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Yo are we doing ship dynamic stuff again? I dig this very specific tragic dynamic
Retweeted by tylerSet out into a dead planet mutated by a god's forgotten child and hunt strange bounties, investigate the world and…
Retweeted by tylership dynamics huh
Retweeted by tyleri've never actually worn this outside @taibhseoir AAAAAAAAAAAA @taibhseoir why him WHY HIM!!!!!!!!!!! @DaedalusUnbnd 👀👀👀👀👀👀i got so excited about that old guard series and than i saw whose writing it lol @TheCedarForge i fully believe this is just you"I headbutted a troll. And won" Arni Brokenbrow for the new Magic set Kaldheim. AD: Cynthia Sheppard #MTGKaldheim
Retweeted by tyler*snip snip* 💈🐉
Retweeted by tylermaybe next time, zagreus...🩸✨ #HadesGame
Retweeted by tyler @stolenprinces last night be kept falling asleep sitting up bc he was too uncomfortable laying down. he had an undi… face of someone who got his balls removed yesterday and cannot go upstairs
@whoevenknowsyo damn i need to try yoga, i can see the results 👀
i sincerely hope that achilles gets to be stupid again after reuniting patrochilles ( #hadesgame )
Retweeted by tyler @martyrsdaughter rogue pls @ThatRobGS ohhh that's cool!! @martyrsdaughter 'omegaallies' i hope you burn in hell i hate it rogue i hate it so much this is AWFUL fuck its so goodDo you think we've all been dead since this happened?
Retweeted by tyler @martyrsdaughter im blocking you @ThatRobGS yeah i guess lol idkme: oh hey the moon looks awesome i should take a picture my old ass phone: what moon what stars all i see is space babyposting this pic from few months ago on its own bc i grew to like devion more and i still like it
Retweeted by tylersableye drip
Retweeted by tyler @ThatRobGS i like the idea of it in concept but it would just be too small also i have no idea where i would want to put it etc etc @Joe_Hunter @PraxJarvin @Jwhitbrook wheres bowserrpredictable i just found a group of hot sexy powerlifters on tiktok time to compare my body to theirs for all time :)i want to become a forest hermitim sorry this is so fucking funny why does he look like that why did he put his chest out like that did Vision and the Scarlet Witch end up, happily, in trailers for a post-Endgame series? @nolapfau looks at wha…
Retweeted by tyler @Joe_Hunter wait whatgod i miss books with pictures 😭😭😭 god i miss portland aaaaaaaaaaa @Joe_Hunter hey you look good dude! you always look good! @Joe_Hunter lmao its just the beardthis is what five years have done to me and tbh based on this i'm excited to see what five more do… @imkellyrichards you arehello i have gotten to the point where i am looking at van life stuff purely to imagine a world were i can be on my own away from my parents @amonns dude i love him!!!! he looks so awesome!
This Wired article links to my thread on Hades and fat-phobia. Im glad that its getting talked about more seriously…
Retweeted by tyler装備してみた
Retweeted by tylergod of golden flames🔥 threw some color on this doodle of beast mode demise bc i kinda like the roughness of the li…
Retweeted by tyler @Joe_Hunter @SpeelmanTom @Jwhitbrook @amonns AaaaaAAAAAAA A HANDSOME LAD @imkellyrichards get it
Retweeted by tylerbut lemme tell you they're some of the rudest people ever and can't they read a menu for shitall my jobs have been in the food industry and every single employee I've ever seen have all deserved far far more…, Cashier Server Dishwasher again Server again/Handled to-go orders A job that was prep, fry cook, burge… dark trooper theme did not have to go that fucking hardhaha holy shit it's noon?????? already???????hello the only thing i have listened to today is mitski's nobody and the mandalorian theme on repeat and the vibes are interesting"Dionysus, the son of the virgin, bringing the counterpart to bread: wine and the blessings of life's flowing juice…
Retweeted by tyler @rustypolished me when the venom movie came out and people were like venom????? hot????? @rustypolished thANK YOU MY DUDE @Joe_Hunter yes @SpenserStarke 👀 @Jwhitbrook here for you[slight nsfw] dionysus pinup 🍇
Retweeted by tylerhow he make his acoustic guitar sound like that
Retweeted by tylerthe sexual tension between me and leaving the country to start a new life
Retweeted by tylernick cage really went if i was in fnaf i wouldve handled it
Retweeted by tyler"Blessing of Frost" AD: Cynthia Sheppard © 2021 Wizards of the Coast #MTGKaldheim #MTGKHM
Retweeted by tyleroc creation hierarchy of needs
Retweeted by tyler5 or 9. probably 9 for the pure chaotic energy @Shitpost_office @ikissmonsters it's like....fine much more 'for kids' than the other two but yeah it's fine i mean… @delusionalhulk your shoulders and traps look really good man! @OhHeyDJ DJ!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU FUCK YEA DUDE!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉✨✨✨✨✨Flirty #O14
Retweeted by tyleri for one cannot wait to get a commercial for running shoes next episode
Retweeted by tyler @Gryphonburger dont u mean holequick orc sketch
Retweeted by tylerlmao remember when i wanted was excited to try and find a friendly local larp scene and also try out the local ren… for a new intro 🧵! Hi, I am Az- your local transmasc 🌈 neurodivergent ✨🧠✨ adventure twink 🏴‍☠️🌿🗡 In exchang…
Retweeted by tylerall hail the queen atop her laundry pile
@tyIerakin THIS IS WILD @tyIerakin i can feel my old powers returning giratina and edgy pokemon team shall rise again!!!! old orc paladin to start the day #dnd
Retweeted by tylerindeed
Retweeted by tylerhaha holy shit this dude looks sick i love this art the art for keldheim might be my favourite so farlrt NICEAegar, the Freezing Flame. My third piece for MtG's Kaldheim setting. A.D. Cynthia Sheppard 18 x 24 inches, oil on…
Retweeted by tyler @faeprinces i love media monopoliesWAIT THAT IS HOW AC VALHALLA ENDS???? @Gryphonburger i really forget that rt is owned by warner media but this is the most direct and hilarious way to remind melmao what the fuck @cindergroves what do you (jade) think about cyril @1001cranes well im excited for you to read th second one again aka the best one i say with no bias @1001cranes wait lmao did rose get you into the dresden filesOH I SEE WHO IS ON THE WALL IN THAT FEATURETEE I SEE YOU WANDAVISIONi fucking love wandavision holy shitGood morning, I snuck in the back door of the Vulture building again
Retweeted by tyler"Return Upon the Tide" for the new Magic the Gathering Kaldheim set!:) 🖤
Retweeted by tylerFuck You
Retweeted by tyler @taibhseoir i call dibs on the bad blood video @svendryn HESSOOOO FUCKINF HOT