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Dad of 3. Writer of all things parenting & politics. My book Raising Boys to Be Good Men is available for preorder:

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@CraigMacCormack The will of the people is less important than what's right. Slavery was once the will of the peopl… thread. Kids are smarter than we give them credit for.'m not generally in the practice of praising QBs not named Thomas Edward Brady, but kudos to Aaron Rodgers for ack…'m sorry, #hotgirlsforbernie?? Cool. That's...fine. 🙄 @briancmoses @Patriots @Saints Throw that together with the BountyGate stuff and it's not flattering. But really it… @briancmoses @Patriots @Saints Except most of the reasons aren't real and didn't happen. For instance, DeflateGate wasn't a real thing. @CraigMacCormack Stop with the false equivalency bullshit. Democrats are doing the right thing by pushing for impea… hates on the @patriots for unproven allegations about ball deflation, meanwhile the @Saints are out here h… @realEggAccount @BernieSanders I'll vote for whoever wins the Dem nomination but that doesn't mean primary candidat… @pronounced_ing @BernieSanders @cebsilver I'll vote blue no matter what, but that doesn't mean Dem candidates should be immune from justifiable criticism. @cebsilver Taking endorsements from transphobic assholes is something more than just being nitpicky.Wait. The @BernieSanders is BRAGGING about an endorsement from Joe Rogan?? Yikes."I haven't heard anything new during these hearings." —Republicans who voted not to allow new evidence or witness t…'s disgusting. Pathetic. And very sad. If @LindseyGrahamSC & company were acting this way in our dad group they'd… what's happening in the Senate isn't OK or beneficial. Because Trump sycophants in the GOP aren't just disagree…'t be a dick. That's it. He knew people coming from different backgrounds with different life experiences would… had a friend named Oren. He died years ago but not before he formed an online space for fathers to gather & talk… @realDonaldTrump @LindseyGrahamSC @FoxNews Hunter Biden isn't being impeached. You are.I...I just...I can't. @ryan2499 Oh I'm definitely writing my own obit. @donofalltrades1 You're giving me two more years? Feeling generous tonight, eh?
Seems like the right time to remind people of this FACT: In all, 14 Trump aides, donors and advisers have been IND…
Retweeted by Daddy FilesI see a lot of obituaries that say "passed away peacefully at home" like it's a positive. When I die I want to be r…"We have all the material. They don't." The President of the United States is bragging about concealing evidence d…
Stephen King has dad jokes. 🤣 @Advil And we track that space junk in low Earth orbit right on Cape Cod. This was a fun article to write years ago. a cold-hearted, narrow-minded, piece of shit parent this is. What's worse is her son has already inherited tha… "There is no evidence @realDonaldTrump committed any crimes." Dems: "Here is all the evidence we'd like to in… @CraigMacCormack I didn't say I had no problem with them. I do. They did worse things. But like it or not, the char… @CraigMacCormack Does football have a character clause for the HOF like baseball does? @CraigMacCormack He was a great pitcher. And I hope he never gets in.OK, I'm a Red Sox homer who hates the Yankees but Jeter deserved unanimous entrance into the HOF. Whoever left him…
Mitch McConnell is just a horrible human being. This can't be stressed enough. More evil than Trump by a mile.
The asinine rally in Virginia today by gun-toting, camo-wearing man-babies is so ridiculous. I can't imagine thinki… @__Muttley__ Amazing. Thank you!!So first it was she's trying to reap the benefits of the royal family by joining it and now you're criticizing them…! other Patriots fans startling rooms full of people by shouting "ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS BEAT MIAMI GODDAMMIT!!!!… @nick_the_knife Neither of those things happened. And even if they did, comparing that to abuse tells me everything… then. Go #49ers. If the Patriots can't win it then I'm backing Jimmy G. all the way. Also, how does anyone root…
That is some terrible tackling, Tennessee.How was that not holding on the Chiefs?? Awful non-call.I love this Titans offense so much. It’s like being in a time machine.
Retweeted by Daddy Files @donofalltrades1 As long as Andy Reid has breath I will root against him.THE VRABEL PLAY!!!! #GoTitansThat is absolutely pass interference—defender had a handful of jersey. These booing #chiefs fans don't know football. @dad2summit Thanks, guys.Our friend @DaddyFiles shared a lot of his experience with #TeamSam on the Dad 2.019 mainstage, and this follow-up…
Retweeted by Daddy FilesTHREAD: As a victim of man box culture, I entered young adulthood with brutally low self esteem. I was utterly unab…
Retweeted by Daddy Files @jheiseygrove @PublishersWkly @michaelianblack @birbigs @homedadnet @dad2summit It's not coming out until June so I… the rest of his life every time he enters a room a symphony should play the darth vader song. In prison.
