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Where marketers, media, experts, and parents discuss and define modern #fatherhood. Join us for our 9th Summit Feb. 27-29, 2020, in Washington DC!

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The Porchlight Posts: 🔹Be honest, and ask for help @TheDadCrew1 🔹Working retail for my family life @RobertFlippo you work actively with brands, or post a lot to your non-monetized Instagram feed, or just walk down the st… that marketing is working, because for the first time more than half of men surveyed see fatherhood as central… theme of the 2020 Dad 2.0 Summit: Dadfluence > Influence. #FoF #influence"Dadfluence" and "mompreneur" are ridiculous words, but they're the best hope we have to give families more choices.
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One of the best outings we've ever made, thanks to our friends at @LEGO_Group. #StarWars #dad2summit week: Lots of exciting Sponsor news for Dad 2.020 from @DoveMenCare, @GSK, @LEGOLAND_CA & @LEGOLANDNewYork,…"Whether you work actively with brands, or post a lot to your non-monetized Instagram feed, or just walk down the s… the 2020 Oren Miller Dad 2.0 Scholarship Recipients on @bloglovin
Retweeted by Dad 2.0We're establishing our new normal, and we're not going back.
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Being a visible father means more than just marketing products to consumers. It also markets fatherhood to men. . W… for the shoutout @dad2summit and all that you do for dads!
Retweeted by Dad 2.0All trimmed up for @dad2summit 2020 in D.C. next week! Come to my Freelance Entrepreneur roundtable on Friday to se…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0The Porchlight Posts: 🔹be honest, and ask for help @TheDadCrew1 🔹working retail saved my life @RobertFlippo 🔹my k…’re excited to participate in the @dad2summit for the third year in row! This year, we’ll be educating about…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Our theme for the 2020 Summit focuses on how "dadfluence" is the influence we really need. #FoF"Being in the @FDNY is truly a family experience anyway. Over the years it meant more to me than I originally thoug… @davideagleman told us in his closing keynote back in 2013, several studies reveal a man's brain undergoes sever… and son giving each other a little business before puck drop. "Thanks, Dad. I love you." Love it,… excited that @CAULIPOWER will be a sponsor at @dad2summit this year! Need proof? Tonight’s dinner:…
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This dude couldn’t be more pleased to hear this. He’s been a fan since before this picture (it was after…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Last night, after his father had traveled from the Republic of Georgia to see him for the first time since May,… one Sponsor who's been with us since the very beginning, @DoveMenCare, is back for year 9 as our first-ever Pre… tip: If you ever wonder when your kids will stop thinking you're cool, it's already happened. 😃 @DStan58 @CAULIPOWER Count on it.My younger son's favorite vegetable is cauliflower. True story. #Dad2Summit
Retweeted by Dad 2.0I am excited to meet this brand, cauliflower is a great veggie to use during meal time and when you can mix it in w…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0 @dad2summit We're so excited to be a sponsor at the #Dad2Summit💚💚💚
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Supporting Sponsor @CAULIPOWER knows its food is great, because everyone who tries it and hears their compelling or… @therookiedad @4dadsfordads @PaidLeaveUS @unileverusa @Promundo_US Without spaces, it's 70. (Although it starts to… I just jump for joy or did I step on a LEGO... it's so hard to tell these days as the excitement continues buil…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0 @4dadsfordads @PaidLeaveUS @unileverusa @Promundo_US How many times can you fit "Amen" into a tweet?Can’t wait
Retweeted by Dad 2.0A modern-day "Life Is Beautiful" scenario, when a Syrian dad hopes to save his daughter from the stress of nearby b… incredible father/son coincidence in the NICU. His wife wrote: "We can breathe easy knowing my lil nugget's nur… of our favorite Florida playgrounds, right up I-4 from Tampa. I look forward to hanging with the…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Millennial dads are prepared to take drastic action to balance work and family. A third of dads surveyed had change… great company to get to reconnect with. @LEGOLANDNewYork @LEGOLAND_CA was such a thrill to talk with last…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0LEGOLAND Resorts is returning to Dad 2.0 with another interactive experience, and great news about its… most professional athletes, these @dallasmavs struggle with time away from their kids. “You get used to wakin…! Loved hearing what these folks had to say last time they were at @dad2summit
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Pretty awesome to have these fine folks back!
Retweeted by Dad 2.0SWEEET!
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Glad to see @goFAAR back with us. Great people with a great message!
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Online safety app @barktechco is back to talk to parents about technology, responsibility, and safety, and to add t… need our kids just as much as they need us. friends are too kind. I’m looking forward to our family reunion in DC! #dad2summit
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Love this amazing footage of @roushfenway leaving the hospital with his daughters just two days after that ridiculo… down the final week (!) till @dad2summit by featuring this year’s Oren Miller Scholarship recipients! 🏆 Me…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Welcome back to @goFAAR, who returns to Dad 2.0 for frank discussions about families and alcohol, starting with our… did Vermont's override effort fail by one vote? Politics is weird, and at Dad 2.020 we'll attempt to get to th…, the programming this year is excellent. Very interested in how the new schedule set is going to work.
