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Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine without the t - Misanthropy is misunderstood idealism. Socials = @daavpuke I no longer exist in your world 🧑🏻 they/them

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I am very drunk. Please disregard most of my shit. Tommorow will be better. GGShit's bad. Capitalism is death. It's not gonna matter tho. GGWe're into some BLM shit rn. Oh y'all thought I wouldn't go in? We're keeping it "civil" no worries.I am going to a bar during a pandemic, while cases are rising again, because I am very smart. Will report back later.There are a dozen stories or articles now that I started reading, only to halfway through realize I didn't absorb a… we're doing mental health checks, here's a recent thing I want to address: I no longer have the cognitive cap… corporate Twitter on July 1st:
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeThis is an epidemic - this! Stop killing black trans woman. Ms. Hall was murdered yesterday - a brilliantly beautif…
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Well heck. know Capcom and Evo were on bad terms, but that's brutal move and I imagine a part of this is a business move, mo… positive, simple quality of life thing I've seen Hyper Scape do: Legit every building has a weapon, so you finall… u cant use slurs, tell people to k*ll themselves, etc in game & then turn around and preach mental health when…
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeGee, I wonder if there's any other issue you could address around this. @JimSterling Yea but look at the shiny BR they just dropped. Look at that. Don't look here. Look over there!What a silly silly game. There's a lot to take in here.Haha wait, I just noticed they reused their AssCreed Notre Dame assets. What a cacophony of a thing 😂 I'm not against it.I can't believe Hyper Scape is Ubisoft just trying to make Shootmania again. It looks like one of those generic pos… @AutomaticZen It really is!!Following another apparent high-profile suicide, let me repeat myself: If I see you yeeting another suicide hotline… @E_Vaan @Kahjahkins You may have missed some recent things Also, their latest tweet shows them mourning.Hahahaha ok maybe today can be redeemed. Relax yaself my guy've said this before: When I went to my union and told the lady there that I would die of starvation if they let m…'all who aren't poor will never understand the sheer contempt the people who are supposed to protect you have for… @jeffgerstmann Truly the Titanfall of Ubisoft. @Fitzyhere I don't give a F about TikTok dances. I just see a fitzy video and I press like.Look, I'm happy for everyone getting opportunities, but y'all hopped REAL quick on thanking Ubisoft for letting you… lot of your art is, in fact, not worth what you think it is. to that one discord conversation where kids said that Peterson "changed their lives" and I was warned not… don't even know if this is a shitpost or not and it would make no shocking difference either way. showing me Car TikTok challenge.How come all those sapiosexuals haven't found the solution to all the recent drama yet with their huge, moist, throbbing brains? 😩💦Listening to people complain about staying home is getting real fucking tiring after four months.Sonic so needy stg 🙄 love this person with Crohn's just living their best life on TikTok.'s past 4AM, so you know what that means. Time to locust reign'm an extremely shit person, but I never ever understood how fighting couples could scream at each other and throw… attention to what is happening in Madison, WI. We successfully pressured the school board to remove cops from…
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeI did not know Dead Cells released on mobile last month. That's gotta be.. hard. But cool. just doing cardio at 2am, because I legit have no control over my life anymore.
No. Also hop into a giant pile and go fuck yourselves. felt uninspired to make a TikTok today and just did a bad one. But then @LauroTM_ said something nice about my Ti… is no longer accepting new games, man. End of an Era.
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' Puke10.
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' Puke @Madonna @OldPappyThomas I hate you for this, ShannonI am a vault of completely useless time capsules that I scream into the void.In comparison, here was Paradox Interactive's response after Rowan Kaiser was the target of harassment for their re… hop skipped over that super creepy Troy Baker quote in this thing btw, because it's some 2014 level of ass-showin… worst crime of this video is that it showed me Escape Dead Island, a game whose existence I had finally forgott… @BrotiGupta Y'all remember when that dude who has a career being a douchebag got a "sexray" and everyone thought it… @casskhaw Why would your cooking habits cha...oh.Banana for scale metric of being "a half point more satisfying" is some real creepy false equivalence shit. No developer has ev… @JimSterling Remember? I own this unopened copy that I bought with my own hard-earned money, until I realized that'… the only instance of me saying anything positive ever about Persona.Lol I made a whole damn video about this. Also, this is one potato salad-ass looking screen it turns out Big Pharma is selling pretty well on the Nintendo Switch, which I believe to be a 'console'. Ver…
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeI make poor life choices.
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeBeing a good person is hard work. Being an asshole is easy. Lotta people like easy.
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After the murder of Breonna Taylor, Louisville city council has just voted 24-1 to INCREASE the police budget by $7…
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeCannot believe this needs saying again... Breonna Taylor’s murderers are Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankinson and My…
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' Puke @OldPappyThomas Cuck me game daddy 🥺 @OldPappyThomas Battlefront fucked up so bad it literally changed laws and still sold over ten million. But I'll ge…, y'all remember around Battlefield 3/4 when EA sent out a blatant memo that said your previous coverage had… @LissySandwich Meanwhile, in game crit landEverything is too much, all of the time. @thequiffisdead Hello traveler. It sucks here. @xoxogossipgita Ironically, definitely part of the problem. @RammyOW That is a crime.And this is why getting upset at an 8 makes no sense. A big budget release in 2020 receives little to no critical i…
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeIf y'all think a major studio giving you an angry phone call is bad, just wait until you review some backwater indi…⬇️⬇️⬇️ 😂 That was a ride. @Campster There is no way that "don't take shit flinging to a literal place" is not a parody. For the sake of my sa… not expect the Cheeky Girls song and now that's all I can think about. @RammyOW At least we're getting some grade A shitposting from this mess*crosses fingers* Please don't let Terry Crews trend over being a dumbass again *checks* @austin_walker I remember this so clearly, particularly because you hop in there like you're just going off the top… @vibinwithviolet I don't think asking for that is going to a) produce genuine responses and/or b) have genuine resp… @LauroTM_ Total mystery. Probably because we didn't buy enough toilet paper 🙃invalidating a bisexuals sexuality because they're dating someone of the opposite sex is biphobia btw
Retweeted by Daav 'Riots Are Good Actually' PukeOh neat, Belgium has a rise in Corona cases for the first time again. Fun 🙃Leftism (and pretty much all activism/grandstanding) on Twitter basically. I recognize a whole lot of people in the…'d really like to write about "Corona fatigue," because man oh boy a lot of stuff hit me at once. I don't know if… fucking love Rico. will have writers block for an article but tweet a whole 800 word twitter thread.
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Sign the petition in the thread. Also a GoFundMe bail donation page. Do not donate to change org, they are a for-pr… Charlottesville, this was considered an act of terrorism @Kahjahkins 2020 Life is now the real soap operaAm I going to have coffee at 10PM, even though I literally could not keep my eyes open at work all day from being s… @LissySandwich Ayy I'm fuggin dinin' 'ere! @xoxogossipgita Also Bloodywood is a really really good nameI mean.. good, but Syndicate still has a Twitch, so maybe prioritise people who are actively doing harm. answer is yes btw Hyper Space looks like a game I'd play. But also I literally play any BR. Remember Islands of… Ubisoft: How can we distract people from us being the Twitter protagonist? - Also Ubisoft: Hey are battle royale… why do I need to know that? the game industry. the sign God, the video game discourse is bad again. I really don't have any energy for this lame shit. There are far mor…'s video games weather, so here are a few games with the most summer-iest feeling.