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Deaf living the CI life. Admin of @StuddyRP. Reading, writing, forum rping, & writing about rping/PbP RPG. I love romance.

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@IrreverentBloom I'ma admit to being wrong as hell about what AOC stands for. It does look like BIPOC is US-centric… was not expecting to read this. This entire glorious thread... in the women’s bathroom: “I just feel so stupid—“ “No, HE’S the stupid one! HE’S the STUPID ASS HOLE. Loo…
Retweeted by Little Gobblin @momma_b3ar @angela_s2526 @authorMAF @CallMeLeighD Bye. @momma_b3ar @angela_s2526 @authorMAF @CallMeLeighD When I think of Black folx in other countries, I think BIPOC or… @angela_s2526 Wait, which prison daddy book are you reading? @angela_s2526 @momma_b3ar @authorMAF @CallMeLeighD Ugh. I really should've picked out a book for the night to read,… @momma_b3ar @angela_s2526 @authorMAF @CallMeLeighD Americans of Color. And not really. Sometimes my brain halts for… @momma_b3ar @angela_s2526 @authorMAF @CallMeLeighD No, you're telling her what other people said. You're ignoring h… @authorMAF @momma_b3ar @angela_s2526 @CallMeLeighD Someone please tell Rae Carson, Evie Dunmore, Zoe York, and Tari… @momma_b3ar @authorMAF @angela_s2526 @CallMeLeighD to hate the fact that I hate it. Right now, you're just annoying. @momma_b3ar @authorMAF @angela_s2526 @CallMeLeighD I'm muting you now. Gtfo. You're in the wrong gd thread. Angel… holy shit. Dangerous AF. @momma_b3ar @angela_s2526 @authorMAF @CallMeLeighD @momma_b3ar @angela_s2526 @authorMAF @CallMeLeighD I just targeted my own writer friend. Now stfu.This one sounds a little more bitter and um.. almost like someone could track that review down. one is my friend. Well, I call her my buddy. She still did a stupid thing and admitted it later in a thread wh… @Sinnersaint39 We're just being too sensitive. @momma_b3ar @authorMAF @angela_s2526 @CallMeLeighD Jesus Christ. BECAUSE I highlighted authors that did a thing I H… @momma_b3ar @CallMeLeighD This shit is pervasive. It's in every niche of book industry. It's in romance. It's in Bl… @momma_b3ar @CallMeLeighD Of why I hate seeing authors participate in something even so innocent as to mock and lau… @momma_b3ar @CallMeLeighD And tbh I *have* been targeted by doxxers and harassers. I've had screaming matches with… @momma_b3ar @CallMeLeighD being quoted & screencapped, whether anonymously or not. Not of them enjoy seeing other r… @momma_b3ar @CallMeLeighD I'm glossing in this instance because you're hyperfocusing on two topics I was specifical… @angela_s2526 @momma_b3ar @CallMeLeighD authors then go, "well that's not me," when in fact they're still engaging… @angela_s2526 @momma_b3ar @CallMeLeighD This is totally true. I think it can become a blurred line sometimes. Havin… @authorMAF I did see you post that. I didn't screencap it or post it, because you usually have a care for stuff lik… @CallMeLeighD @momma_b3ar Thank you for this. I apparently need to do some self-examination and ask myself many q's… @momma_b3ar And I finally posted the entire thread I disagree with, just to be fair: @momma_b3ar I can absolutely decide to not read something by an author. That's something you can't dictate. I can…"Worst thing a reader ever said?" "Worst rating that ruined your career?" Review, review, and more review topics.…'s the whole thing. That's everything I disagree with. Talking about negative reviews, talking about silly read… is the original thread that had a lot of "giggly" responses about "best worst reviews" authors ever had. Some… @momma_b3ar It's okay that your fave authors participated in activities I disagreed with. It's okay to like ppl who… @momma_b3ar I posted an entire ass thread. Rae Carson started that whole fucking thread. I saw many, many participa… @momma_b3ar YOU are failing to understand what I'm trying to explicitly say here. I chose exactly the tweets and th… @momma_b3ar ..... I said. ** I hate when authors whine, rant, screencap, or generally mock reviews on social med… @momma_b3ar If you scroll up, you would see that I clarify this stance as a reader. Readers are beginning to push b… @momma_b3ar No, ma'am. I chose who I chose. I chose people I saw in my timeline, whether I was following or was lik… @Fishshelf .... That's... interesting. @ryanecandyce I will always find you. *creepy music* @DarienMoya @ryanecandyce That's kind of a pricey imagination to have lmao. Subscriptions add up. @ryanecandyce Remind me, when someone registers their book on KU, is it exclusively on KU? @StrangeAttract5 Dragon sneezed. @StrangeAttract5 Yeah, that's probably one of the ugliest things I've seen in a while. Some of the Dior stuff you w… @StrangeAttract5 .... what am I looking at????My BIG thing from all of this is the power imbalance. Why is that ok?Ooh. I read the scenario, Tressie's comments, & others' arguments. I agree with Tressie here, on all of her points.… to every fellow reader out there buying books ten times faster than you can read them, packing books befor…