Retweeted by Daddy FilesWow. #SexEducation on @netflix is a truly fantastic show. Solid writing, spectacular characters, and Gillian Anders…
Marijuana must be legalized. All our people imprisoned because of it must be returned home to their families and their records expunged.
Retweeted by Daddy Files @rogrtheshrubber @birbigs @michaelianblack @PublishersWkly You will not besmirch Hawaiian pizza on my watch, sir.When you're spending the weekend freaking out over final book edits but have kick-ass neighbors who leave funny thi… @birbigs @michaelianblack @PublishersWkly Until we inevitably disagree on pizza preference...Wow. My upcoming book "Raising Boys to be Good Men" is featured in @PublishersWkly in the same article promoting ti…"Sir, I'm the conductor. Please just show me your ticket." 😬🤦‍♂️"When was the last time we connected? Was it M3? Or maybe the Bisnow event? Anyway, how are you? Can I help with th…"Hey there," I said, in that weird sing-songy way people talk when they're uncomfortable. "How are you? It's been a… was DEEP in my work on the train with my headphones on when a man tapped me on the shoulder, smiled, and nodded a… US Rep Ted Lieu just called on Devin Nunes to be removed from the Intel Cmte. Nunes threatened to sue Lie…
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@CapeCodBars True. And the Cape's drug problem is especially rampant. I lived and worked there for years but very few talk about it.Wow. "Welcome to the Cape" indeed. Bit of a marketing nightmare for a place so reliant on tourism. #capecod oldest doesn't let me post about him much these days, but he's creating his own music and getting really good on… @MoreThanGreens Sam and I have his back.
I mean...I just... We're doomed.😭 liquor store just announced a delivery service and my CVS installed self-checkout kiosks in the same week. This… @paopassan He certainly is. Got mani & pedi last weekend so he's feeling fresh. Thanks! @cbjfangirl He got a fresh new manicure AND pedicure last weekend!This Lev Parnas interview is beyond damning. From top to bottom it is jaw-dropping evidence that Trump knew about e… @DLoesch As opposed to our current president who gives off warm grandfatherly vibes and has definitely baked a lot in his life?Trump had his goons monitoring a US ambassador. The @POTUS using his office as a bully pulpit to follow around (and…
Sure I love Elizabeth Warren, but would she make the best president? Yes.
Retweeted by Daddy FilesSome of you Bernie supporters do quite the disservice to your candidate, who seems to be a great human being. Try n…
Retweeted by Daddy FilesAnyone whose kids have ADHD or ODD tried the medication Jornay (timed release you take at night to help with mornin… @XianJaneway My 6-year-old with ADHD and ODD just started it and it's been DISASTROUS! He didn't sleep last night.… @askdadblog Probably many. But unfortunately not all.Saying #NeverWarren or Never any Democratic candidate who may win the nomination is WHITE PRIVILEGE on display. PERIOD.
Retweeted by Daddy FilesAnyone tweeting #NeverWarren (or Never [insert Dem name here]) is a goddamned lunatic who lacks the basic intellige… @CraigMacCormack Oh please. Because her family told her she was native American? Read the Globe piece which went WA… @CraigMacCormack What lies?Yes!!! Don't wait to have these conversations with boys—start early and talk often. Biden is the living embodiment of a prevent defense. #DemDebate.@ewarren uses her closing statement to lift up topics that weren't mentioned tonight: -the disability community -…
Retweeted by Daddy FilesWarren is presidential, personable, and intelligent. She cares and she's eloquent as hell. I'm not sure if she'll g… @nancysh51555 @krystalball I'd keep that to yourself. Yikes.Did Pete Buttigieg just brag about support from black voters in South Bend? Really??? Guy has virtually no support… @krystalball You mean most Sanders supporters won't support a woman? Well color me shocked...🙄Why pit underpaid McDonald's workers against underpaid childcare workers unnecessarily? Weird and cringe-worthy mom… just really stepped in it — correcting Warren INCORRECTLY — when she just said what he corrected her for and…
Retweeted by Daddy FilesBernie Sanders: "Medicare for all will cost less than the status quo." Moderator: "OK but how much?" Sanders: "Ar… sox manager wily mo pena "Everyone is calling us cheaters." Red Sox: "Hold my beer." 😥
@OWTK Camaraderie😲 know Bernie Sanders said a woman can’t win because I’ve said a woman can’t win. Difference is, I’m just a guy wit…
Retweeted by Daddy FilesElizabeth Warren: "I met with Bernie Sanders in 2018 and he said he didn't think a woman could be president." Bern…