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BONE LORD @D0GH34D Atlanta, GA

Carlos | He/Him | 25 | 💙💜💗 | Art School Dropout | Aspiring Game Designer

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Love the new @RhysticStudies vid, it inspired me to make a Satanic Panic EDH deck 😈😈😈
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@Amenohabakirii BONE LORD BONE LORD BONE LORDSpent like 10 minutes panicking looking for my cat and she just ended up being under the bed 😒イレイザーヘッドの赤ちゃんすやすや #Eraserhead
Retweeted by BONE LORD @BJeleren Oh my god Bace I’m so sorry
@LawrenceHarmon An article for how to play Legacy affordably would be p coolBloodborne is Funky (Full Version)
Retweeted by BONE LORDDelver shells are commonly considered the best thing to be doing in Legacy. But does that mean anything needs to ge…
Retweeted by BONE LORDGonna monopolize the username wurmplehentai on every social media platform
Lookin 🔥 w/ my Fresh Cut @juangeedraws How does it feel to be so powerful and good at art
@doomguybi Oh fuck Millie, hope y’all will be alright ☹️ @DarkestDungeon Dungeon II is coming in 2021! It’s time to face the failures of the past. Lash your gear to the stagecoac…
Retweeted by BONE LORDmy friend just demonic consultationed on turn 1 for a sol ring and exiled 85 cards from his deck for it, absolute mad lad
Retweet to spread, even if you don't live in Texas. This is a big fucking issue.
Retweeted by BONE LORDNot surprised about all the Magic drama today but still kinda sad. Brings up bad memories of racist shit I’ve had t… @RachelLeishman All of them but animated Peter can go tbhラヴニカで食事をキメジェイス 7/7(完) 一枚目から順にイマーラ、カリスト、リリアナ、ジェイスの文書管理人、ゲートウォッチ、ラヴィニア、ヴラスカとの食事キメでした。腹八分目! 最後のはチョコを分け合う図ですって言っておかないと分…
Retweeted by BONE LORD @LawrenceHarmon Holy shit what the fuck @sloppynikki @juangeedraws @Lancer_RPG Oh that slaps hard @MinisRetrograde Where’s our pumpkin mechs at tho 👀
@artsyfartsylol MoodMight fuck around and make a slasher OCI can’t log onto Twitter via my computer rn for some reason @FioFGC Warframe
@artsyfartsylol Valid question, who the FUCK would wanna go to Texas willinglyWithout downloading new pictures where are you at mentally?
My fiancé drew me Pikachu with a ketchup bottle and I so emotional over it I love it with all my heart 🥺💖 @heron____ What Warframe is this
Why am I feeling so homesick lately AAAAAAAAAA👻👻spooky month sketches, get your spooky month sketches here👻👻 these will be full body, and i’ll try to get them d…
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WHY DOES THIS LOOK SO CURSED WHAT THE FUCK @BarbariansRidd1 This dudes doing a bridge burning speedrun apparently huh lol
Republican Party admits to committing election fraud, announces intention to continuing to commit election fraud
Retweeted by BONE LORDBro I saw a chipmunk run across the road into a pile of leaves today and it was fucking magicalI’m gonna get into Soul Calibur again I thinkEvery time I see this image the chorus to the song Mary on a Cross by Ghost plays in my head at maximum volume
✨ happy indigenous people day ✨
Retweeted by BONE LORDHAPPY INDIGENOUS PEOPLES’ DAY! History summed up in ONE sentence.
Retweeted by BONE LORD @coL_Amazonian But will it play Tahm Kench? 🤔
how it started how it’s going
Retweeted by BONE LORD everyone on HRT, activated charcoal FLUSHES it out of your system. PLEASE stay away from it! This includes T, E…
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i made a comic based on one of my favorite moments from pathologic 2! a very nice herb tutorial (1/3) #pathologic
Retweeted by BONE LORDTHE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE HAS BEEN MADE #Warframe @asantethetoad
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Retweeted by BONE LORDit hits 55° and bisexuals start dressing like this
Retweeted by BONE LORDWoke up choking on phlegm AMAhaha fly landed on his head haha
Retweeted by BONE LORDGhost Parade
Retweeted by BONE LORDFeel like pure shit lads😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
@cspranklerun Wtf, it knew the EXACT city I was from??? @Spice8Rack Anarcho Mega Manarchist @itskindred He really on stage lookin like a freshly embalmed corpse huhmspaintober 7: still need to get his systems #Warframe
Retweeted by BONE LORD @TolarianCollege Wait, does ONE person get all of this???
Want BOTH a full set fo Eldritch Moon AND a Full *FOIL* set of Battle For Zendikar? Just donate in multiples of $4…
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Retweeted by BONE LORDI wanna dress like a KSBD character gimme a t-shirt that just says "EVIL" on it and a jacket that says "HELL BITCH"
Retweeted by BONE LORDMood’m renaming my cat to Garlic Bulb because I am just that powerful and also she never learned her first nameToday's is the only day when you can retweet this
Retweeted by BONE LORD @kai_tave Green and dunking on D&D✨[OC]tober Day 5✨Nightmare
Retweeted by BONE LORDAm I doing this right? #sameartist
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A Comic About International Cuisine
Retweeted by BONE LORD @ae2501maeth Why have you put this on my TL for I thought we were friendsGot removed from the schedule for today ladsHey sorry I didn’t answer your text, I’ve been second guessing my whole career path, debating all of my life choice…
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@edhquarters V funny that you gave the RC shit about “integrity” and are IMMEDIATELY trying to wash your hands of t… @LawrenceHarmon I’m so tired of this clown shit top of everything my glasses broke tonight too, I really just can’t catch a fucking break rn
@heron____ HOLY SHIT 3: its probably gonna be mostly warframe
Retweeted by BONE LORDHey y'all, I hate to ask but my fiancé and I could really use some help rn: week has been tough so I’m doing a giveaway for the Rares and Mythics of this booster box! All you have to do…
Retweeted by BONE LORD2 of my coworkers got COVID and all they’re doing at work is giving us disposable gloves lmaoooooowhat color am i to you? 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by BONE LORDMe, when people say I should show compassion to a facist
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Conservatives: the left truly are evil making memes that #TrumpHasCovid and hoping he dies after allowing 200k+ Ame…
Retweeted by BONE LORD"You shouldn't wish x on people" Those people want me dead for sport for no reason so I'll make an exception.
Retweeted by BONE LORDWorking retail rn is kinda the worst tbhreminder not to do inktober the "creator" plagiarised the concept off of a black artist and has now out the name un…
Retweeted by BONE LORDIt’s real Missing My Friends Hours 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Gf got me 2 prerelease kits for me for a late birthday present so we’re gonna play against each other :3Anybody got a good Inktober list? @heron____ GlakuIt’s October 1st
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Retweeted by BONE LORD @daddyINaCRV BeesechurgerAnother opportunity to post these, made by me, ur local angry Jew
Retweeted by BONE LORDBro I hate this website, people like me are FOR SURE going to die and blue checkmarks are just cracking jokes