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Dad of 3. Writer. Featured in @CNN, @washingtonpost, @abcnews, @TODAYshow. Author of Raising Boys to Be Good Men, available now:

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So @realDonaldTrump thinks he's smarter than @AOC? HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! @JohnCornyn Character assassination attempt?? You misspelled "asking basic questions and holding a lifetime nominee… greatest lie ever told is by children who swear they'll take care of a family pet.Imagine being in the middle of a deadly virus that's killed 166,000 people and focusing on showerheads. Donald Tru…
What a pathetic and ridiculous dumb fuck Alex Jones is. voting? Enjoy those new Supreme Court judges if Trump wins again.
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available!Of course Jerry Jones wants fans in the stadium. This is a man who will invite a deadly virus into his midst but ki… did gardening for the first time this year. That was a ton of money, time, and effort for 3 peppers, some lettuc… girls. Naturally. Because boys wouldn't be interested in caretaking. God forbid they one day become -- gulp --… are in a battle for the soul of this nation. But together, it's a battle we can win. @JoeBiden—I'm ready to get…
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available!"Racist white women will be voting for me. They are scared of black people and thrilled that I am willing to be ope…
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available!So relieved that Black Americans have @AriFleischer to tell them who they are and aren't excited to vote for. @Liz_Cheney Really? The former top cop in her state who has been criticized for not being tough enough on police pr… you don't even care about saying the racist part out loud anymore. this is precisely why I wrote my book. If I had a copy I would've thrown it at him. "We can't enforce proper mask wearing across our whole student body." Also schools: "We measured that gir…"Saw his career sidelined." Like he was a bystander. Like he was shocked this career ambush happened and there was… guy attacks the women who challenge him while the other one hires them. Which man do we want our sons to become?
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available! @DannyDeraney "That's brutal. Drink away, you've earned it."Is Mike Pence even allowed to debate Kamala Harris one-on-one? Will "Mother" allow that? Is it against the rules?
Found the dad. He told my wife "Talk to my wife, I don't deal with those issues." In related news, he was one of t… @KillerB6120 My oldest was close by and grabbed him and walked him away.Just watched a group of unmasked kids come over to my 4-year-old on the playground, rip his mask off, and grab his… @realDonaldTrump No one enjoys these. Or you.Kamala. LFG!Everyone: "Wow, 2020 absolutely couldn't get any worse." (sees Nickelback might be releasing a new album) Everyon… @jacobnsbrier Whaaaaat?? Pizza day was the best, followed by chicken patty day. It is known.
@DadScribe I'm hopeful for a great VP candidate. @DadScribe He's got my vote. My enthusiasm? 😬 @DadScribe Have you heard him try to talk about race lately? If you vote Trump you're not really black? Blacks aren… look at Joe Biden like I looked at Sloppy Joe Day in grade school. It's not gonna be spectacular and it'll defin… America NEEDS college football. Not better health care or gun control or a President with an IQ higher than… country founded on rebellion against authority is now content to rise up only against scientific expert opinion led by a wannabe tyrant.The President of the United States wants unpaid college athletes to collide into one another and be in each other's… brutally honest piece from a teacher that lays out the hard truth about #backtoschool and #coronavirus--getting b… @realDonaldTrump @Scaramucci @SteveHiltonx YOU HIRED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE! How about instead of complaining about… @realDonaldTrump The Democrats passed a bill a few months ago on this, you putrid ass clown.Trump is a hypocritical buffoon. morning to everyone except the killers of #BreonnaTaylor who still haven't been arrested.Abortion: The only word that can make followers of Jesus vote against everything Jesus ever talked about because…
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available!The coolest thing about writing "Raising Boys to Be Good Men" has been talking to folks in book clubs that have rea…
There's no incentive to watch the Red Sox. No hitting, no-name pitchers, no's just terrible baseball.
My fishing buddy was on fire today. But I still caught the biggest one. #fishing #bassfishing new resource for your Speaker pitch this year: 42 episodes of podcasts with great insights from guests like…
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available!People: "I'm so done with COVID, I can't wait for this to be over!" Also people: "I don't care how safe they say i… @JoelGratcyk @Twitter Alyssa Milano @JoelGratcyk @Twitter Julian Edelman.
