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@planetsmitty @planetsmitty I really wanna drive to ShipleyThey really did. @Be_inTIMidated
Imma mama’s boy. And never gonna take her existence for granted. @The8thRise @akoboyd @seventhbornson @SunniSpeaksHer Walkin in that house like:
@negrowriter Sir... @planetsmitty @planetsmitty Oh you must not want that sweet potato pie then... nigga 🗣GO GET ME SOME VANILLA EXTRACT @justkorrr @IamRellAnthony Bitch it’s 5a in LA. These is not mimosa hours?! Lol @dboyrocka 😂😂😂“And BOOM, you needed promo” 💀💀💀
Gerrymandering at its finest... 🥴 Me, periodically, while reading ‘A Promised Land’: @_ShowtimeRX Don’t nobody care about that first word... seek help sir.Yeah, no..
You’re gonna need the “financial literacy” tools to utilize no matter what resources are thrown your way... back inside. Issa whole ass pandemic. yeah friends giving eachother covid.
Retweeted by the doggone villainIf yo pancakes black around the edges and light skinned in the middle, 🗣TURN THE EYE DOWN, sweetie. Everything not… will never not be upset and disgusted when my dick hit the toilet bowl.. @KelRashaad @KelRashaad After yo “demon time” yesterday, you prolly needed it. 😂😂 @Be_inTIMidated Lies.
Both stateside and abroad, people are still having to face homophobia and sexual expression. Rather than worrying…’2 And yeah. Sometimes, I wish I was like 6’4/6’5 (when I’m playing volleyball) but then I think about the diffic… @eightywone The baby!!! Him so cute. @itsKARY_ LETS GET IT, LETS GO! @Of_Noble_Mien @SirDomonic Ain’t gon lie, rona got my shit regressing... need to get back into the routine.Volleyball tourney this am. My old ass is actually playing.. @MissterRay I be thinking my nudes done leaked... @MissterRay 😂😂 facts.
@NorthMade_ Wayment... so prior to COVID... already in the cloud, sis.. Grey got the rona?! Lawd.. scream I just let out‼️ @NewOrleansDev I see the common denominator here... is working through reconciliation in this pandemic. Brandy & Monica Dark & Light Skinned Aunt Vivs Who next? Nicki and Cardi? @pastormelech Not finna play wit you on this morning sir 😂😂LOVE👏🏽TO👏🏽SEE👏🏽IT👏🏽 Thank you @OGJanetHubert for coming to a place of healing. In a country as divided as it is no…’m sorry, but Will Smith is just one fine ass man.
@TRACEYkicksCULO Drop the link. Tryna see sumn @Of_Noble_Mien C’mon Mirror Bitch @LeVyanBelle Why I click the wrong thread to respond to... this was supposed t be regarding age at the date of fina… @LeVyanBelle At the rate I’m picking up these degrees, it’ll be 108 for me... @AtwistedFantasy 😂😂😂This Verzuz is for all the kids who got suspended for wearing the Snowman tee.
Retweeted by the doggone villainAny time I meet a man with a gay twin brother, I gotta sit back and watch to make sure I got the right twin before… niggas in Houston on my TL do photography? @blacctimus Sir... @SuchOrDie @vikkie Us: 👀🙄 @vikkie: @vikkie @vikkie @SuchOrDie @vikkie
Mine too... 🥴 @AtwistedFantasy Lemme gon and head to the bank so I need my 1s huh fleets on deck. Hope I did it right... @Artofbnfree how you that loud and don’t think somebody gon catch you? @SunniSpeaksHer Me: case y’all forgot, Jalen Hurts is one fine ass man... whew! @DeanATGreen Thank youThanks everyone for reaching out. Greatly appreciate it. @CeejDoezIt Same to you bro! @DaT_RoG_Jr Thanks man. Prayers to you and your family as well.COVID had finally hit close to home. Prayers needed for my family y’all. 🙏🏽Fleets gonna be the downfall to OF... scream I just let out... 😭😭 Also, facts. @cliffybecooking @MrTryfe AT👏🏽ALL👏🏽 SP09 line here... makes em bust in my mouth, not in my hand or whatever the M&M commercial said... just wait for the Fleet tutorial thread to go viral before I try this shit out... @blacctimus Sir... @VivaVonDoom They are literally swinging for the fences in 2020!
Soooooooo @Twitter got stories now but still no edit button?
Retweeted by the doggone villainLoud, no. CLEAR, YES! Please and thank you. wedding, in a nutshell... Ques on the TL? either @Twitter didn’t think this one all the way through or they have a diversity problem because NO gay… @DerkKelz I can help you pick out the good ones. @R0ckTheMike I told them I ain’t got it... they going to the grave with me, sis.
Might not be today. Might not be tomorrow. Might not even be next month. BUT you WILL reap what you sow.
Retweeted by the doggone villainMe currently waiting in the Financial Aid line for Joe and Kamala to start processing loan forgiveness on Jan 21st:… @MikeBeLike My 2nd favorite feeling ever. @ItsJustKent woke up and told me that they had a dream that they were at my wedding in PR, with me getting married to a… @JohnyLovely_ IM WEAK AFFFFFFDI literally always have to end up doing everything myself. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by the doggone villain @MrKitchenn Sure does.
I need a massage.
@IamKickz Chris Brown got an Onlyfans? 👀 people wanna be black SOOOOO bad! Also, there be more people at a Howard football game up the street than th…