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Freelance Illustrator 🇭🇰✨🏳️‍🌈 agender | no pronouns/they | FAQ 📎 | ✉️ | dp by @beanynne

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I'm more of a "consolidate as many layers together as possible" kind of person because I don't like having to scrol… @lozzadraws well it's mostly because when I was colour testing, they were all on one layer anyway and then I was ju… the archives piece, it's like....15 adjustment layers but only 3 layers for colours. by 3 layers for colours I… @InkPlash heck yeah! ✨ @TetraTheRipper thank yooouuu <333 @alchenart GEARS OP @AnthonyGamerUK Only my favourite Layton game of all time 😭 thank you!The Archives 🪟
Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡 @elbowrocket THANK YE KIMMMM!!! ✨✨✨ @formyths I did it...lies down thank you! @yummygus thank you gus 🥺 @MonsieurLanza thank you for the support! <3 @Jellie_Beam Thank you Jellie!! <3 @RYNST0RM A long time |D well it went through several revisions in the concept stage so @helax_art Just a little subtle accent colour to tie the piece together a little differently 😌✨ @christophercmyk yeah, now I have to bring everything else up to the same level XD thank you! @illufinch thank ye :D @_Deadkat thank you for joining the ride! ^^ @scallywap Nah, all original. The character I created just to stand in the scene and look pretty -w- @_ranituran LMAO @valistarri /yeets out the window/ @kreatific thank you! ^^ @EldritchSky LOL Thank you!! One's the detail flex, the other is lighting flex XD【逍遥譚】14~17
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Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡 @owlyjules thank you julieee /o/ it works as a nice accent -w-bThank you everyone who's joined me on this journey to complete the piece -w-b I can safely say this is the most hea… reason: please appreciate how I had to colour every individual object in the scene and I perished for this So… Archives, non fancy lighting whatnot edition ✨ Because honestly this actually looks really good on its own too… @kojotei_ HECK YEAH UNITY OF PIECE THROUGH ACCENT COLOUR @stefscribbles aaaa I'm glad TwT thank yoouuu I'm glad my photo studies and hardcore reference hunting is paying off o(-< @kojotei_ I DID IT KOJOOOOOOO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @citruslucy thank you lucyyyyy /o/✨✨✨ @ninjash8 woh thank @happysami yeah! it adds a nice accent colour to unify it a little more while adding a bit of variation ^^ @lxticia thank yoouu /o/ @coIbert_ LMAO REST IN PEACE @Gaziter I mean, I could still add more stuff though 🤔 but I'm too tired for that XD thank you gaaazzzz /o/ @MonstraBot when you got nothing else to show but wips, it is what it is XD @CutTimeComic thank yooouuu 🥺✨Oh yeah and I put it up on my inprnt if you want it as a print lol: Archives 🪟 50% off Clip Studio Paint in our Black Friday Sale until Dec 1, 8:00 AM UTC/GMT!
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Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡 @misu_025 Ohhh happy birthday, misu!!I'm always good at replying to email asking for help, regardless of their skill level, but PROTIP: please do not en…
Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡There were a lot of wips and it’s still not finished yet lmao
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Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡 @itsokillustrat1 I mean, I've drawn worse so
I'm having a black Friday/Cyber week sale in my shop! 20% is the largest discount I've ever done so if you've been…
Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡Deciding to run my sale early! ✨✨
Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡 @jdebbiel Boxes are pretty good, actually @caiabresebun If you didn’t I would come and smack you owoLeela is good bean please take a look[RTs 🙏] Commissions are open!! Please DM for any inquiries + more info. (Also please grant me your patience as I…
Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡 @MeganRoseRuiz1 Appreciate the GRIND 😤🔥😂 @kurashitpost Lol do you wanna trade @gelatobear Thank you renéeeeeee 🥺 @Megcurdy NO U @yourlocalenth whaaat XD @vote_samoyeds ohh it looks great :D @viroraptor owo @LeodoreArt thank you for the kind words!! 🙇🏻 @RinIsBestBoy My references for designing this were eurocentric architecture and FF9 so you're not far off XD🏳️‍⚧️We are looking for trans and non-binary animators and illustrators for a project about the experiences of youn…
Retweeted by Cheryl 🍡There were a lot of wips and it’s still not finished yet lmao @Megcurdy SDFJKLSKDJFSF MEG PLS @NahynOklauq LOL @coIbert_ yeah I leaned it to teal so it's not going to do the glow now (it doesn't make sense compositionally anyw… not add it in the end cuz it looks a bit weird, but it's fun to experiment a little XD I changed the gear inn… guys what if I just made it glow blue, the gears @zero808w all the linessss /o/I like how you guys are more invested in this process than I am LOL (thank you for enjoying the piece though 🙇🏻) J… @coIbert_ eh it's just some sunshine -w- @Voxels TwTb @ninjash8 curling over to hide until there's something interesting outsideI'm now going to lie down for 10 million years until I have the energy to finish that thing lolTest colours worked out, I guess -w-“ @oli_olives lol the cheese thing is this thing: @misu_025 Pats uuuuuuuu It really sucks :( @shroombel @yemayemada I took a 2 day break from working on this, so it's fine~ XD Inking is the most physically demanding part anywaywow my photo studies really did come in handy the leaves will get even smaller 🤔 @alexsteacy and slap on an among us filter @chichilittle thank yoooouuuu TTwTTb @khudeejuh AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA @Ono_Kyuure ayyy thank @alexsteacy I think that makes sense if you paint, but I can't imagine doing that for lineart pieces cuz it's a lot… @kaepora thank you for the support! ^^ @kaepora yeah I'll probably put it up on inprnt once I'm done XD Signed versions won't happen though haha @alexsteacy most of my stuff I can do on one layer normally, but this one required a bunch because it would be a pain to ink otherwise XD @alexsteacy oh my ;;w;;We’re on the doom portion of the drawing where I have to figure out how the hell all the colours are going to work… @zero808w >:0c @valistarri ;;w;;bJust playing with my layers and the piece looks pretty good without the window there too 🤔 Pretty much 80% of the i…