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Where marketers, media, experts, and parents discuss and define modern #fatherhood. Our 10th event, DAD 2.0 DIGITAL, gets delivered online October 1-3, 2020!

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Thanks and welcome aboard to our 8th Sponsor at Dad 2.0 Digital, @ConnectedCamps! Check them out for valuable, fun,… 2.0 Digital is just a week away! Here's how this virtual conference will be an actual blast. #FoF #dad2summit French is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and single dad who is co-founder and editorial and programming directo…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Old-school dad bloggers are familiar with @mattlogelin, who started blogging after his wife died of an embolism 27… tried to watch The Social Dilemma with my 15yo last night, and he had to leave the room because "it doesn't help…
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Thanks to @homedadnet for having Dad 2.0 co-founder @mrdougfrench on FB Live to talk about our Dad 2.0 Digital even… about #Election2020 with your kids? Teach them how to navigate social media hype, distinguish news from co… @Hanktcowdogpod collaborators Jeff Nichols and @McConaughey assess their goals as fathers: To raise thoughtful,… to @tommyriles for telling us how he got into comedy, how he's thrived on big breaks that have come from har… @DStan58 @GSK @GSKUS has been a great partner over the years, and we're glad they want to include dads in important…'re glad to see that "Best Companies for Dads" has become a routinely newsworthy story. But we still see too much… your feed for posts about the @AdCouncil's new #Dadication campaign, because any form of dadication makes our… annual Dad 2.0 summit goes virtual this year, Oct 1-3. Check it out at @dad2summit
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I'm doing a workshop at the virtual @dad2summit this year. "How to Pitch Nearly Anything." I'm at work on my bit. H…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Childcare Hunks is a great band name.
A study has found that mothers are more likely than fathers to say they've started drinking more alcohol. thinks he won now. But he'll really know what winning is when his first child arrives in February. the #NBAPlayoffs near their conclusion, the dads on the @Lakers are looking forward to reuniting with their kids… FACT! @LifeofDadShow co-founder @tommyriles has spent almost 40% of his life warming up the crowd at… are excited to be able to reschedule with @mrdougfrench for this Wednesday for a special webinar. Coming just on…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0I did it! I'm a keynote speaker!
Retweeted by Dad 2.0I am a delight.
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For Episode 49, @LifeofDadShow co-founder and MOM VS. DAD co-author @tommyriles talks about: 🔸16 years as… you're co-parenting, you might be tempted to be the "buddy dad." But it's in the best interest of your kids to a… @michaelianblack Very happy to apply the cherry atop the massive Neopolitan sundae of your career.We're very pleased to announce our keynote speaker for Dad 2.0 Digital: @michaelianblack! Join us for a conversati… out my recent visit with CNN Headline News @HLNTV talking about fatherhood in America, parenting through the…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0After a #cancer diagnosis gave him weeks to live, Scott Sullivan asked his hospice nurse to help him see his son pl…
Lads Need Dads, honored with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (the highest award a voluntary group can recei… "Being a dad, at home, during the pandemic, during all these fires, with a hormonal teenager, with…"I've found that if you're 60 and there are five small children in the house, you can't have a hangover, either. Bu…"People get really confused, thinking co-parenting work is about the other parent. If both parents have a mutual un… is the first! The only thing cooler than watching your daughter win an award is winning one yourself, as well…
Ruth Bader Ginsburg often acknowledged her husband's pioneering belief that "a woman's work, whether at home or on… we're remembering the amazingly complementary coupling of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband of 56 years, Ma…
Congratulations (with a side order of good-natured incredulity) to @AlecBaldwin, who at 62 is now the father of fiv… 2.0 Digital starts in just a couple weeks! Here's a sneak peek at what we're planning, and a list of a few onli…, like you'd fare any better if you shared dialog like this with your ex, with all those other watching. 😂…"Dad devoted his life to activism and fighting AIDS, the plague of his generation and his community. Now we are all… hear you preach, and we are the choir. #USOpen to @StevanMLynn for being tapped as New York Regional Coordinator for #InternationalMensDay, a glob… athletes don't like losing, but this year the end of Bubble Life takes some of the sting out of playoff elimina… @finslippy @ashadornfest Shout-out to the men who helped make you such lovely people.Congratulations to Joe @Buck, who joins his legendary dad Jack as the only father-son duo to win the Pete Rozelle A…
If you're looking for extraordinary models of modern fatherhood, @dad_or_alive, @daddyfiles, @jon_finkel,… discussion with the @Intellivision crew at @mom2summit about how they're leveraging decades of experience int…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Distanced #Halloween can happen, thanks to dads like these who are innovating distribution methods. (Side benefit:…"I wanted to be more open and honest in my life and in my work. I had to start asking myself some hard questions ab… bet @DocRivers is on board with this idea, too. a great chat in the @MedievalTimes Zoom Room at @mom2summit Everywhere. Jousting, as we know, was the first soc…
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Be a protector. #wearamask work, @LEGO_Group. @EatSleepDad @ki_eeks No other way to do it. H. Gates II, a lawyer and philanthropist who stayed supportive when his son dropped out of college, has die… to @ki_eeks's dad, who makes no apologies for adopting a sense of style. #WearAMask @Liamchampaynee promoted her dad's food truck, the first of over 100 customers was waiting on line when he ar… logo placement keeps me smiling on the outside.