Retweeted by Dad 2.0More on the #paidleave debate: "In heterosexual couplings, if their wives need to take unpaid leave to physically r… he's deployed, mom plays this video for their daughter every day "to make sure she knows just how much her da… start a week from tomorrow! Get ready to network.'s Episode 21 of the Dad 2.0-cast! Listen in as @owtk and @mrdougfrench we break down all the programming and you…
I'm speaking next week at the 2020 Dad 2.0 Summit! Sharing five years of OJT building a subscription site from scra…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Welcome to Sponsors Week! We're very proud to make our first announcement: @GSK is returning to the Dad 2.0 Summit… @aissalanis Make sure to put all the plastics in the bottom rack and hit "sanitize."This! @noguiltlife Welcome aboard!
Here they are: The Beltway Breakouts! These are the deep dives into the ideas and practices that build and sustain… room bloc rate of $199/night expires today! We've got nothing against procrastination, but the Mandarin Orient… badass @FINALLEVEL on fatherhood: "We’re proud parents, and we love showing it." research shows that sperm aren't just genetic messengers. They rely on your diet to be healthy and therefore he… @acjlist @michaelstrahan @lancesomerfeld Hil-LAR-ious.In honor of #PresidentsDay, this week's #FoF is all about political intrigue. Enough backstabbing, unholy alliances…'s a big day: We're releasing our detailed Programming Schedule, and our room bloc rate at the… support #paidleave, but we also know it's never easy to get legislators to agree how to pay for it. We'll discus… @dad2summit @OldDadNewDadPod @ArtEddy3 @AlecLace @WakeDadDrinkPod And even more!
Retweeted by Dad 2.0 @dad2summit @OldDadNewDadPod @ArtEddy3 @AlecLace @WakeDadDrinkPod Look at as lol those Epic Dads!!
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@TheNOMADad @huffy3420 @GoodDadProjct @LifeofDadShow @CityDadsGroup @homedadnet @FathersEve And even if you do. 😀A useful life lesson for your kids: Be careful what you wish for. @OldDadNewDadPod @TheNOMADad Sorry to miss you! In case you change your mind, we will be having a panel on how to r… @kickstART_farm, I read from this letter I wrote to my boys in 2007, while my marriage was splitting up. It's r…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Last fall, Brad Pitt spoke about the emotional limits of his childhood. -- Sorry! *Academy Award Winner* Brad Pitt… is the latest state to come tantalizingly close to enacting #paidleave statewide. Both sides want to do it,… actors @adamdannheisser and @DJosefsberg watch their kids by day, perform by night, and chronicle it all o…
A new study says that if you want a son who's smarter and "geekier," wait a while. Mandarin Oriental hotel is so great, we made it the first-ever venue to host us for a second time. It's beautif… of African American children in Franklin County are not considered “kindergarten ready,” and the Franklin Count… Posts: 🔹dealing with diabetes burnout @bleedingfinger 🔹remembering their grandfather @aknott21 🔹owning y…
I’ll be in DC for @dad2summit and I might make a visit to @fattystattoos. Who’s coming with me?
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Vermont has a veto-proof supermajority of Democrats and Progressives in its legislature. So did the governor's veto… #LGBTQ Dad Vibes, FTW
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Porchlight Posts: 🔹dealing with diabetes burnout @bleedingfinger 🔹remembering their grandfather @aknott21 🔹owning y… was a half-baked, 7am parallel between @dad2summit and @CheyenneWY...but I stand by it!
Retweeted by Dad 2.0The countdown to the @dad2summit is on. Our CEO @danielle_sway will be speaking on Saturday (2/29) - who will she s…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0When your dad is in a retirement facility, be prepared for the news that he's inviting ladies to his room to play b… @AngelSantiago @shuggilippo @PapiPreschool @QuinnPJ @JasonFalls @GoodDadProjct @DadUniv This will be our mantra forever. #YeahBuddyAttendees at this month’s Dad 2.0 Summit will experience an historic first: Two panels devoted to the same subject… leave hit another legislative logjam in Vermont, when an attempt to override a governor’s veto failed by one v…"In a time when the rights and privileges of LGBTQ people are under attack from elected officials, this #NBA star w… much looking forward to heading back to #Dad2Summit later this month. And thrilled to be back on the speaker l…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Second grader Avey Cox didn't think she could attend the daddy-daughter dance with her friends after her father pas…, they thought it was a lofty goal to hope for 20 men to volunteer; so far, the turnout has been more than…
Gov. Phil Scott vetoed Vermont's latest #paidleave bill over expense concerns, and four Democrats broke ranks and v… Episode 20 of the Dad 2.0 Podcast, the peripatetic @owtk reports from Cheyenne, WY. It's the Dad 2.0 of cities:… our third round of Speakers at the 2020 Dad 2.0 Summit! We've got another great list of influencers, mar…