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Christ-follower. Teacher Educator. (#EdTech is my jam.) Husband of one and dad of two. Oh, and geeky. Definitely geeky. My tweets speak only for me.

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@thomasbeck94 #doingitright 😉Good read for Christians about the role and nature of science: "Lessons from the Ozone Hole" via @in_all_things
Today my street is turning 50! I heard they’re handing out free birdseed milkshakes at Hooper’s Store all day… #Sesame50
Retweeted by Dave MulderOof. I needed to hear this. Probably many educators who need to hear this...
@epellefsen I mean... 😂🤣😂 @heits1 No, but now I want to! @tyleramidon Agreed!Huh. This one surprised me.
Know a high schooler interested in becoming a teacher? Have them sign up for a visit! update to the classic game "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" using Google Earth! Check it out: I f… @tom_deelstra “Other duties as assigned…” You are making a difference in the lives of the kids you serve and the faculty you lead! @tyleramidon You betcha! Hectic week, and this was a good reminder. :-) @tyleramidon Dude...I needed that.
My kid's school is doing a Read In The Dark tied to the book fair. I really like it, it's fun. Want to steal it.
Retweeted by Dave MulderI always think it’s interesting and fun when an old post on the blog randomly gets about 10 hits all on the same da… to motivate your teachers to change their practices? Then stop talking about NUMBERS and start talking about…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @MindShiftSchool @epellefsen @eckertjon @SJonesFosu @Dr_J_Smith @justinmcook @mikechenboston @DanBeerens @epellefsen @thecivilwars @joywilliams I have not, but that might be the soundtrack for tonight’s grading! @BrHoman @thecivilwars It’s so good! I love 20 Years too. And Girl with the Red Balloon. Their blending is just SO good.Music for tonight’s marking session is Barton Hollow by @thecivilwars. Such. Great. Harmonies. Phenomenal songwriti… @epellefsen @eckertjon @SJonesFosu @Dr_J_Smith @justinmcook @mikechenboston @DanBeerens @LynnSwaner1 @sikkemad
@hodgesc Right on! Much appreciation to @barenakedladies for this one… advice here, #dueduc332! @tyleramidon That’s helpful! I sometimes wonder if I could write a book via voice memo while walking my dog. It wou… am working on three different articles right now at different stages of completion, and I have two book ideas, bo… read!
Know a colleague who's considering their master's in Education and would enjoy Dordt? Recommend a colleague below a…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @edtechdoc Of course there was a soundtrack! 😄 I included this in my acknowledgments page of the final (published)… @tyleramidon 😄Economics and Grading from @d_mulder - Makes me think of the economics of a grade that…
Retweeted by Dave MulderListening to 80s era U2 while grading papers tonight: The Joshua Tree is still my favorite. “Where the Streets have…
At Friday's Education visit day, some of our rockstar Education majors joined a panel to share their experiences in…
Retweeted by Dave MulderLast Friday, we hosted an Education campus visit day. It was great to connect with prospective students from Iowa,…
Retweeted by Dave MulderIf you are a high school student interested in Education (or you know a high schooler who might like to learn more…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @AudreyMcGregor1 I’d be happy to share more too. Lots of good work on this topic done in the past 20 years or so, b… @AudreyMcGregor1 This chapter I wrote with @plowenthal might be a helpful introduction: on the Ocean by @ToadWetSprocket holds up. The whole “fear" album is great.I’ve been listening to @ToadWetSprocket during #iaedchat tonight…still love this music! @blocht574 Thanks for retweeting, my friend! Glad this resonated with you."Grading is not--or at least *should not*--be an economic transaction.” New post on the blog:… @blocht574 @JoveStickel SO wish I could be there at #amle19 this year! Gotta connect with you there again sometime, friend! @townsleyaj @zeitz That’s been a successful approach for me with my students. Some don’t mind getting their persona… thanks to the whole #iaedchat crew and particularly the leadership of @DuffysClassroom, @danpbutler, and… for sharing this, Todd! #iaedchat @blocht574 @JoveStickel Do you have them create the graphics using Canva or another platform? That’s great learning too! @millerg6 Always good advice! :-) #iaedchat @zeitz No…but I’m interested in this! I tried it for one of my grad courses this summer: we had a weekly “Instagram…! #iaedchat @JoveStickel I LOVE this idea! How empowering for the kids to have decision-making power about what stories get shared! #iaedchatA7: After tonight’s chat, I’m thinking about a department Instagram account for @DordtEDUC. Wondering how/if that w… @townsleyaj Yes! Videos are just the best. Danger of making them too long if they aren’t personal (i.e., your own k… are amazing…. Video is 10x better! LOVE listening to my son read outside of our normal couch context!