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MorningSomebody tweeted me to say that I shouldn't block people cos it creates an echo chamber. Checked their timeline. Anti vaxxer.
You should be blocking at least 10 people a day.Blocked about 10 folk today, and they probably don't know why. Usual shite. Politics or coronavirus or something. T… @LisaBellor An all too common occurrence in Glasgow, sadly. #rip @RuinousOfficial Some people don't like giving away too many personal details.Email verification is a must. I personally won't be asking for phone verification, it might bother some people.Very very good having a nice Brexit?That's me downloaded a new game for tomorrow's stream. A puzzle game. I am looking forward to showing off my beautiful mind. @justbazzzz Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be a grumpy auld bastard. 👍 @LisaBellor Life and soul of the party. @justbazzzz With the greatest of respects, I first meditated before you were born. I also took enough acid by then… @Laundry_Hamper I'm just having a wee laugh👍 @Laundry_Hamper Rock bottom patter. Please reconsider. @Laundry_Hamper Aye awright mate, fucking hell, a 15 second liquify job on every picture I tweet. was stabbed 86 times.
Retweeted by was stabbed over 40 times, in what the judge described as a "despicable and evil act of cruelty".
Retweeted by father of three was found dead in the early hours of Friday morning. He had been stabbed over 30 times.
Retweeted by'm sleepy @Northanhymbre @LFCkloppite1892 @randomdavemcc @SirMustard No arguing in my timeline please.I repeat, in case you're concerned about how I felt when I didnae reach a deep meditative state while lying in a pa… meditating in the park earlier. Sort of worked, sort of didnae, but something's better than nothing. I need t… @babyoftheweek Jolly, jolly good. @GamerFiend_ Here, right enough. @GamerFiend_ More like the ground, surely. @nilbergind Haha League. It is Arsenal. What you call underdogs?It's funny seeing Neil Oliver turn into this coronavirus conspiracy theorist over the last year or two. He's unint… @Sheila9Tweets I just went through a list of games in my heid and the lot of them stressed me out. One day! @Sheila9Tweets Might show it to my doctor. I also might have already made this joke. Nae idea anymore. @EdinsNicestBoy Please don't apologise, not everybody has seen my streams with @Sheila9Tweets @kevinleeheadtat Played, you're welcome. @EdinsNicestBoy Never doing that puzzle train with people. Stresses me out just thinking about it, like I'm actually playing it.I feel like playing Dark Souls, but not with my usual tank build. I fancy an extreme CLERIC BUILD! Get chatting w… @SeanFloodIsGood No thanks. Already losing interest in my own tweets.I think you should have to wear this. @PixTheCat Aye @LucyMooreStudio Nice one. I got it.And it's partnered up with Facebook. It's for the purposes of getting that video of you onto Facebook stories as ea… a large part of consenting to be in somebody's video is seeing that you're being videoed, like seeing a came… dodgy is this. @1030 They deserve nothing less than NOED, get in.This is ridiculous. Couldn't Twitch implement some sort of Captcha thing for new accounts? Surely all these bots do… @1030 What perks? @krisabetha Aw the best with it! @GamerFiend_ @SlateTwitch @alzasto @AlpakaWhacker Thanks for the games!
@fallentreegames Looks very nice, thanks! But if I get round to playing it, don't worry, I will buy it and send that money your way!I'm not streaming but I'm in @GamerFiend_'s stream right now as a DBD survivor! Come and see how I help get us all… @jiiiiV Played @tguize1 Played @EdinsNicestBoy Played a very similar one @eyewrit AyeFor next week's streams, I think I'll play a puzzle game. Maybe that new escape room one. @MurfStream @Clown9rince If you like clouds, Limmy, you're gonnae love stars. You can see them in the sky at night,… @Clown9rince Away ye go, son. @weedando 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @joe_jsx13 @SlateTwitch Unofficial blahemLong suffering woman called Lynn. @Lynn_McGoo HAHAHA @Lynn_McGoo HAHA @TSM_Break You might be looking at some old pics of me. @TSM_Break Had a mountain bike ages ago, then a hybrid, now a road bike. Lighter and faster. Feel like I'm in the Tour de France. @a1fiebrown I've been out m8It feels much better to just get out the door, go on the bike, and just follow my nose. Just have a wander.Please don't let me forget how much I enjoy having a wee cycle. I keep forgetting. I think I get put off when I st… @gfkinnaird That one a few along. @gfkinnaird I also know about Jupiter, thanks. @J0J0_live Depending on your personality, you might get frustrated that you've been trying for 20 minutes and fuck… @weedando The second I said "wipe", I thought roughly the same thing. @Sarasomniac It's very nice when it works. @J0J0_live After doing it for 10 minutes or so, it has the effect of switching these other thoughts off, like I've… @J0J0_live I don't use an app or anything. I get comfy, shut my eyes and focus my attention on my breathing. I don'… number of the replies proving why it's important. Reading them is like watching a heidfuck time loop film. looking at a tree can sometimes wipe a lot of that shite away quite quickly.I know it sounds like suicidal patter to talk about death and being irrelevant, but I feel the opposite of how it m… size of the sky and the clouds compared to me. The length of time that tree has been here and how long it will… opening my eyes after meditating/half falling sleep under a tree in a park feels very good. Looking at the t… should update all the Star Wars films so that the gravity of each planet reflects that planet's mass. It's cur… in your head. "This didn't happen. These people don't exist"Imagine we were all incapable of appreciating any work of fiction, because it's fiction. Any time you started watch… @alzasto Thank you! @TheRealLachUK The old one twoSome of you are comparing it to Dallas and the series that was just a dream. But you're wrong. It was a dream. It e… at a conference he described a part of the story incorrectly, eg "When Palpatine threw Vader down the shaft… George Lucas revealed that the events and characters within the Star Wars films are all made up. That they…
Welcome the new member of the stream team! will find me in the following stream right now, as part of a Dead By Daylight team, come and watch this newly p… @joe_jsx13 It's happening, and that's a promise. @GamerFiend_ @weedando Welcome! @the_bikes_hie @illustraeted haha @IamTheNatNat I was wise to not commit to Dundonian and hedge my bets.Congrats to this Tetleying toxic loop-da-looping Aberdonian or Dundonian Dwelf. You won't find a Dead By Daylight s… @alzasto FUCKING YES, MATE! THE DWELF DOES IT AGAIN!If you're with an energy company where you pay in a fixed amount monthly, sometimes resulting in you having an over…