Retweeted by Little Gobblin @SloaneBueller @flyawayfairy Lmao you sound like me. I'm always sad when I can't have wings or run out of room in m… @MyBookCushion Hmm, not necessarily. I mean, obvi, it will be silent for ME (deaf). But.... I'm more disturbed wh… really want to get into digital lettering. 😬😬😬 I keep finding random things I want to try out lately. Digital ar… @lelaballerina @JenReadsRomance @sarahmaclean @FatedMates 😭😭 This is a beautiful description of that book lmao.🥴🥴🥴 @VoxVorago @Sinnersaint39 Then, I suppose you don't mind giving your books away for free? @DavidOBowles The levels of sloppiness from every person that touched this book during the editorial process is rem…
Retweeted by Little Gobblin @Diremommy @Sinnersaint39 Exactly. And they keep missing the point of being influential. It's one thing to wish you… @Sinnersaint39 Agreed. So hardcore agree. @Sinnersaint39 OMG I missed that. Wow. Yeah, that also shoulda gone in my thread. Gonna put that in there later. Th… on: we don’t exist to be grateful
Retweeted by Little Gobblin @ryanecandyce How does bookbub even work, anyway? I got an account and promptly forgot about it.Y'all ever notice in bookbub emails, they hardly ever have BIPOC authors?
Retweeted by Little GobblinSometimes sci fi is worse. I've seen that. Sometimes other genres are worse, especially YA lit -- we've seen that s…, talking about when readers start pushing back, and saying "hey at least we don't pull you into OUR DRAMA," li… original topic that I get mad about: Talking about reviews, and then whining that you can't vent in public. Ta… author I previously respected. Reviews are hot topic for a reason. Because authors can't leave them alone and… some convos I just walk out of when I've been advised maybe to mute, to walk it off, to not engage when certain… is *a lot* of authors to take off of my lists... and to add onto never-again list. I swear I hate how that co… @activist_angel @tashalharrison Lol. Bye. @tashalharrison @38CaliberReview Why did she back out? @38CaliberReview @tashalharrison Nicole was the one who had a screenshot of a reviewer on Amazon. After discussing… @38CaliberReview @tashalharrison I'll send you links and screencaps if needed to fill in the gaps. I think she's re… @38CaliberReview @tashalharrison But the direction this convo took? Going into Black romance and race? I'm out of it. Untag me. Please. 🙂 @38CaliberReview @tashalharrison Nah. Now I don't get mad about the approach. No one needs to match energies or wha…
@38CaliberReview a convo I should be in. @38CaliberReview especially when reviews are thrown into the mix, largely because of issues with consumer opinions… @38CaliberReview She doesn't like that I lumped her in with other review shamers, just several steps below harasser… yearly reminder that most things worth doing are worth doing poorly. Fuck perfection. Art? Do it poorly.…
Retweeted by Little Gobblin @torrancesene I have a hard time believing this. When you became an author, you became the party of "reviews are fo… @torrancesene @tashalharrison Tasha's over there surprised that her stuff, or any of the other authors' stuff, show… @torrancesene @tashalharrison Please tell me you understand the fact that tweet under your author name with readers…"I'm not doing anything today, Karen."
Retweeted by Little Gobblin @38CaliberReview @tashalharrison I think so. Some authors take it really hard when you lay review shaming at their feet.I'll say it one more time. Mocking reviews in light-hearted, petty fun is still mocking reviews. It's still review… the ratio on some of those rants. Authors, authors, & more authors. Maybe some reviewers. Yeah. You're just… @apocalypsenyet2 OMG. I am so sorry, and I am so infuriated for you. My heart is breaking.I gottttaaa shake this off. Oh Lord. Wow. @tashalharrison Wtaf. Black Romance is probably one of the most beautiful romance on the market and I will fucking… @tashalharrison You just said you, and authors in general, needed a giggle at readers' expense. You may not be a do… @tashalharrison Here's a tip back at you from a reader who has purchased your book. When you engage in that behavio… @tashalharrison Actually, I find this super productive. You're engaging in "I should be allowed to shame reviewers,…, readers are just REACHING for controversy when we ask for some decency towards readers. Some, I don't fucking… magical romance? GIB. day it’s something worse. @Oprah when are you just going to cut your losses? This book is damaging your credi…
Retweeted by Little GobblinI love possums. 😭 mean. Sounding like a LOT of authors we've contended with over review harassment over the past few years. Not jok… mentions were full of how wrong I was, how I needed to re-evaluate my thread, and be careful on who I called out… I thought to say this when they were arguing me. Trying to tell me that bc they're doing a petty thing doesn't… @DarienMoya Can I put that in my thread? Lol.