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@aerielist most of these steps are my dad lmao @oliviacpu i love this @frankiefatgold I remember it was on Canadian Netflix a while back, hopefully it still is @frankiefatgold sadly missed it when it came out here but been dying to watch it lately @minkahunter I’ve played this one and it was the highlight of my year @nickusen fuckSeeing people at restaurants take a couple bites of their food and let the server take it away and throw it out wil…
@bwiyurin Holy shit @JordanUhl @_pem_pem if you close your eyes when Ben Shapiro is talking he sounds like Patton Oswalt and everything… @irlhumanbeing If this is the ex who wears shoes in bed I’m going to scream @charles_kinbote Who? @RussellELButler those crisp snappy transients mmmmm
File under academic CanCon: ‘Research-creation’—quite literally ‘make-work’— Or, how your university is inventing u…
Retweeted by THEM HUNGER @tristan_bath Whoa @sherlwatson is your favorite movie boondock saints or something @jaclynmkendall @lycheefrut @morcoswins It’s true it gets way too much hate @lycheefrut @morcoswins @jaclynmkendall I love cottage cheese lol @lycheefrut @morcoswins @jaclynmkendall Yummyyyyy @morcoswins @lycheefrut @jaclynmkendall I realize as soon as you introduce almond butter into the picture the whole… @morcoswins @lycheefrut @jaclynmkendall Lucy and I often do raspberries, banana, almond butter, crumbled pecans or… @irlhumanbeing @jaclynmkendall @kristinmalossi Fucking heinous @jaclynmkendall @kristinmalossi Though I think probably in parts of America where there’s actual climate and season… @jaclynmkendall @kristinmalossi I know right...? @jaclynmkendall @kristinmalossi and I say this as a southern californian who grew up surrounded by shoes-on househo… @jaclynmkendall @kristinmalossi americans are more guilty of this than anyone else i've ever encountered @_jakemuir also the class messaging of the analogy is almost a parody of itself @_jakemuir Like are we still unironically using the term ”real heads” in 2019? Give me a fucking break.Love to see boilerplate gatekeeper nonsense thinly disguised with backpedaling and a “support your scene” dog whistle. @laurenflax ah yes, the best way to make sure talented DJs will be able to consistently release music and run a label: don’t book them. @_jakemuir god I hate this
@binchytroll @jaclynmkendall so cheap and so many servings, I always have to be careful cause I never want to stop… @frankiefatgold @lycheefrut @morcoswins @jaclynmkendall so many amazing oatmeal bowls are possible I love it. underrated I think. @oliviacpu BoC - Geogaddi @morcoswins @jaclynmkendall Oatmeal is a budget-food essential, can’t endorse it strongly enough
@LLW902 wtf makes a meal specifically "weeknight" @chinchillaah i miss u i wish i were there @malkyyyyy Lololol
@nthnlvssr Hahahahaha @AmznMovieRevws @morninggloria I make an LP this winter or watch Malcolm in the Middle from start to finish I think you know the answer. @glorbis 😍😍😍 congrats!!!! @aerielist jesus
@PeteButtigieg @pplsummit really neat trick where you don't put forward clear, material positions on important issu… @dreamoforgonon afaik her catchphrase is facetiously saying “build more schools less jails” @andrewryce @mikcowley fucking kill me
@Variety aaaaaaaand the movie’s bad. @altlissac what is the most you ever lost in a twitter poll @altlissac This is incredible @claywilson feel like quietude and simplicity and subtlety don't fly as much in dance music at the moment. attentio… @minkahunter Holy shit
@claywilson @gregorywawa The Legend for Minimoog sound @claywilson @gregorywawa Lush101 for 101 vibes. Dexed for Yamaha-style FM, one of the best freeware synths of all time.
@mannfjandi @Bobcluness not cool of you to just copy & paste from xlr8r
2019 @aerielist lmao true @aerielist It looks bad 😢 @sardashhhhhhhhh i would die for a ps4 remaster @malkyyyyy ya i just might @McJesse That Mitchell and Webb Look - Corner Shop @McJesse Mr. Show - The Audition @malkyyyyy It’s actually made me not want to pick up the game again lolHey @torontolibrary, given that you’re a place deeply invested in education and learning, why are you hosting an ev…
Retweeted by THEM HUNGER @torontolibrary @MegjonesA If it was a talk on race centered around the perspective of a prominent white supremacis… @torontolibrary @MegjonesA If you’ve done even the slightest research on Murphy and concluded that helping give her… @MegjonesA @rhiann0n_ @torontolibrary My goddddd the hordes of people who are ACTUALLY qualified and valuable for a… it me or does Fallout 3 look way better than Fallout 4?
@claywilson @telefontelaviv @aerielist @ilanabryne Honestly though setting custom automation values is probably my… @claywilson @telefontelaviv @aerielist @ilanabryne fucking crucial @rxdazn @objectblue_ oh that explains why i didn't see @rxdazn @objectblue_ no the "my husband thinks group death would be fine" @rxdazn “Police initially struggled to make headway as the monks at the monastery have taken a vow of silence.” @objectblue_ @rxdazn Where’s that part?? Can’t find it @aerielist Upgrade will be one of my first “I have a new job” purchases @_jakemuir exxxxxtremely fuckin samei really appreciate all the people out there who are pushing the mental health conversation from a personal/psychol…
Retweeted by THEM HUNGER @jen___na @binchytroll 😍 @UMFANG she suuuuuuuucks @binchytroll @_holleration Sofia let’s go to LA and eat tacos with terra @_holleration I’m not above eating an internationally shipped taco @bubbaprog The tiny alien pilot in his skull needs to be dishonorably dischargedSometimes I get a thirst for SD / LA tacos so intense I could scream. @UMFANG Isn’t this a scene from a david fincher movie
@djchloeharris Gaelic is beautiful in general. Mine is one of the more vanilla Gaelic names out there but I still love it. @motiv_a yeeeeeepthe origin of “bikini”... wtf
Retweeted by THEM HUNGER @claywilson @aerielist @telefontelaviv Which he should also be forced to pay for
Currently in between jobs and have reached that point where I'll be watching a movie and every time I see a person… @intrnetdaughter @Gremlins2Movie omg ur user name 😭 @intrnetdaughter @Gremlins2Movie mentions full of trash is a sign that you’ve made it
@intrnetdaughter That shirt 👌 @morcoswins It’s truly ideal @intrnetdaughter 90% here for it and 100% love you
@hellzbalez This is incredible but she’s gotta work on the voice lol @CNBC on the clickbait scale this is only one small tier above “trainers hate him” @andrewryce Oooh boyYet another day spent wondering why people are still doing vinyl-only releases. @maryannecasa 😍 same @maryannecasa It rained overnight so outside is wet and full of golden leaves. There’s a good pho place near the ce… @maryannecasa omg I just looked out the window and decided I’d probably go to the cemetery today @morcoswins I’ve just whittled things down to a very small number of dear friends who I spend time having one-on-on…