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gino @dagostlno Roaming Launch

JMG ATHLETE. 🇦🇷 . @JoeMommaGaming @choppagotrecoil

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@DestinyTheGame late dumbass @gxmblr @may_wedda @SamManlol i can help with 2 pages 🥸 @may_wedda @SamManlol sam was gonna get exposed until he stopped @sixxange 🥸 te los cagaria a tiros (yo jugador pro de todos los juegos de tiros) pero tengo 16 años @sixxange tenes 32 años @prakdip @Layymooon @cuartocore what is the lore behind this @prakdip @Layymooon @cuartocore NO FUCKING WAY @cuartocore 🥸 @gxmblr said liveplay JAJAJAJ @cuartocore @Daymeeein W @JeffThrow 😏 @CorvixWasTaken get waves @JeffThrow start giving him head fr @silvasalavisa @oFabz you started talking to him and everything went downhill @JakeSucky sup jake lucky @JhbTeam @JunkyJanker @shmeat @tilly_capalot @bunnydelphine @yung_juice_box5 @JuIioq @FixIation_ @batman lets go @shmeat @tilly_capalot @bunnydelphine @yung_juice_box5 @JuIioq @FixIation_ sure @visionofviii @Twitter dont delete this one @fvckwill @JERMAlNE my head is going to blow up @gxmblr @oFabz @shmeat HAHAHAHAHHDHADHS @oFabz @shmeat you saved the whole thing @JoeyTheSuperJew hm @ddeache_ 🥸 @JoeyTheSuperJew that is not you. @silvasalavisa that shit was hilarious to me man @lemipog saints row the third and the 4rth those 2 slap @Schovee wat happen @said5q Gl @BrenBrenlol Iconic af @Gavpai power went out huge storm @Froste 😏 @joshttd that guy isnt buff its not u @joshttd joshuattd whippin this @joshttd @may_wedda @Froste dude its gonna take 3 months to get here plus dont spend money #joshuattdcarsoon @joshttd @may_wedda @Froste nooo it was joke @may_wedda @Froste ship me gfuel to argentina @LALakers824 @veefroggy its huge @xya800 @Notnouraa @Seth4q HAHAHAH @LALakers824 @veefroggy it looks pretty big man idk @blooprintgames sup blooprint @veefroggy that mf big af @scobesx @Gavpai CP R R P @Gavpai 🥸 @shmeat #2ballshanging @shmeat gn slimert @FavsPriv @may_wedda wait a second its actually grownpapa @may_wedda @FavsPriv this grownpapa @FavsPriv gl slime :3 @fucksherwin the ad on the right goes fucking crazy @may_wedda nice @nmgreen57 This flopped @FalsifedFormat @jacob63008543 @eProton2 @BungieHelp bro just let it go its been 8 hours @notchaselyons WOW consuming ur life @KityZorb @JoeyTheSuperJew my goat 🙏 @BrenBrenlol @nmgreen57 you called me a b 🥸 @KityZorb @JoeyTheSuperJew thats u fr @nmgreen57 this is such a good tweet man @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew cool @JoeyTheSuperJew the baby after 2 days @Grahamalott @JoeyTheSuperJew HAHAHAHA @Ultra15151 @JoeyTheSuperJew HAHAHAHA NO WAY @realJBA @JoeyTheSuperJew he got the fit 1st pic @JoeyTheSuperJew ok @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew what bet did you lose
@toushigolico no tiene patas @LazasBautista GOOOOOO @FavsPriv he should drop the hog again nah fr @FavsPriv goat fr @kay6e @oFabz get this what on maury? @Froste chad @cuartocore 🥸 @cuartocore this a copy paste you dont know this much english @BrenBrenlol @Boy1drr how are you married @seventino1600 🥸 @BungieHelp @DestinyTheGame @Bungie @BungieStore @BungieLove bring back felwinters @scarrfries ok @JhbTeam @Blackbeard @FortniteGame @FNCreate @100Thieves bruh you aint even got a desk @HarryButAverage idk @visionofviii so hot @xoxabstract So so so cool. Nuts. Thank you for this!!! @BungieHelp Wow, thank you for bringing back felwinters for the new players! @BungieHelp Why the hell with all this maintenence? I would like to actually play the game I bought with my hard earned cash. @GuiltiusS @D1AlphaVeteran @_Cejjj @XFalzarZ @BungieHelp math make sens u stupid @BuckGammingYT @shmeat @FixIation_ @BungieHelp ok @ZetivaYT @BungieHelp ok @shmeat @BuckGammingYT @FixIation_ @BungieHelp i work at bungi @BungieHelp Why the hell with all this maintenence? I would like to actually play the game I bought with my hard earned cash.. @lightdotgg sup man hows it going @BungieHelp Guys dont worry i work at bungie ill wrap this shit up. @Pauutta no puedo creer q la gente llore tanto por que tengan que pagar 300 pesos, si no les gusta que no lo juegue… @BrenBrenlol this shit is crazy to me still that you are like an adult and shit but still in vc acting like elpws (12 year old) @JoeyTheSuperJew 2nd pic when a bad bitch rts ugly bitch nah fr 🥸 @JoeyTheSuperJew cool @KingEmail0 bro u are 50 @Xouped i got banned. @tranzi_ 5:21am @kay6e @Daymeeein @_KenzzzA_ 🥸