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Fun, creative, and community driven streamer immersed in the shooter genre (with a little variety) on Xbox!

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Okay for real, where can I find a Nintendo Switch for not $500??? @MixerAndyRoo @NGeneralist @WatchMixer Wow, thank you so much for those kind words! @xRogueValkyriex @WatchMixer 😊 @Greatorexgang @WatchMixer Thanks man! You heard it during your stream? @bs_stops_here @WatchMixer Thanks 😊 @SolseyMixer I think you should absokutely mute or even unfollow people if they post content you don’t want to see. @Greenskeeper18 @WatchMixer Thanks!! @TheCDJohnson @WatchMixer Thanks man! 😃 @retrocade64 @WatchMixer Thank you very much man! @FourthRoomBrew @WatchMixer Thanks man! @ItsPixietweet Physics oddly enough. I’m not a math or science do in any other respect. @mxiety I dunno if that has anything to do with it @mxiety I don’t get the urge to. I communicate a lot so maybe that helps, I don’t bottle things up. @mxiety I rarely cry. I honestly don’t remember when it was....(asking my wife right now)...probably when my wife miscarried last May.
@thaddeusPrime Lol, wow! @Jaxa1in @Ansi_Anxiety @WatchMixer @joeyligz @WatchMixer Really appreciate that Joey! @Chibiwok @WatchMixer Thanks!!! @rose_raider1 @WatchMixer Thank you Rose! @JEDIxMasterFERN @WatchMixer Thanks Jedi! 🙏When you and the boys first get into the lobby for some Modern Warfare @CallMeTub @WatchMixer Thank you sir! @katiebeargaming @WatchMixer Thanks Katie!! @SlurpeeDrop @WatchMixer 😃 @biglazygaming @WatchMixer My man! Thank you! @CTRLZED_Online @WatchMixer Appreciate that very much! @thepyro @WatchMixer Thank you! @MrsSystemZee @WatchMixer Ayyyyyee thank you!!! @ducain23 @WatchMixer Thanks Ducain!! @xSassyVenom @WatchMixer Ayyyy thank you! 😃 @OhIMissed @WatchMixer Appreciate that very much!! @Undercard1290 @WatchMixer Thank you!! 🙏 @Sav_v_v @WatchMixer Thank you! @JustShady8 Bangin kill! @epictreasure1 @WatchMixer Thank you! 🙏 @HEROxRISKY @WatchMixer That’s risky! @cadlax18 @WatchMixer Appreciate that Cadlax! @CNMatz @just_215 @WatchMixer Thanks man! @perilsparks @WatchMixer Hey, thanks Peril!! @Vinnycent31 @WatchMixer Thanks Vinny!!! @Snakedoctor98 @WatchMixer Hahahahah thanks man! @ItsPixietweet Well, the creator is the only thing you have control over. You can’t control shitty people or anythi…
@ItsPixietweet You could throw in the towel, or you could work on yourself as an entertainer. Hone your craft. Why… @ItsPixietweet I mean to be fair, maybe they are just really busy. You and I could never know for sure. But I thi… @ScarlettRavenz @WatchMixer Thank you Scarlett! @GamingUnderFire @WatchMixer Thanks brother! Really appreciate you! And miss you by the way! Hope you’re well! @ItsPixietweet I know I make the time for people I enjoy. @AdamantiumFang @WatchMixer Hahahahahaha that’s too funny @ItsPixietweet I’d imagine they just want a reason to say something to you but aren’t really interested in your stream. @JakeNathan11 @WatchMixer Appreciate that Jake! @CodeHelixGaming @WatchMixer Thanks Helix!! @ScytheRiders @WatchMixer Thanks Scythe!! 😀 @AdamantiumFang @WatchMixer Thanks 😊! @EhrgeizTV @WatchMixer You were the first stream I ever pulled up and gave me such a great impression of the channe… @jimmytiptoe @WatchMixer Thanks Jimmy 🙏 @PHANT0MSN4KE @WatchMixer Thanks Phantom!! 👍 @InviictaXx @WatchMixer Thanks!! 😃 @YOCEEZ @WatchMixer Damn Yoceez, thank you for that! @Lupo2theRescue @WatchMixer Thanks Lupo!! Appreciate you brother! @SpiderBee6 @WatchMixer Thanks SpiderBee! @LucaRager @WatchMixer Thanks! @GBarbhor @WatchMixer Thank you Goomba, that’s very kind of you! @the_birds_nest_ @MadDogGrogan @WatchMixer Thank you bird! @Trigonal_Gaming @WatchMixer Thanks!! @Hero_Beyond @WatchMixer Appreciate that! Thank you! @KrispyKlinic @WatchMixer Thanks Krispy! @kniterider47 @WatchMixer @EhrgeizTV @WatchMixer Thanks Ehrgeiz! Appreciate you so much man! @MrJLion1 @WatchMixer Appreciate that! @ZTWRebel @WatchMixer Thanks Rebel! @LaLadyPanda @WatchMixer Thank you!!!!!! @BamaShockz @WatchMixer Thanks Bama! @JateDesigns @WatchMixer Thanks Jate! @navithesquirrel @WatchMixer @PTBarpun @WatchMixer Thank you so much! @L0WEFF0RT @WatchMixer Hahahaha you’re absolutely right! @SupaChito @WatchMixer Thanks Chito!! @DSVirus @WatchMixer Thanks!! @GoldenStryker @WatchMixer Appreciate that my friend! @Hidden_humanity @WatchMixer Thank you very much! @mxiety @WatchMixer Thanks you!!!! @B_Dubb_Jr @WatchMixer My man ! Thank you! @DQueen226 @WatchMixer Thankkkkkssss Drama ! @GutterTier @WatchMixer Thanks Gutter! @ScikoticButcher @MadDogGrogan @WatchMixer Appreciate that! @kezzthehero @WatchMixer Thanks! @ACursingUnicorn @WatchMixer Thank you! @noseycone @WatchMixer Thanks Nosey! @WillOWispMXR @WatchMixer Thank you! @HaloCompletion @WatchMixer Appreciate that Silver! @Orcosaurus1 @WatchMixer Thank you good sir! @AlphaNovah95 @WatchMixer Appreciate that Alpha! @MulehornGaming @WatchMixer Ty!! @typicalzander @WatchMixer Thank you! It’s just the beginning 😉 @xBirdyyy @WatchMixer Thanks Birdy! I appreciate your help getting here! @cadaver_x @WatchMixer Thanks! @thaddeusPrime @WatchMixer Appreciate you T Prime, I remember when I first joined and you reached out to me @GIadiator_ @WatchMixer Hahaha thanks! @ChillyWilly1906 @WatchMixer Appreciate you, brother! !