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Donna Gill @D21Gill United Kingdom

By day i'm Mrs sensible, chief cardiac physiologist maybe at a hospital near night i'm winetaster for the UK. Looking for my way out of the ratrace..

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Dear @MattHancock, Please can you explain how the risk level seems to have gone from a 4 to a 1 overnight to facil…
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@DHSCgovuk @ProfKarolSikora Only problem is it's not ready for use yet .. been told from someone working on it... i… is the kind of content I need more on twitter! 😂
Retweeted by Donna GillThe Government have been telling us for months that they have been ‘following the science’ But it seems now that i…
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@shopper79x @SkyNewsBreak Maybe NHS workers should stop home just incase too 🙄 @JLGill92 So proud to call them Barnsley folk.... especially loved the reference to Royston. #Cremedelacreme to advertise your blog? I have availability from July onwards #bloggerswanted
Retweeted by Donna GillWhat the hell is this.
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@piersmorgan Farce. People nearby breaking the rules then clapping on Thursdays for a few weeks now thinking it mak… @JLGill92 😲 @londonechotech Arent you doing stress echos? We're doing occasional ones and are planning on rolling out an urgent referral one.
@takethat Circus without a doubt.
Another bit of light relief for you today... I think we can all empathise with Paddy McGuinness!
Retweeted by Donna GillUseful webinar this afternoon @RealMattLucas 🤬There’s currently an annoying helicopter circling around while I’m trying to work. I assume it’s the police checkin…
Retweeted by Donna GillAnyone fined for being caught under lock-down can get a refund under the 'Cummings and Goings' ruling.
Retweeted by Donna GillEnjoyed contributing to ‘No Audience with Jon Richardson & Friends ‘- Victoria Wood sings Bond Themes
Retweeted by Donna GillHere's the thing. He *could* say: I made a mistake. I regret it. I'm sorry. I feel I still have something to offer…
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‘I was so concerned about my son, I locked him in a car for 6 hours with a vomiting Covid patient’ #DominicCummngs
Retweeted by Donna GillPrince Andrew was sweating watching that press conference, and that’s extremely unusual. #dominicummngs
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Retweeted by Donna Gill @piersmorgan BREAKING: Dominic Cummings press conference went ‘really well’ says Prince Andrew.
Retweeted by Donna GillI feel sorry for that Professor who lost his job for shagging during the lockdown. He should've just said he was wo…
Retweeted by Donna GillHe just can't say the S word!
Retweeted by Donna GillI prefer this press briefing... @davidwalliams @RealMattLucas
Retweeted by Donna Gill @RealMattLucas 😂😂 @piersmorgan This new conference is excruciating... all he needs to do is say "I messed up sorry" but he won't... h… new conference is excruciating... all he needs to do is say "I messed up sorry" but he won't... his arrogance… @JLGill92 All he needed to do was say I messed up I'm sorry... arrogant knob. @JLGill92 Can't believe what I'm seeing... he just won't apologise.... arrogant prickIt’s suddenly gone to shit hasn’t it
Retweeted by Donna GillJust a reminder. Dominic Cummings is unelected, he is not a member of the Conservative Party, he passed no civil se…
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Half expecting Cummings to sack Johnson, to be honest.
Retweeted by Donna GillPeople. Couldn't. Hold. Their. Dying. Children.
Retweeted by Donna Gill“I wasn’t in Barnard Castle because I was in a Pizza Express in Woking that night.”
Retweeted by Donna Gill @piersmorgan @BorisJohnson If you're well enough to drive 260miles you're well enough to look after a 4 year old...… you're well enough to drive 260miles you're well enough to look after a 4 year old... make some nuggets and put… @piersmorgan I'm following instincts during lockdown... I'm nipping to get my haircut, collecting grandkids then go…'m following instincts during lockdown... I'm nipping to get my haircut, collecting grandkids then going to the pu… @piersmorgan @JLGill92 According to news he's not there he's at number 10... reckon he's getting his marching orders . About time too! @JLGill92 @NHSMillion Here’s your freedom of travel mask to print out in case you get stopped anywhere. Just put it on, and d…
Retweeted by Donna GillUnfortunately we’ve lost quite a few followers today because we condemned Dominic Cumming’s actions. But for us, t…
Retweeted by Donna Gill @vicderbyshire My husband and I had covid in March. We have 3 young children, 2 are disabled. We had no support at…
Retweeted by Donna GillHusband and I had COVID symptoms, also late-March, but we didn’t head on a road trip seeking childcare. My dad, l…
Retweeted by Donna Gill @Lord_Sugar Same here in the UK.... even ministers don't follow lockdown! you say time will tell.
