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Adrian-Dixon @DaddyandEmma North East, England

Dad to a Teen/Stepdad football fan Film Tv Fan carer for my mum aswell as people with learning disabilities choir singer Writing about my daily.and what i do

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Bedtime for me Goodnight Xx
Good Morning Have a Great day.
Time for bed for me Good night @JimMaddison3 @sainsburys Hi that tweet was from November 2018 when the fuel was 118 todays pricing is 119, which i… I can't comment on how it feels to have a Smear Test. I go yearly for a check up of the ole balls & pros…
Retweeted by Adrian-DixonGood afternoon i am sat beside the river enjoying the weather and eating my dinner simply perfect :0) have had such a lovely walk around Low Barns it is perfect.'m at Low Barns in Bishop Auckland
I have 6 new followers from UK., and more last week. See way to start my Sunday Morning Poached Egg on Toast with a Coffee.Good Morning Have a Great Sunday..
Its been fab spending time with Mum time to head home.It is really lovely to see so many Children out and about on a Saturday getting fresh air and exercise within the B…
Time for bed Good night x#POGLittleHeroes I cant wait to watch this programme it looks amazing.Time to head off to my daughters school for a parents evening (gcse) i hope it all goes well.
Time for bed for me goodnightNew Drama script tonight for my daughter i wonder what she will be doing.
Just posted a photo love taking Randomn Photo's Horse riding with the kids
Time for sleep for me Goodnight world.I am so tired tonight i am going to have a quick video call to my girlfriend then head off to sleep.Good morning such a busy week ahead but looking forward to every minute.
Love an Opportunity to take a photo .. have had a perfect Sunday i have been up since 5:45 i have been out and about, and i have spent the last hour rel… posted a photo posted a photo posted a photo to head home..Been up since 5:45 and i have had a trip out to the seaside, Saltburn you were beautiful this morning.
Time for bed am so undecided who i want through for the second act on Britain's got talent The ChampionsTotally loved the Act with the dogs super talented well done young lady #BGTTheChampionsWe are having a board games night tonight looking forward to a giggle looking forward to playing board games this evening with my girlfriend and daughter we are going to have a right giggleTime to sit down and watch England play with my daughter.20 ways to turn trash into cash at Aldi then heading back home for the footballHope everyone has had a Good Saturday Morning. @MrCarlJTurner Have a Great Saturday thanks for following me.
Its that Time of the night where i am going to settle down to sleep it has been a long 24 hrs. Goodnight Everyone. XWork finished for another day i cant wait to tell the children they have tickets to see the Englands women football .Ok I’ve asked for a couple of favours in the past 14 months on twitter this is my 3rd Would my supportive Twittwoo…
Retweeted by Adrian-DixonPlease everyone ask a celeb but only the nice ones😉 let’s get me to 15k followers who want to share my Smiles &foll…
Retweeted by Adrian-DixonGood Morning Have a Great Day.
Time for bed for me goodnightTime to get my daughter from school i hope shes had a good day.Yay my car is fixed now i have a lengthy walk to the garage to collect it.I love what you find when you go for a walk a Great start to my Wednesday The car is in the garage and i will be stuck till at least 3pm until its fixed. L… day back at school and my daughter now is in year 11 i cannot believe how time flies, such an exciting future… Morning Every one Heres to a Great Day. @fiftyminus2 Thank you for following me have a great day.
Hope everyone is having a Good Afternoon :0)I have had a beautiful morning at North shields What a lovely place Morning Heres to a Great Day first Day back for my stepson at school hope its a Good day for him.
Time for sleep i am shattered goodnight X @Melissassmile @eltonofficial @bbcstrictly @BrunoTonioli 10 from me keep it upJustice for two women rests on one man breaking the rules. A Confession. Tonight 9pm @ITV
Retweeted by Adrian-DixonThis evening we have had to get that heating on its blinking freezing in the houseMy stepson is all settled into bed now for his first day back at school. @tomstanniland Me and my daughter are watching you on Youtube right now the Video when you spend a week in a elev… work i have been to see Mum to see if shes ok, and to see if she needs any jobs to be done. Now its time to h…
This year is flying over, now we are in september, so many plans for the month ahead. @Melissassmile Good Morning Melissa Enjoy your day too
#BGTTheChampions I have been waiting all day for this Brilliant..cant waitWow shes got another one #catchphraseOh dear Gemma Collins is not doing very well #CatchphraseBack home after an afternoon of shopping looking forward to tea and an evening of Saturday television.We managed with the school shoe shopping but now its a case of whats for tea, time to head home.Good luck to Sunderland afc Haway the Lads.Lets do this school shopping for the kids (at @ClarksShoes in Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees) @leece_s thank you for following i hope you have a great weekend @k10Aug thank you for following i hope you have a great weekendDrinks before we head school shoe shopping. (at @McDonaldsUk in Darlington, COUNTY DURHAM) @Melissassmile Well Done Melissa :0)Gosh well here it is time to go shopping for the last time ever to get school shoes for my daughter.So football training is nearly coming to the end for my stepson, and my thoughts for the day is School shoe shoppi… would be really helpful if you gave this a re-tweet, for me 😊 My latest YouTube video is here‼️ This time, I'm…
Retweeted by Adrian-Dixon @chillibean2018 Thank you for following me Hope you have a great weekend.Its been a beautiful breakfast poached eggs on toast, now its time to take my stepson to his football training.Hey Good Morning Have a Great Weekend :0)
@alexs_journey hey thank you for following i look forward to reading your tweets. @Yorkiemanuk Thank you for following i hope you are well i am looking forward to reading your tweetsOhhhh i cant wait, finished work now for the weekend cant wait to spend it with my family.
@Melissassmile Good Morning.... Have a Great Day, Melissa Keep them smiles Going.
Good Morning Have a Great Wednesday up to the News of Bury is simply so Sad, my thoughts go out to the fans, staff, players of such a historical… @Melissassmile Thank you for following i cant wait to read your posts. Have a Great Day . @Davidm1969 Hey Good Morning Thank you for Following me.
@Melissassmile I work in a learning disability day care centre i love what i do, but i love reading what you write… forward to watching this amazing programme many good things i want to watch on TV, The Yorkshire Vet, The Great British Bake off.Its great to be back home with the kids and my partner, i am really looking forward to my teaHey Good Afternoon Enjoy the sunshine i know i am.I have had a lovely walk at Thornley Woods. dam true , but I’ll never change , not for anyone x x night 💕
Retweeted by Adrian-DixonThis morning feels like a monday, hey its all good though i can do this good morning have a great week. :0)
Work tomorrow but going to bed happy after a perfect weekend.. Goodnight