Some days my 7-year-old is a perfectly lovely human being who is a pleasure to be around. But today he wore me down… @Adam46690461 @ThatEricAlper It's OK to be wrong. Admitting it is the first step towards recovery. @DukeofOmnium @ThatEricAlper I didn't say Dolly's was bad and I love Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. But Whitney crushed it. @ThatEricAlper I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston > Dolly Parton's version.I've said it before and I'll say it again. If the meeting to decide whether school should be in-person has to be h… some school committees in various towns claim that @MASchoolsK12 is requiring school districts to go with a… imagine the idiocy involved in thinking the problem with overcrowded Georgia schools is the students documenti… @NRA Seems like the brains died first.Little known fact: Thighland is where the Yo Semites are from. @DineshDSouza Stop. Just stop.
@schmidtrx @AlexAndBooks_ Thanks for reading my book, Eric. I hope you liked it.These people are absolutely fucked in the head. They're so dumb and their persecution complex is so repugnant. She… a fear-mongering clown. The AG is going after the NRA for defrauding its own members financially, not for anyt… @secupp @NYDailyNews This is such a bad take. You know Trump is toxic and we can't take 4 more years but you'll pot…*College bowl game party, not Super BowlGiddyup. Go get the bastards. @DadandBuried @DadWithaBlog drunk, shoeless man yells at a child for wearing a mask and spits in his face. I'll give you 3 guesses which sta… @OWTK Thinking of you and your dad, my friend. @JasonMillerinDC @nypost How any Trump supporters can sit there with a straight face and question the cognitive abi… @historyofarmani My wife chose to have an abortion at 18 weeks due to Sirenomelia. As we walked in, anti-choice rel… next time @realDonaldTrump tries to feed you BS about the media being "fake news," remember how his reelection… @tonyposnanski @DadScribe #BusStopPJs. 4-life!!!I have known Aaron since forever. I would highly recommend checking out his book.
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available! @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump Listening to you vomit up incomprehensible word salad is the opposite of a public service.Marketing a book is hard enough. Doing it during a pandemic with no in-person author events & bookstores closed or…
ICYMI, here's the Q&A that @CNN did when my book launched last month. focus of the 2020 presidential race for many people will be determining which elderly, white man has the least… @DCdebbie Never seen it. Will have to add. @SpinyNorman The Rock!!!! @AdrienneLaw Just watched Bloodsport last month. Amazing. @SpinyNorman Yes. Agreed. @jakengracie2 Yup. Never lost it.Name a movie you know is bad but you watch anyway because you inexplicably love it. (This tweet brought to you aft…😲
Facts matter. Trump lies. Pass it on. many people think we just need to "suck it up," get kids back to school, and stop being "pussies." This is a pr… approval rating should be “fuck you for even asking %”
Retweeted by Aaron's Book Is Now Available! @mrdougfrench This is how I imagine what would happen if aliens arrived right now. @realDonaldTrump I know 155,000 Americans who don't even get to have an opinion on this because your bungling of CO… Only Florida does mail-in voting correctly. Out of 50 states this is the only one that's acceptable. What a…! It'd be hilarious if this illiterate bag of assholes wasn't our leader. too many people think disagreements = bullying/abuse. It's led to an unfortunate watering down of those very real, very important terms. @donofalltrades1 Sociopathic narcissism is real AF.Trump is asked about John Lewis--a Black civil rights icon--and responds by saying "no one has done more for Black… is literally insane. How adults allowed this to happen is downright criminal. #coronavirus #COVID19 legislators are watching that @axios video of @realDonaldTrump humiliating himself and sounding like a… Thankfully my school district grasped this and is starting school remotely. But this is exactly what's going t… is important and it's why scientific consensus is so important. Most people who do their own research are only… sympathy for this murderous degenerate who shot at another human being because he was told to wear a mask. Fuck…
Two hours later my wife got home, went to the bathroom, came upstairs, and thanked me profusely for fixing the clog…