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‼️‼️💥💥 Ich hoffe, dies hilft zu erklären, wie groß die Verhaftung von Ghislaine ist ... #UN
Retweeted by de^mol get Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew
Retweeted by de^molA map of #Europe to offend everybody.
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Retweeted by de^molBoerenwijsheid.
Retweeted by de^molThat three years expires today! After midnight tonight, quit trying to prevent imaginary CO2-induced bad weather!
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Hahaha Gas erop!!! It giet oan! #boerenprotest #militairen Maak je borst maar nat!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾RESPECT NEDERLAND IS HET ZA…
Retweeted by de^molEn daar zijn ook tientallen tractoren voor het Binnehof #boerenprotest #DenHaag @HartvNL
Retweeted by de^molGRAPHIC WARNING: FBI Interviews Alleged Boy Rape Victim of Bill Clinton; Chilling Details of Sex Assaults & Satanic…
Retweeted by de^molNiets zal stoppen wat gaat komen. Niets. #WWG1WGA #viruswaanzin #nederlandinopstand #bouwinverzet #boerenprotest
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Retweeted by de^molGhislaine Maxwell has been arrested!
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Wie weet de betekenis van deze ketting?
Retweeted by de^mol. @ComfortablySmug on twitter
Retweeted by de^mol @DavinaSteinweg Hannah Hoekstra = 8 HH = 88 888.They said and I quote, "the second wave will get their attention." Then smiled like the psychopaths they are.
Retweeted by de^molmany thanks my dear friend @cctvidiots great time !
Retweeted by de^mol @patricksavalle @caitoz @georgevanhouts True, but that doesn't really answer the question. @caitoz @georgevanhouts The big question is: Who rules China? Who rules the US? @cjtruth
Retweeted by de^mol1) #FloppyMike forgot to tape it down before getting in the sloppy Joan Rivers throws a “truth bomb” out t…
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En wat is jullie excuus om ons te vaccineren? @hugodejonge @MinPres
Retweeted by de^molWhat a colossal fraud.
Retweeted by de^mol @Dardedar @TarlofGore @Narvuntien @MikeDel21893959 @no2wind @Barbarajdurkin @BubbasRanch @HtServadac @TheDisproof says the west is being controlled by satanic pedophiles
Retweeted by de^mol @NiasDiad You missed another shooter @ 14 - 15 sec. Right at the end
Retweeted by de^molZoomed in and slowed down video clearly shows rioters pull a gun and shoot into the truck before it attempts to esc…
Retweeted by de^molHee, gaat ons Sybren, de gesjeesde spindoctor van GroenLinks en Jesse Klaver, nu ook het ontslag van Fidan Ekiz eis…
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Researchers! Or PhD's on hallucinogens? 🤔
Retweeted by de^mol @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @HuntsonMark @Barbarajdurkin @Oldbob1964 @no2wind @DaveOx13 @cjtjgeol @RoyPentland
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Retweeted by de^molNot scientists, not doctors, not virologists, not epidemiologists. Just out to destroy and depopulate the world. Th…
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As a victim of this bullshit I have no problem if you eliminate them all! You will never - ever- normalize this cra…
Retweeted by de^molAlleluia! This guy ain’t afraid to tell you who is killing black people ..
Retweeted by de^molFinally someone stood up and spoke the truth! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 “All the killings in our community ain’t coming from white peop…
Retweeted by de^molTruth teller!
Retweeted by de^molThis is how many police vehicles in the UK are painted now. 🤣 It looks like they should be headed to a GAY PRIDE P…
Retweeted by de^mol @NikolovScience c. more people get tested...Fauci: the vaccin 'puts the nail in the coffin': @RoyPentland @Canberroo @Bananenrijperij @HtServadac @RustyAway @Narvuntien @riktheozfrog @HowarthWass @Dardedar @Canberroo @RoyPentland @Bananenrijperij @HtServadac @RustyAway @Narvuntien @riktheozfrog @HowarthWass @Dardedar @RoyPentland @Bananenrijperij @HtServadac @RustyAway @Narvuntien @riktheozfrog @HowarthWass @Dardedar @RoyPentland @Bananenrijperij @HtServadac @RustyAway @Narvuntien @riktheozfrog @HowarthWass @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @HtServadac @RustyAway @Narvuntien @riktheozfrog @HowarthWass @Dardedar @BrianTu85458331 @Bananenrijperij @HtServadac @RustyAway @Narvuntien @riktheozfrog @HowarthWass @Dardedar @BrianTu85458331
Snopes is so horrible. They know very well that Kennedy gave a long speech about this very thing, yet they don't e…
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This is what the majority of blacks believe and two kids here have sent out an amazing message:
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This girl is done with your Bullshit. I am too. Do you all agree with her?