Me running to my elderly relatives house after I’ve caught a disease that kills their age group
Retweeted by Donna GillCummings’ wife’s sister LIVES IN LONDON. His closest aide LIVES 2 STREETS AWAY IN LONDON. This is such bullsh*t.
Retweeted by Donna GillIf Boris doesn’t fire Cummings today, then I will deem the Lockdown over & drive down to see my parents (from a 2m…
Retweeted by Donna GillIsmail Mohamed Abdulwahab, 13, was buried like this after dying alone from COVID-19 - because the rules said his fa…
Retweeted by Donna Gill @wendyjg75 😂😂 @lizziewolfe 😂😂A thread of life in the Echo Department using Boris Johnson GIFs... #Echo #EchoFirst #CardioTwitter #Cardiology
Retweeted by Donna Gill @SkyNewsBreak Bollocks! Sack him! @JLGill92 I can't visit my grandchildren 5 miles away at this time but he can do this.... #bollocks #liers #fuming #sackhim
@BiancaJudyC @Becho2106 @RobChamb87 @echo_stepbystep @EchofirstB @echoguru @The_Echo_Nerd @echotalk @The_echo_lady Parachute?
We are seeing a dramatic collapse in new infections. Just over two weeks ago the daily figure was 6111, we're now…
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@Vicky42518502 @piersmorgan Fancy doing a shift in ITU with the Covid patients? Idiot! @Roboakley6 @piersmorgan As a knackered NHS worker scanning Covid patients this really pisses me off... they just dont get it.. @piersmorgan Feel like saying "fuck it who cares let's all go to the beach" they'll all be crying when we're locked… @piersmorgan No fucking way! My baby grandkids are going to be in uni by time I'm allowed to see them.. fucking ignorant retards.
@wendyjg75 Me too if needed 🙂I got: The Thinker @wendyjg75 @nat_echo Bit closer than mine 😂 @wendyjg75 @nat_echo Years ago my old gran (RIP) was having tea with a neighbour when I arrived .. she said this is… @gerry_truthvet @piersmorgan Oh chill out! @Lovaticsince96 @piersmorgan So how are you managing to juggle work and child care? @Lord_Sugar Easy to say from Florida. @theJeremyVine Give them a "fake" hospital bed if they get the "fake" virus! @_Reading_Rocks_ 🤬😂🙄😡❤🍭
@nat_echo I was MPPM student, Med Tech Officer, cardio-respTech, Cardiac Physiologist etc etc etc... don't know wha… @wendyjg75 When you go for a mortgage or loan and you're not on the drop down... they say ooh can you spell it? the… @piersmorgan 😂😂 Soooo boring... he's nearly sent me off to sleep. @wendyjg75 I did the running one... no way can I do this... I'd probably do about 2 lol. @RevRichardColes Me at work every day.... try doing heart scans in them lol
Such tragic news.
Retweeted by Donna Gill @Lord_Sugar Think it makes you look younger.. well done Lady Anne 🙂 @mailplus @toryboypierce Absolutely agree Andrew... all essential workers have had to work with it. Time to man up and move forward.
Get back to work people. There's no guarantees that it's going to be safe .. we need to learn to work with it - be… @piersmorgan unions being told don't engage re going back to work because it's unsafe. Nobody gave NHS an option de…
@BOJOFORLIFE12 @SkyNewsBreak Agreed
Germany have handled the Covid-19 outbreak incredibly well, but even they have seen infections rise above R=1 when…
Retweeted by Donna Gill @piersmorgan Seriously WTAF?
I wept in my car as I drove through London this evening. So many people out & about. I’d just finished a 12hr day (…
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@Fern_Britton Unfortunately so are my cats @paton_maria Any chance you can share some of your ideas please? 🙂
@adebolaadebari Wow look at that PPE!
@nat_echo 😲
@OutdoorsEyfs @ProfKarolSikora I take my hat off to you. Thank you for sacrificing your freedom hopefully it'll all be worth it x @mailplus @toryboypierce I understand its political and cheaper to keep us oldies working (pensions probably more c… @mailplus @toryboypierce Let us retire instead of keep extending retirement age.. let us move out allowing the young to move in. @WelshGasDoc Our community group actually name and shame streets that have low turn outs... wtf?? #timetostop
@mryddin786 @ProfKarolSikora I thought the same.. that I'd had it at christmas until I actually had it a month ago.… is interesting. If the PL do the same then Liverpool should be awarded as the Champions.
Retweeted by Donna Gill @JLGill92 Seriously wtf? Crazy!! Just wait and see
@DebraWr08019555 @CathNhs Same for me.... heard nothing.