena Nomad "Gecko" #Cyberpunk2077
Yaiba Kusanagi Tyger Claw Custom #Cyberpunk2077
@Porsche 🔥A Porsche Museum tour with a difference – see how our @CyberpunkGame 2077 nighttime shoot went down with the 911 Tu…
Retweeted by Cyberpunk 2077Thorton Colby Butte "Shooting Brake" #Cyberpunk2077 @Dansgaming We’ll share more details in the near future. What’s good though: our soundtrack has been created from t…
@PuNkD17 @Digi16bit @ranger_rapid @deCode666 @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg Good! Thank… @Digi16bit @ranger_rapid @deCode666 @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg It’s great to get th… @Digi16bit @ranger_rapid @deCode666 @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg Every answer creates… @PuNkD17 @ranger_rapid @deCode666 @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg @pawelburza knows. @ranger_rapid @deCode666 @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg To clarify: cars in your posses… @3waishh Same rules apply :) @g_play84 We have no Danish language supported in the game :( @1995_collins Yes. If both languages are supported in your region, of course. @wmuff84 And no Elvish :( @kipetskiy Not planned atm, sorry :( @3waishh Collector's edition for consoles? @BunnyRose448 You're nice too! @IgorBrazillian If the language is supported in your region, yes. You can check the link we added to be 100% sure. @Mr_Leenar Sometime soon ;) You know how it is.Attention console players! The list of languages in which you'll be able to play #Cyberpunk2077 on consoles (VO an… @ranger_rapid @deCode666 @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg And that’s why we have it. 😎 Wo…
@PuNkD17 @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg If you keep in mind how many people remember (a… @IamGreen04 @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg Our quest team is amazing*. The Witcher 3 was a great wa… @_Demon17 @iDontPullOutOki @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg LIES. @iDontPullOutOki @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg When it’s ready. @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg Live footage of your colleagues play testing your CP quest designs: @TheKerrag @fabiandoehla @PaweSasko @michalpg @tostspender @Eggpuff @nainaiku Please send an email: @PaweSasko @SirPaffel @kwazol @PaulLeonardMorg Preview of the content of your next 'power box' we’re going to ship…