Retweeted by de^mol @Sarah404BC @Makedni No money from me then... @AndreVanDelft @Moorkopje2 De naam alweer, Stooker... Elke keer weer dat spelen met de namen, zie Chauvin (Chauvinist) in de VS. @SinclaireTony @B_Bolshevik100 @91996340e81d45a @JackJsherebkin @BirdsareD @MonkeyMyBack @wlbeeton @fcmfcs2019 @B_Bolshevik100 @91996340e81d45a @JackJsherebkin @BirdsareD @MonkeyMyBack @wlbeeton @SinclaireTony @fcmfcs2019 Ice in 2020 Tracks EXACTLY the same as the 1981-2010 Median. How does Ice not melt during "Record Heat…
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Rel opgezet door politie in undercover?
Retweeted by de^mol TINUS AANGEHOUDEN op MALIEVELD - vanwege t-shirt?! Cabal-burgemeester Johan Remkes en zij…
Retweeted by de^mol"Arrested for wearing a "STOP LOCKDOWN" T-shirt"
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Linkerfoto, betoging voor onze vrijheid de polite valt vrijheidstrijder aan. Rechterfoto, politie die meestrijd met…
Retweeted by de^molRETWEET!!DEZE DAME KOMT MET BLOEMEN OP DE ME AF RENNEN.ZE KRIJGT MET DE STOK,Mijn verontwaardiging is groot,schijnt…
Retweeted by de^molAls in NL linkse activisten van #BlackLivesMatter, #Antifa of #ExtinctionRebellion demonstreren, dan handhaaft de p…
Retweeted by de^molToch nog zoveel mensen op het Malieveld! Was dat belachelijke verbod er niet geweest was het MEGA geweest! En hadde…
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Wat een mooi shirt! Tot morgen allemaal!!
Retweeted by de^molCan’t make this shït up Folks!! Scotland missed its Climate Targets because it was too COLD !! #ClimateChange
Retweeted by de^mol @Dardedar @Homer4K @BubbasRanch @IBergwiesel @rln_nelson @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @Jamz129 @AJamesW2 @PnMuntergk Exposing the Gates Agenda in Africa
Retweeted by de^mol @Dardedar @Homer4K @IBergwiesel @BubbasRanch @rln_nelson @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @Jamz129 @AJamesW2 @PnMuntergk @Dardedar @Homer4K @BubbasRanch @IBergwiesel @rln_nelson @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @Jamz129 @AJamesW2 @PnMuntergk @Dardedar @Homer4K @BubbasRanch @IBergwiesel @rln_nelson @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @Jamz129 @AJamesW2 @PnMuntergk @BirdsareD @wlbeeton @B_Bolshevik100 @Dcoronata @PeterDClack @3GHtweets @MikeDel21893959 @fcmfcs2019 @Matt_Clough @BubetteS @GretaThunberg And the 'moderate rebels'? @GretaThunberg
Retweeted by de^mol @wlbeeton @BirdsareD @B_Bolshevik100 @Dcoronata @PeterDClack @3GHtweets @MikeDel21893959 @fcmfcs2019 @Matt_Clough @BubbasRanch @NickAPalmer @DawnTJ90 @StormSignalSA @DigDougFTW @RustyAway @Osprey0 @NicolausBourba1 @fvdemocratie #DefundUN
Retweeted by de^molThis got deleted... retweet! What are you hunting?
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Retweeted by de^mol @BirdsareD @B_Bolshevik100 @Dcoronata @PeterDClack @3GHtweets @MikeDel21893959 @fcmfcs2019 @Matt_Clough @BubbasRanch @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Dardedar @Homer4K @NickAPalmer @RoyPentland @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @RustyAway @Osprey0 @NicolausBourba1 @Dardedar @Homer4K @NickAPalmer @RoyPentland @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @RustyAway @Osprey0 @NicolausBourba1 @Dardedar @Homer4K @NickAPalmer @RoyPentland @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @RustyAway @Osprey0 @NicolausBourba1 @Dardedar @Homer4K @NickAPalmer @RoyPentland @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @RustyAway @Osprey0 @NicolausBourba1 @Dardedar @Homer4K @NickAPalmer @RoyPentland @Fauntleroy1934 @DigDougFTW @RustyAway @Osprey0 @NicolausBourba1 @ClimateSkeptic4 @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Narvuntien @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @PaprikaLady @Dardedar @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog ze zijn knettergek. Nu is het gewoon tijd om het hele land plat te gooien.
Retweeted by de^mol @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Narvuntien @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @farmingganja @Narvuntien @TQMKA @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @Dardedar @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @Dardedar @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @Dardedar @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @Narvuntien @NASAGISS Would be good to have some answers... Never got any. When they were asked for explanations… @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @BurgertBloem @Harrienack @telegraaf Antifa? @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934 @Narvuntien @TQMKA @farmingganja @Dardedar @Bananenrijperij @Climatehope2 @riktheozfrog @Fauntleroy1934