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Donovan @d0n0vaaaan New Jersey, USA

Linc | 24 | RU

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@iDavey @justinbxrnard One* omfg @iDavey @justinbxrnard I’ve thing about Davey is he gon keep that foot on your neck @sickowico Vastus lateralis made several points @shady_rican Top 3 off the album, PERIOD @JVELOZZ I’ve waiting so long for this moment 😭😭😭Like... I’m finna cry rn NOBODY was gonna tell me that Girlicious got their album on streaming sites now?!??!
@Dominicannabis_ Happy Birthday!!Miss Dua “Don’t Stay Home” Lipa is really that girl like look at the material @slay__z I will not be participating at this time 🙂Twitter DMs been popping off with these challenge vids all day
@UAINTSHIZNIT Just wishful thinking 😭 @TheBeardeddLady Forreal! @chaotictots I NEED to hear them harmonizing togetherNo but why it really look like Chloe and Halle I’m about to scream way I be reading manga and scrolling twitter at my desk for half the day and nobody clocks me @garcoxgang And they’re very easy to clock too @diettrade @InspiredByLiLi @mistersunshinee @oscflrs I’m only hearing Alice 😬 @InspiredByLiLi @mistersunshinee @oscflrs No shade but Babylon is last for a reason @oscflrs The gay clubs will be bumping both tracks just the same when they open up @oscflrs Ehh it’s up there but Alice tho... @mcarlovincent I hope Dominic is doing well
@XJamisonX13 Romanian deadlifts! @HuynhhPeter We sure do! @jg_major Agreed, put them together in a workout and the booty will inflate @sinkthesun I absolutely agreeThem RDLs will get the booty RIOGHT, you hear me?!?
@loneamorphous C’mon verification!!! @followalejandro What’s wrong sweetie @geekinformalik I need the info for the one on the right @wavruby You’re absolutely right @CHASEBLAlSE Same, I guess it’s because I type them in too much 😬People act shocked when I tell them that I’ve memorized my credit/debit card info... is that not normal?
@chaotictots Like... music is bland, looks be bland, she does nothing interestingI really don’t understand why y’all be going so hard for Lana at this point @Nina__Bina Happy Birthday!!
Ate this downnnn @_k1smet @noellearchives I just realized that I commented on that mix exactly where it started to fuck me up 💀💀 @noellearchives HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!! @noellearchives @_k1smet This is the part where my hands start going crazy into a mean catwalk @_k1smet But wait cuz why this my favorite part of this mixI’m definitely straight now. Thank you queen 💞 @beyonseh Waitt tntjdhsjss I’m stealing this @NahMarcus Idk but let’s rejoice!! @garcoxgang The fact that they’re both Geminis is not a coincidence
2021 know Toupee is FUMING right now and it’s making me happy @diettrade He getting to all of them chileany b**stiana would be appreciated to help me keep affording my hormones
Retweeted by Donovan“Lil bow-legged hood nigga wit a nine inch” yes MA’AM we h*rny????
@YoooItsO Oh so NOW he has a backbone @BigDeeezyy I’m screamignfbgjgjfn
They shot that yt woman and now it’s “SAY HER NAME” like she wasn’t up in the Capitol uninvited you cannot make this shit up @jermesz The fucking ghetto I can’t @Tinashe We out sis come scoop meDid they run out of rubber bullets and teargas? They got the batons out but they’re not even using them?? I’m very… @diettrade Exactly like...??? Any other day they wanna pull a trigger thoughWhere are the guns????? the former “blue lives matter” crowd turns and attacks cops, they still get treated 10x better than BLM protes…
Retweeted by DonovanI’m fucking screaminggggg @mcarlovincent I would send them back my resignation letter @InFeRn0AnT The best girls!!!
@marcusbearden_ Same, praying for them at this timeI can’t imagine being in college rn. Paying to do work during a panny?? I get paid to work and I don’t even wanna d…
The best thing about working in a lab is that I get to hide in it when I don’t feel like talking to coworkers in the office, like todayThe Call on Netflix is one good ass movie, wow
@BunnnySummers Yup, and what about it? time benching 225 and I killed it. Y’all better watch out for these gains! @mahoumoreno Easily top 3 in their catalogue @mahoumoreno What a BOP @jermesz We need that new content STAT
I really slept all day I love that for me @beyonseh Same bc I really was being lazy chile
@wavruby I don’t even know but yesI just wanna reiterate that Chloe x Halle dropped THEE best album of the year. NOBODY is doing it like them. @albertoutspoken Sipping on some Henny chile @chloexhalle Y’all really saved us, thank you 😭
The locals tried to get me outta here with this one but they needed to hear it me somethin’, where yo mask at??? @cartoonegro The way I would’ve jumped on Jacob... @_Theswaggyone I mean the movie franchise @cartoonegro I live for that romantic shit chile @_Theswaggyone They’d need to have Taylor Lautner in it for me to watch 🥴 but the series is perfect as is @loneamorphous Happy Birthday!!!Not me tearing up at the end of Breaking Dawn part 2 like I ain’t already watch this series several times @gothjafar We loading up the black trucks!
@princexparis That mf part!!My girls will ALWAYS serve you vocals with some cute choreo @ThaTModeL_D It’s really a cute lowkey gym @Stephen_Dewayne And is!! @_Theswaggyone @shady_rican It’s so annoying having to wipe them down after each set but we gotta deal with it 😕We love an empty gym @diettrade It’s about to pick UP tho
Let’s talk about a BOP @LordeCali This one spoke to me deeply
I’ll never shut up about how Miss Hilary did the FUCK out of “Stranger” like that shit was in different areasEdibles hitTING
@HuffDaddySays Ain’t do shit but look clunky