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Aly @Dada2675 Arusha, Tanzania

Retired to the office safari guide🐆🦓🦏🦒🐳🌴and sports mad foodie⚽️🏉🏏🏌️‍♀️🚴‍♀️🥗🍝 🍸🍷

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Are nailing it tonight 😂👏#TheLastLeg @gailemms Actually 17 thanks to Carl🤗 @gailemms 16 😂 thanks Gail🥂 @gailemms Campeze @gailemms San marino @gailemms Golf @gailemms Sri Lanka India Pakistan Bangladesh Afghanistan @gailemms Adam peatty @gailemms Robin Cousins @gailemms 2 @gailemms True @gailemms 3 @gailemms Denver Broncos v Patriots @gailemms Sam @gailemms Sa Allardyce @gailemms H Berlin @gailemms Austria @gailemms 23 @gailemms 9 @gailemms Tampa bay @gailemms Dan Carter @gailemms Monica seles @gailemms Had joint gold medalists @gailemms Bobsleigh @krishgm @Sir_David_King Scary UK watched whilst Spain and Italy locked down. Now do seem to be rushing to come ou…🚨In my @metrosportHQ column I have outlined an idea for one deserving fan to attend each football match from June 1…
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Take away line: if Johnson cannot function without Cummings, he is unfit to be prime minister.
Retweeted by Aly @BethRigby Spain 182 new cases and 38 deaths in last 24 hours?
Let’s keep retweeting this please if it’s annoyed the loathsome hypocrites who now preside over us.
Retweeted by AlyI would say that @maitlis is an excellent journalist.RT, share.. shame the BBC. 👇
Retweeted by Aly @Spor2020 @gailemms @KeithGillespie7 👏🍺🍺 @gailemms @KeithGillespie7 12 🍷👏 @gailemms Jon and Alistair Yorks @gailemms Sheffield weds and United @gailemms Moody @gailemms Wisconsin @gailemms Spurs @gailemms 300 @gailemms Speith @gailemms Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard @gailemms Shanghai Hamilton @gailemms Same age @gailemms Adams @gailemms 2014 @gailemms Neymar 100 mil @gailemms 2-0 @gailemms Hibs @gailemms 250/1 @gailemms Gotta check with me mum🤷‍♀️ @gailemms Arsenal @gailemms St Louis @gailemms 95.25 @Spor2020 @gailemms Thought you'd given up😄 @carolinenokes @mikegalsworthy No need to apologise @ayeshahazarika ....... and Angela Merkel (scientist) 👩‍🔬 @RobMorg84374875 @krishgm Maybe that's Doms job?🤷‍♀️ @acatherwoodnews @BorisJohnson I'd love to go to the pub with Mr Johnson. He tells a cracking story (but embellish… I know how that John Lewis guy feels #dominiccummings
Retweeted by Aly @IL0VEthe80s Heath Ledger😭Paul Gascoigne is 53 today, but his magic is timeless...
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A claim that a 2019 blogpost by Dominic Cummings was edited in 2020 to include a warning about coronaviruses is cor…
Retweeted by AlyGoodness. He just dismissed @peston who sort of asked this question by comparing Cummings situation to Hancock's ow…
Retweeted by Aly @BethRigby No follow up question allowed🤷‍♀️I’ve finally lost it in lockdown! 🤪 #isthisthewaytobarnardcastle
Retweeted by Aly‘It’s time to move on’ says government that’s worked harder to safeguard one man’s job in three days than it has to…
Retweeted by Aly @TherealNihal No keep going. It should be mocked for the absolute absurdity of it all and how out of touch politic… Hodges just got owned by Emma Barnett on the radio just now. #cummings @Emmabarnett sounds like Rees Mogg Grenfell analogy sadly @Emmabarnett who is this fella. I'm audibly laughing whilst still at home on my own😂 @NickyAACampbell exasperated. He went to a hospital not in his home location, with covid symptoms. End of @Baddiel was my thought too @KateEMcCann @BethRigby @KayBurley Also you were not allowed to rest up on park benches
@bbc5live @ColinMurray Helen has spoken the most sense on this topic 👏 @lewis_goodall Maybe have chief of police in there too 😂 @gailemms 8 🤗 @gailemms Chelsea and Man city @gailemms Sweden @gailemms Arsenal @gailemms Carragher @gailemms Neville @gailemms Arsenal @gailemms Dalglish @gailemms Klitschko @gailemms West ham @gailemms Chicago bears @gailemms 2001 @gailemms Jones @gailemms 2-1 @gailemms Notts forest @gailemms Same @gailemms Netherlands @gailemms Buffon @gailemms Warrington @gailemms Bannister @gailemms Australia @gailemms Algeria @RishiSunak No just more questionsI mean you couldn’t write it.... Oh wait... You could... 😂👍🏼
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