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@Kate_Baker Excellent, you have to stream something.IT'S FRIDAY! #fridayfeeling
Dog discipline collide
Retweeted by Limmy @littlerugbug Mine is Get The Party StartedWell said. Night TECHNO VERSION ( @DaftLimmy
Retweeted by LimmyFat phase incoming. @tiggychadwick Heeeeeere's Simon. @Lynn_McGoo Another?It's Thursday and I'm LIVE on Twitch! NO MORE DEAD BY DAYLIGHT! @karnzter Haha @Freakova Haha, don't worry about it, dreadful game! Uninstalled it for a while till I get out of my huff.
It's Wednesday night. I can help you get to sleep RIGHT NOW with my LIVESTREAM: @Zafarcakes I am screaming in agonyI'll be retweeting this for years until I make it. has this got over 10k retweets?
Retweeted by LimmyThis is a bad idea. As much as I dislike Boris Johnson, I hate the idea that some nutter could get a hold of the sy… @Kate_Baker Of course. If you ever fucking get round to going live. @ZackGearyy He just thinks he's a grumpy old boring man
Retweeted by Limmy @Kate_Baker Please get some streams on the go.Songs I listened to this year's Wednesday, join me LIVE right now, as I entertain you with games and chitchat. YOU CAN SEE MY FACE! join my new MINIMAL Discord, to get your hands on my Twitch emotes, plus some other things in the future:
Retweeted by Limmy @cmykait should put a cheeky hauf eccie in every dose. We could do with some cheering up. @DaftLimmy @krisabetha
Retweeted by Limmy @cmykait NO! @krisabetha I've got my fingers crossed @chlozombie Glad to hear it, if you know what I mean.Please join my new MINIMAL Discord, to get your hands on my Twitch emotes, plus some other things in the future:
It's Tuesday night and I am LIVE with some sleepy bedtime trucking to help yous all go to sleep, you will go out li… @krisabetha Had to @MechaweegTV I recommend my APC Key 25. But some people might prefer more buttons to hit. @SariaSlays_ Exactly. Fucking screwing the 5 socket adapter underneath the desk, lots of clips to keep the cables s… @SariaSlays_ Don't bother, I took ages tidying all my cables away and it just isnae worth it. Pain in the arse. @Firegal_01 I've done a daddy bear and left. @Firegal_01 There were some complaints about some inappropriate behaviour. I was going to nuke it but instead decid… getting knocked down by an ambulance.
Retweeted by Limmy @DaftLimmy
Retweeted by Limmy @MidekuTTV Welcome! @karnzter Haha @dylanc533_ Haha💪 @DaftLimmy 💪
Retweeted by LimmyIt's Tuesday morning and I am LIVE on Twitch with YOUR Tuesday! @lankeymarlon @karnzter I am warning you with peace and love. No more health checks after the 20th of October.Imagine 2021 was worse.
Retweeted by Limmy @karnzter I know, but no more, please.
I am LIVE on Twitch with some SLEEP BEDTIME TRUCKING. You will nod off in no time! @Blootrix @Sips_ Go easy on him. @rcjuk1988 @Sips_ HahaI am in top secret talks with @Sips_, and I can reveal he is getting Dead By Daylight! TOP SECRET @karnzter Right, you're fucking at it the tunes on! #LimmysHomemadeShow - now streaming: @DaftLimmy
Retweeted by LimmyImagine getting knocked down by an ambulance. @karnzter I have already been to the doctor.Please like quoted tweet. @karnzter The heartrate is supposed to go up. @karnzter Super S tier. Even if I was flexing, please provide evidence that flexing is significantly bad for my heart. Evidence! @tiggychadwick @sineadplays Check out my latest tweet, please.WHAT A SONG @dylanc533_ Knew it. @tiggychadwick 100 foot high! @RiotBananas Of course not! @RiotBananas Haha @dylanc533_ So YOU'RE Reddit! @1030 What Remains of Edith Finch @Pink_Hexagon 🎶 Where is the fleet? @seanbgoneill @Pink_Hexagon HahahahaStill thinking about when I pulled up to my house on my bike the other day while a really loud teen happened to be…
Retweeted by Limmy @tiggychadwick You're welcome. Fucking love that picture, the work gone into something so fucking daft as that face. @Blootrix Sometimes the public get it right.
@ellie_d_light @Shadraach Oh I know. @krisabetha Aye, looking after myself. @Shadraach That torch guy got me half a dozen times, pain in the arse.Oooh, red ranks, oooh. DOON YE FUCKIN GO. @juliesmith2000 Aye @fm84 @funkdvoid Hello! Never heard the song but it make me want to drive about in Los Santos and Uzi a few faces.
Retweeted by Limmy @funkdvoid Yes! @rossisacoolguy I'm up for a joke and a bit of pisstaking, but I think it's got to have some basis in reality. And… @funkdvoid You gonnae put up a setlist?Watching a Christmas film with this happy family in it, they're making a wee video, the dad's all happy. I don't t… @rossisacoolguy Ah but who's the killer! @Blootrix Most people are voting right, but I voted left. Don't trust the public, mate. @Stevie_McGoo Don't need to lift. That's cheating. @Stevie_McGoo Mine! @Sacriel Unreal balance, which would suggest a bit of blue tack under the feet. @KroyVR You're right @MechaweegTV Welcome! @MechaweegTV If you don't like the selection snapping to the grid spacing, hold down alt first. Same goes for dragg… @MechaweegTV Aye, click on the waveform in arrangement view, and Split (control E). Or you can click and drag acros… 4 of this top @Sacriel U WOT U WOT U WOT U WOT