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@kquickphoto When it comes to AV, YouTubers are really close to astronauts - doing all of the work in front of and… wait wait.... I live streamed for 12 hours, with live source feeds, original content, original music, original…
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Congratulations @NASA, @SpaceX, @AstroBehnken, @Astro_Doug, and every unmentioned engineer who gave this mission th…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @Mikzeroni @TrevorMahlmann Thank you. @Erdayastronaut is streaming too. @TrevorMahlmann With you on that. @TrevorMahlmann Where can we watch this?That was awesome. Let's do that again, many times
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @PolarMETHOD @SpaceX New place looks good. Looking forward to a visit to get FSD computer installed someday. @Erdayastronaut You're correct.😭 so happy WEATHER at T- 00:49:00! #LaunchAmerica2020.20.1 #OTA #SoftwareUpdate @lorengrush I want a jacket modeled after one of those! SpaceNinja!All systems go for Crew Dragon’s test flight with @NASA astronauts @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug. Teams are keeping…
Retweeted by Paul🚲Tesla Software Update 2020.20.1 release notes.
#USSPortland (LPD 27) conducts Laser Weapon System Demonstrator Test in Pacific: @USNavy
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @TrevorMahlmann @KevinWTHR @Space_Station Well done!😳 @BenSullins @Erdayastronaut YouTubers like you guys are like the special forces of media. @TeslaPodcast Just give the owners a free t-shirt to wear using that money.Here's some over-the-top-fair journalism on the question of COVID-19's current reproductive number trends. I wish…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @elonmusk @vincent13031925 Need more in the mountains - Cascades, Olympics. Tough going in the wintertime and long…
@lexfridman Hey @BenSullinsI will do as many push ups + pull ups next 30 days as this tweet gets likes, retweets & comments. No number is too…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @TeslaTested Sounds like they aired the whole episode early via teasers.
@PolarMETHOD @NASA @SpaceX They were blasting ACDC and the National Anthem on the ride over. So BA. 🇺🇲
i bet that girl with the short skirt and the long jacket is lowkey changing her name back to kitty
Retweeted by Paul🚲One of my favorite pictures... this is gorgeous and such an exciting thing to think about and reflect on!!! Go…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @TeslaTested Seinfeld's just doing his talk show. @UnpluggedTesla Yes! Make a cooler looking cover for Tesla's aero wheels!
Oops. @elonmusk @TheRealBuzz @SpaceX @NASA That's got to feel good.A full rotation of Earth visualized by stabilizing the sky over a 24 hour period. Captured in Namibia by photograph…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @28delayslater @elonmusk I've got about an inch on either end.
Thanks for the wallpaper, E!
@ohmyoctavia @eightbithavok @antheaws @even_kei Oh yeah! Teachers used to call them the bad eggs.
@RebuildsRich YES! @eightbithavok @antheaws @even_kei Our school had us bring 2 eggs per student at the start of the school year as pa… @even_kei I was talking to an older co-worker who said that they used to have this machine in the office that would… @icecolbeveridge @even_kei @textuallimits Remember the synthetic gaming balls? I really really wanted one but the we're $100 a pop!So many iGens who don't get it.
I dream of a world where truth shapes people's politics, rather politics shaping what people think is true.
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@kimbal @Jason @tferriss @steepdecline @DavidAgus Real food only things can mean so much. This heavy-machine operator taking a moment to bring smiles to the faces of two k…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @msl0727 @elonmusk Yep! As long as you checked the FSD box. @msl0727 @elonmusk You can lock in the price by reserving before July.
Lock in your Cybertruck FSD price! @Lego_naut @marc_benton Android @marc_benton My Distracted 2¢: hold $ to type ¢ on mobile.So, were does John Wick fall? @Gladwell
@Erdayastronaut @elonmusk @CMoiClem_ @PPathole Thrrrrp.There is a red Tesla Roadster floating in orbit in the SpaceX Crew Dragon docking simulator
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@ElectricJen @iRobot @CrabsAndScience ? 😈Ahead of Crew Dragon’s first flight with @NASA astronauts on board, class of 2020 graduates – from kindergarten to…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @TeslaPodcast 🎶"Pancake-y Fluffy Looove"🎶Well, I guess that's it. This is what my YouTube career has been aspiring towards, being featured in a few seconds…
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@SirWrender @joebarnard It might boil at vacuum, which would speed it up.Come work with us – lots of boring jobs available!
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @BenSullins @AstroBehnken @Astro_Doug @NASAKennedy @Erdayastronaut Totally agree! Spaceships for Earth for launch d…
@BryPancho @ElectrekCo @FredericLambert Could be a shroud @Domenick_Y Here comes uncle @RebuildsRich @jeremyjudkins WutDaaaaata. Amirite, @BenSullins? @TheTeslaShow @BenSullins salivary glands are working overtime today. @Kristennetten Pretty sure this is how @flcnhvy does hers.Spaceships for Earth this guy's stuff. @Erdayastronaut @ Planet Mars
Brb, going to run this in the car and practice for my Astronaut interview. @TeslaLondon @DrvrBby @jchybow @Tesla I love the starlink thought. I hope we start to see wifi deployment and then… @gwestr Pack it up! We did it! @SpaceX @Space_Station Feels very @masseffect @elonmusk
@Gfilche @seanmmitchell Yep. @Kristennetten @thirdrowtesla Willing the good of the other as other. @iAmeriCaRR @SeamusBlackley Could be promising, @CookingIssuesHey, @SeamusBlackley, can you or your followers help Dave? @stephstad @elonmusk Uh, @RobertDowneyJr already has that one. @iliketomakestuf @smartereveryday My favorite video is the one with the guy in the blue hat.Happy Mother's Day
Check out Maximum Aerodynamic Pressure by Everyday Astronaut on Amazon Music @TeslaPodcast Appreciate you urging people to be respectful. Stay classy, Rob. You're alright in my book.Thanks for the cool suggestions 😀❤️👍 More fun coming to your Tesla soon!
Retweeted by Paul🚲I appreciate that this response from @realdoctormike was focused on logic and reason. I also found it to be well re…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @FenestrationBot But @fwong desperately needs your help! @FenestrationBot TIL @fenestrationbot exists. @fwong You sir, need a #fenestration expert.Who did this?
Happy Mother's Day!
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@Kristennetten @elonmusk @teslaownersSV @GerberKawasaki @thirdrowtesla @AlamedaCounty Heaven help you if you're the… @vincent13031925 @elonmusk @GerberKawasaki @thirdrowtesla Because of this, Tesla should be the model for how to reopen safely. @LovesTesla @elonmusk @flcnhvy @GerberKawasaki @thirdrowtesla Just look to other countries who have already done it… new episode. What are you most curious for us to talk about?
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @TheTeslaShow I want your take on FSD timeline based on latest comments from Elon and Karpathy. @TheTeslaShow Get that battery expert back on the show! @elonmusk @GerberKawasaki @thirdrowtesla 🎶Giga foundation will be laid So Cybertruck can be made 👏👏👏👏 Deep in the heart of Texas🎶 @GerberKawasaki @thirdrowtesla Frankly, this is the final straw. Tesla will now move its HQ and future programs to…
Retweeted by Paul🚲 @elonmusk @GerberKawasaki @thirdrowtesla can use my referral link to receive 1,000 free Supercharger miles with the purchase and delivery of a new Tesla… @Erdayastronaut hey man - just getting into the rest of your Max Q album. I adore Ticker Tape Parade. Anyway - big…