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Daimyo II @daimyoFPS “clutch master” | 18

@prdgies 🇯🇵 | valorant athlete @boisestesports

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cant even lie this went hard @shawno big dubs @ozDavud_ LMFAO I WISHoff stream daimyo 🥱 @NarwhalFPS i got you @NarwhalFPS LMFAOOOO I AM CRYING @ItsMileplays @_TeamOpulence WWWW @kxtieoh nope! @spenczz flash assist 🥱no ace:(
Retweeted by Daimyo IIwhen he said "technoblade never dies" he didn't mean physically. he meant he will never die in our memories and th… techno man. fuck cancer @Kezyyz @yoonchiiu no way LMFAOOcant even lie @spenczz one of the most solid smokes players I've seen, mf disciplined as hell
@khanartistval outskilled tbhbros really type in the valorant twitch chat. SEN TENZ?!?!?! while it’s literally a game changers tourney 😭HOLY SHIT MY BEST ACE IN VALORANT RTRT
Retweeted by Daimyo IIjoined @misfitsgg
Retweeted by Daimyo II @kxtieoh @MisfitsGG man katie. really proud of you man head down and grind it out you did it. really work starts now!Joined @MisfitsGG
Retweeted by Daimyo II @MisfitsGG @kxtieoh @Slandyyyy @VerninaEllana @florscnt @Zoessielol @yongwoon_chris @GregoFPS I LOVE KATIE LETS GOOOGame Changers is back. Let's dare to be different and kick some ass #MSFWIN 🐰 @Slandyyyy 🐰 @VerninaEllana 🐰…
Retweeted by Daimyo II @_Od26 @hollerval this shows how crazy 2% more really is @keaIani huh @indi_tky wait this is clean asfi am the biggest @madisonhaileys fan!!!!just explained to my mom why in cs and valorant after hitting a clip you look down, spray, or both and she was like…
Retweeted by Daimyo IImy pronouns are im/him
Retweeted by Daimyo II @ReDoFPS @tupperwareplays @ExaltVAL my god.announcement tmrw :)!
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@gmoneybtw mom diff @LiquifyFR fr @seshiriaa_ she’s cultured @ProdigyXiXi real @sickoJM that too @Pa1ntVAL @TeamGonjo needs the chance he deserves from a high T2 teamLFT (18) - prev with @teamgonjo -T2/T3 exp - duelist, initiator, will play anything for the right Team - super ded…
Retweeted by Daimyo IIdodge these two, plus came into my chat to harass me LOL @Blxndkidz fr @atIasxo i did LOLjust existing in val ranked live :O - has led to this. @TenZOfficial July 17th, 3pm PST
Retweeted by Daimyo IIjust explained to my mom why in cs and valorant after hitting a clip you look down, spray, or both and she was like… @_routers OMG NEW ROUTER VIDEO! I GOTTA LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FRnew video
Retweeted by Daimyo IIclassic valorant players, @ignovercook ;)looked through my twitch clips today and saw "clipped by @dixuuns " and I am just crying in the club rn @ikjoshh bubble gun hits @1nxsh @Social_Val last i was in there were 10 viewers @bbylapras @Social_Val everyone is watching him rnno way @Social_Val has this many fans LMFAO @marmarpits if you stop i’ll quit valorant @spoofzera yeash. @kxtieoh same @_Od26 @RiotEvrMoar i knew it! i knew you were a cheater! 🤓
2022 No one: “you cant edit”
Retweeted by Daimyo IIneed duo after thsi game i am losing it @OfficiaIDevour Devour daimyoFPScan i win a ranked game today? find out @LBuddyWasTaken @Hitbox_NA @ValorCentral i am an Lbuddy fanboy and he needs a team before collegeOfficially LFT (17) - Primary duelist, init, senti - Tons of t2/t3 scrim exp - Very open schedule - Flexible play…
Retweeted by Daimyo IIstop backseating in valorant @JARSOYT
Retweeted by Daimyo II @Rayzahs @JARSOYT OMG I AM ABOUT TO @loughtv i gotta stop by for sure @Keeoh the 6-0 advantage goes crazy 😭😭dm me ur twitch users :D needs this on my twitch :O on how to eat more? @unshtable @iiTzTimmy my god hes so goodLAPTOP PLAYER DOMINATES RADIANT VALORANT LOBBY @iiTzTimmy
Retweeted by Daimyo IIif you play valorant and are ever toxic to the fill smokes player. you suck.
Retweeted by Daimyo IIi love riot games having valorant's comms always up! @sickoJM <3 @nex_strider <3trusting my process, i have faith my grind is going to pay off.guys. ive done it. @ObeyCast i am down lowkey @Nighty10k @suhniiee i am comming @ignovercook not like that lil brorealest shi on the TL tn @etherealVAL_ @unshtable @veltqt dude i cant bro you had me clutching my tummy LMFAO @unshtable @veltqt @etherealVAL_ dude real tears rn LMFAOOOnever joining an @unshtable valorant party ever again. LMFAO @veltqt @etherealVAL_ yall, even though i lost every GAME!!! @OfficiaIDevour yoback from eating @GhostGaming
Retweeted by Daimyo II @holyFPS @team_parallel holy smokes @Kezyyz REAL @sash4s LIKE WTF @_Od26 NO I WAS ON OMEN, AND AT THE END OF THE GAME MY JETT TOLD ME TO STFU AND THAT I WAS BAD WHEN WE HAD A FADE WHO WAS 6-17
@cluubear idc if you y have 40 frags. the smokes fills are angels @ConcealedBones true as wellif you play valorant and are ever toxic to the fill smokes player. you suck.currently being called bad lol i main this card? in action! on the valorant . stream?