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C🔸 @cyleidah And thats on wasteland, baby!

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I’m convinced that people think blm is just a cute acronym to add to your bio no black lives attached @ccmfortablynumb I’m right @ccmfortablynumb
Retweeted by C🔸this push to make things more dark/mature is so unnecessary frThe way they’re doing all this to “appeal to an older audience” if y’all don’t grow up and watch the damn cartoon @honicafe the worst case scenario is HERE @SimplyChance_x FKSKJSKS STOPExactly WHO are these white cast members going to play??? Exactly WHO on this show is having sex???? they’re giving…’all mfs are so WEIRD when it comes to animation my god our black women - shot by me
Retweeted by C🔸New Yorkers are the funniest people in the world: a thread.
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@Silver_Revolt @lostfantasies_ Those used to be my top picks for a remake but after seeing how things have gone...i… @clownhotline Let’s go plague doctor fits!!
@c0cohelado maybe...maybe something new? made for this day and age?? I kno it’s hard but let’s considerno more live action remakes of animated classics society has progressed past the need for live action remakes of animated classicsWhitney Houston & Brandy performing "Impossible" in CINDERELLA (1997) dir. Robert Iscove
Retweeted by C🔸 @TEACHlKO U know what...valid this was my show back in the day too akskdk @TEACHlKO time warp trio??? TIME WARP TRIOOOO??? @clownhotline OH MTNDNSJDJ SAME THOO @clownhotline I feel that omg I’m looking thru apollo’s old OLD designs and...the cringe in my soul @clownhotline Face your past! Face your past!!oc baby pictures but it’s how they looked when you first designed them @zombiebasss F...FOOLISH @zombiebasss I can’t believe you peeped the baby hairs pffff he doesn’t know what else to do with it!! It’s all accidental beauty @clownhotline stinky bastard weasel man doesn’t deserve your love sksjd @zombiebasss AFSVSG PLS U DESERVE BETTER @clownhotline look AWAY!! don’t let him fool you![oc] finally adding a new one to the roster 😶 @pianta_ there’s something magic in each of your pieces!! No matter what the subject matter is I’m always looking a… @stephpeppery happy birthday omg!!! hope you have a great one 💕🎂
its now hitting me that spx isn’t happening this year...bro
@shrbrts thank you!! 🤧💕without color...who am I 😶 #faceyourlineart'm making a new twitter trend #faceyourlineart everyone lmao
Retweeted by C🔸 @zombiebasss these lines...delicious 👁 @ColouredBraids this was the show!!!!possibly the greatest fight scene ever animated
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consider: @thehermeister I MEEEAAAAAANNNN thoughts head explodey
$3k until we reach the goal!! Please rt/like/share and please please please donate!! 🌸✨🦋💕 💐
Retweeted by C🔸Warmup for today feat. the girl who absolutely bodied that spike cosplay
Retweeted by C🔸cornrow studies!!..that I took too far...
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stripped down version of #forgiveme it’s giving all the feels 🥀💔
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@zombiebasss I can steal the clothes but I can’t steal the sauce 😔😔 @gigalatta @fentybeauty @Maybelline @elfcosmetics @mehronmakeup @NyxCosmetics @bhcosmetics @ColourPopCo the water d… miss cannon busters
Retweeted by C🔸 @zombiebasss !! these fits are mine nowkraits from the stream 💦
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@c0cohelado No..I did it FOR you :3 @zombiebasss THE WAY WE @zombiebasss did you know apollo facts!!! very relevant to the story!! it up, Black girls. Run it up.
Retweeted by C🔸 @god_lings I LOVE 👁🔥🔥🔥 @InspectorNerd “balding braids” YUUUUPPPP @Lia_Marieee some truths are hard to accept @justajulie 🥺🥺 ty queen I see u
yall need to get watermelon cantaloupe and honeydew the hell away from me @lgions PLS 🥺💜💜 @cryptidcode Thanks sm!! 😭💖 @lgions Ayyyyeee Bex thank you!! 💕You know I love my reds...and purples...and pinks :’}Really fun illo for a punk collective over on instagram!! 🤟🏾🔥 @rachelNsmartt AJSKSKSK idk about best but I do put in work 🤧 @Nadia_Shammas_ Hoping for the best for you and your family 💜💜💜 @AmalasRosa 😩😩 it truly stinks @zombiebasss SJSKAKDJ NO PEACE FOR THEM @VenusianPeach 💖💖💖 right back at you!!!all yall that knowingly lied about opportunities and mentorships for clout....till you do right by us @ahmarasmithart FACTS like if this was what it took for you to consider hiring black ppl...its already lost broI’m sorry I’m still thinking abt how yall really sat up here and told black ppl “we see you we support you” just to…’ve been saying code geese for years
@gurugurugravity Thank YOU for this thread!! There’s sm goodness 🥺💖actually im just gonna make it lol black artists!! if you draw in a stylized art style please post a few examples o…
Retweeted by C🔸 @gurugurugravity 👋🏾👋🏾 this is great!! I honestly don’t know the specifics, but it def has a lot to do with facial f… @TEACHlKO THIS YOU BUT EVERYDAY @TEACHlKO YOUR LEO PLACEMENTS LMAOOOOO faces #faceyourart
Retweeted by C🔸glad i have exactly 9 ocs to fill this in lmaoaslksdfg #faceyourart 💫
Retweeted by C🔸turns out my faces aren’t as bad as I thought 😳 #faceyourart inconsistency lmao #faceyourart
Retweeted by C🔸#faceyourart is just me drawing people on pink or purple backgrounds 💕
Retweeted by C🔸Portrait edition #faceyourart
Retweeted by C🔸 lasted 2 months lol thanks for playing tho @pianta_ I feel this heavy 😞 I couldn’t even look at a tablet for weeks but I was somehow expected to put an entire… @clownhotline QUEEN!!! YOU WERE MISSED 🥺
Sometimes I draw Spideys #SpiderManDay
Retweeted by C🔸also i hear its #SpiderManDay so here's some baby spiders from 2018 🕷️
Retweeted by C🔸Happy #NationalGirlfriendDay from Radical Rainbow and Prism Pink! Art by @cyleidah Book series info here:…
Retweeted by C🔸 @honicafe omg...thank u 🥺🥺 @AmalasRosa aaaa thank you!! ☺️ @zombiebasss my BOYYYgotta stop feeling invisible and start feeling invincible🎶 last drawing of 2018, had to round off the year with so…
Retweeted by C🔸oh, it's #spidermanday! 🕷️🕸️
Retweeted by C🔸It’s #SpiderManDay so I’m gonna drop my old miles pics 🌻🕸 heard its #SpiderManDay and i havent drawn peter yet i think, but here's some miles draws from last year that i s…
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Hello #ArtistsofSEA! My name is Aisha and I'm from Indonesia🇮🇩 Currently still an animation student but my passion…
Retweeted by C🔸 @SA1NTCAKE and suddenly...I’m a guilty gear fan