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Great advice this week from @guardian about how to help keep your family's emotions on an even keel while our kids…"Divine rage" is the new "good trouble."
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Really compelling conversation in the @mom2summit opening keynote: @valariekaur and @Chookooloonks discussing how… creator of Reality Changers, @narvaezjorge, guests on the #podcast to discuss how to negotiate with brands, how…
Had a blast talking to the @dad2summit crew
Retweeted by Dad 2.0It's difficult to keep up with the demands of raising children when your introversion craves downtime. in so many situations, "super dads" can save the world. you're planning a wacky gender-reveal, you might endanger whether you'll ever have another. @mediavine We're looking forward to hear all about 'em! You guys are real pros. #gno #mom2summitMom 2.0 sponsor @bluehost's new guide, The Blogger Playbook, aims to help your blog up and running and teach you ho…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0 @mom2summit Welcome aboard, @Trane_Tech! #mom2summit #dad2summit #GNO @bluehost @mom2summit @machiellethomas Thanks @bluehost! Looking forward to hear more about your monetization strat… @mom2summit @goFAAR Yes to @goFAAR! We love their support and their message (but we'll miss their cocktails). #mom2summit #gno @mom2summit @GSKUS @Intellivision We're grateful to @GSKUS for supporting us for so many years. And we're looking f… is by far the coolest aspect of an online event. @designmom and @shannonrwatts will be chatting and be nine ti… @homeanduncool @OWTK @Dadcation We mentioned your "Office Space" post on this week's podcast while @narvaezjorge is…
John Van Arnam, founder of @The_Third_Talk, has created a free video series to help parents educate their kids abou… to @paugasol and his wife Cat, who honored his former teammate #KobeBryant by naming their daughter… this. So true and so helpful. And it only takes 3 mins to read.
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Big Dad Energy, Rock-n-Roll division. @foofighters and @Nandi_Bushell are the Internet pair we all need. week, @narvaezjorge talks with @mrdougfrench and @OWTK about 🔸his "abundance mindset" that helps him persevere…'ve said it many times: The harder you make it for people to have kids, the fewer kids you're going to have.… web is full of helpful tips for pushing through back-to-screen season. This week, we outline advice from psycho… involves a ton of self-scrutiny, but when you're a dad, @McIlroyRory says, you can ease off a bit and put bad… the Week 1 victory, he has a lot more to sing about. #BillsMafia beat your heroes. ❤
@kbiegel Preach.I said to 6 year old, “Wanna make cupcakes?” She said, “I wanna make soup.” I love being a dad.
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Welcome to "Back-To-Screen" season! At least you didn’t have to spend a ton on new pants for the kids. #FoF
We're feeling this, too, especially now that so many Sponsors are cooperating wonderfully. Nothing beats IRL, but… of the great things we learned about @imjamesjlopez in this interview is that he has earned his black belt in c… book is "A Better Man: A (Mostly Serious) Letter to My Son," and we just got our copy. An endorsement from… @PattyArquette @WithDaughters @km @mayawiley @VincentCoyle1 @goodasyou @NYCDadsGroup @dadbloguk @anildash @pescami Dad joke on point.Representing along side @mrdougfrench & @OWTK of @dad2summit 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Honored to represent and show them how the…
Retweeted by Dad 2.0Parents are showing unprecedented appreciation for their kids' teachers. It's about time. #FoF #BackToSchool #NFL starts up this weekend. Football players are already very aware of bodily risk, but more than ever we're r…
@ArtEddy3 Thank you for giving @IJasonAlexander's sex life the attention it deserves!Thank you for including me!!! I really appreciate it.
Retweeted by Dad 2.0The Porchlight Posts: 1️⃣ Masks are the new t-shirt @SpokesmanReview 2️⃣ Celebrate Black achievers today…'s Back-To-Screen season! At least you didn't have to spend a ton on new pants for the kids. #FoF #BackToSchool this week's Dads Doing It Right article I focus on dads who are creating some awesome meals for their family. S…
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Vinny's dad re-created the emotional scene in "Toy Story 3,” when Andy leaves home for college. #ToyStory