…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @iowajonhuebner Totally agree with this! If I were still teaching in middle school today, I would definitely have a… we use platforms of Seesaw, Twitter and Facebook to share with our stakeholders - I write a lot of handwritten n…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @gdorn1 Pictures really are worth a thousand words! (Especially when partnered with a tightly-written caption to sh… @a_krehbiel13 Great strategies here! #iaedchatA6: We have to tell our stories! Stories of learning, stories of classroom activities, stories of programs and peop… @Mrs_KFisher I think the word “prioritize” is the key here. Can’t overwhelm them! #iaedchatYes, yes, yes! Clarity is essential, and repetition of key message is often necessary. #iaedchat This is complicated, I think. Yes, there comes a point when people just won’t open another email from you. But… When your communication tool doesn't match your message. Such as a long, rambling email. Is your digital presen…
Retweeted by Dave MulderBasic wisdom: remember that there is another human being on the other end of the communication! Tech somehow dehuma… @townsleyaj Same here. It’s an ugly problem! :-/A4: Not to go all “I’m an academic and this is my area of research” here…but I have researched social presence theo… Ooof. Not proud to admit it, but I’ve been that parent sending an angry email to a teacher. Always winds up mak… @mccright @IFTTT Check out their website. IFTTT stands for “if this then that”—you can set up automatic links betwe… a wise @danpbutler has quoted many times before… Tell your story before someone else does! #IAedChat
Retweeted by Dave MulderA3: Time consuming, but cross-posting the same content on multiple platforms is important. Tools like @ifttt can de… @JoveStickel It’s where the people are already, yeah? Makes sense! #iaedchat @danpbutler @IFTTT Wisdom! I think “meet them where they are” is a key strategy for communication at all levels. #iaedchatA2: Don't underestimate the power of a handwritten note! In this day and age when we get a gazillion emails and tex…
Retweeted by Dave MulderDave, you’re right in target that #GoodCallsHome are a game-charger when it comes to partnering with Parents to emp…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @amandastahle Love this! Yes, it takes time…but it personalizes things so beautifully. #iaedchat @danpbutler @IFTTT I love that strategy of getting parents’ input and preferences! One school I know just rolled ou… @a_krehbiel13 How do parents respond to Class Dojo? I’ve never used it, personally, and I hear mixed reviews. Not a… My dude @RoweRikW is all about #goodcallshome. It’s a difference-maker…first contact should never be negative n… @zeitz Totally agree with this! I personally really, really dislike talking on the phone…but it’s often a better ch… @marialantz7 Fully agree about Brené Brown’s “Clear is kind.” I think this helps reframe the purposes of communicat… @townsleyaj Love Brené Brown’s “Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.” #iaedchatA1: Clarity in the message, review key points, be serious as needed, communicate face-to-face when needed (more oft…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @BriannaBautis18 @townsleyaj I agree about honesty, but I think there are times where the old adage, “If you can’t… @Mrs_KFisher So glad you mentioned assuming positive intent. This can be hard…but it’s SO important! #iaedchatA1: Communication works best when it is clear, open, and frequent. Choosing the right channels of communication is… to see so many UNI students here tonight! Makes me think I should get some of my students at @DordtEDUC to joi… @townsleyaj Back at ya, Andrea! #iaedchat @danpbutler Back at ya, Dan! #iaedchat @townsleyaj @DuffysClassroom @danpbutler You guys are just the best. :-D #iaedchatHi all! Dave, teacher educator in NW IA here to talk communication. Looking forward to connecting! #iaedchatEducator friends, please join us in the chat tonight and share your wisdom with us! #iaedchat
@mndgamble Agreed...”hacking” connotes finding shortcuts, yeah? Not sure that efficiency is a virtue when it comes…
@epellefsen @jeremy_engbers This Californian has found NW Iowa pretty great. 😉Have you heard the news? Our Master of Social Work (MSW) program is now accepting applications for the fall 2020 se…
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So, Facebook is doubling down by just promoting misinformation to EVERYONE and calling it “transparency.”
Retweeted by Dave Mulder @epellefsen @DanBeerens @eckertjon @justinmcook Fascinating!My October, one second every day. #1se #1secondeveryday
This morning I took my 22 month old to get groceries. Man behind me at the check out. “You babysitting today?” “Nope. I’m fathering.”
Retweeted by Dave MulderRead this thread! Seems like a positive move for Twitter...
Which is a more rigorous expectation: 1 - Turn an assignment in by the due date, or it’s a zero Or 2 - Turn in a…
Retweeted by Dave Mulder#relatable tweet
@ms_victoria98 This is right on the money.