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@skipbelajar ayooo 😈need that thanos snap so i can get tf outta this life @rascalnoir stoplibur 2 minggu berujung 2 semester,,, @yeopbrader 6/10 πŸ‘ @inidapim ampun πŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈ @skipbelajar @inidapim KONTOLLLWKWKWKWKWKWSKKDDK KEREN BAT LAU BOS @netizenkorea PAIN @lifeinlacuna gatauuu t__t @monsoile YAKAN @ASEPJAYADl bts gak diapuss deh kyknyadprlive jg beneran ikutan di apus anjing...............hbd πŸ†–πŸ†Ž @inidapim @netizenkorea IYA BR LIAT TDD HRS DI SEARCH DL @h0neybliss JWJSJEJW IYADENGπŸ§β€β™€οΈ @nindrafts GAK ADA KL DI IU NYA HRS DI CARI DULU @ketupatsatu THEME HP GUE DARK SOALNYA @h0neybliss KOK BISA @h0neybliss kebanyakan nonton haikyuu @cbyourlast geu mari deo apeungeo......aljanha @somikir IYAAAAAA T___T @ketupatsatu LETSGOOOO @ketupatsatu ILYYY222spotify anjing gue gabisa denger ending scene @ketupatsatu NANGESSS GUE SHIP BGTTTT YAAALLAH...........whatever the reason is i hope u do know that you still des… @ketupatsatu AAAA SEDIH BGTTTTT T___T IS IT W THE GIRL YG SERING LO POST?? YALL CUTE ASFF😭😭😭😭😭 @ketupatsatu r u ok T__T i hope u feeling much betternot me getting u up? text at 2am bro just go to sleep
"norman fucking rockwell!" by lana del rey
Retweeted by khalishanyari kesibukan kok buat distraksi @buenoseraa pernah sekali lupa bawa pulang tas sekolah :D br inget pas malem2aespa kapan ya muncul di rans ent @ASEPJAYADl congrats debut hyung akwoakwkwwk @lgabyt YAAMPUN WJSJWKW 😭 BYEEEEEEE @lgabyt orang yg beli powerbalance β€œori” seharga 1 juta sekarang apa kabar ya... @visionaryboii COOL KIDS TINGZZ @visionaryboii IF ONLY I KNEW disctarra berhenti beroperasi di akhir 2015 i deffo will buy another album 😭 album pe… phhhoto was THE shit my uname used to be khhhalisha 😭little white bitch bought my uv cd in disc tarra back in 2015 broooo i miss that @S3X133 HAHAHA TRUU @astrolsky CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!you had to be there [ insert foto disc tarra ] @mahdinosaur13 RIP TIMEZONE AND BIOSKOP 21 CITOS @inspiratioed TALENTED BGT KERENNN GILAAAAsando biscuit momoiro enak bgt setressssssssa mau 10 @saintbxby fiersa bersari @looneyfrozz big no @inspiratioed LETSMFGOOOOwanda this wanda that i wanda if we ever overthink eachother at the same time @rascalnoir gws ❀️ @cbyourlast makanya ajg gw jg suka emosi
@rascalnoir 🧸 @cbyourlast my bad idk @cbyourlast eneng @skipbelajar mf DOWNBAD @ssoleilblanc sum dude.....he....stick his dick up a mf rat @kopiasusu SUITS U WELL PRETTYmy bias too strong he bias wrecked himself @chuIopapi one @chuIopapi i was on of those bitchesjust lied to oomf @jjjjeremih yesni kenapa ributin nastar si kan emang gaenak @fromtheetropics KWKWKSKWKWK EMG OKNUM R BRENGSEK2 KAN BOSSSSS @troismotsvides RAFAAAAA CANTIKKU @sheacoat aulion bias ku @hoeyalties u put all your grudges in that tweet ong 😭 @h0neybliss @deIiberates atleast his name is not fucking REYHAN 😭 @spaxedout BINGUNG BGT SUMPAH KYKNYA WHATEVER IT IS ITU UDH MATI.... @baddtot iya......sakjiw @astrolsky JWJSJSJW JGN DEH ANEH BGT @stoopidraina anjing orgil bgt @ssoleilblanc NOOOOO </3 @astrolsky u want to see 😭is it rat or are u so HORNY and u start to fuck a RAT 😭ape ni mermaid in love first of all u cried over men that starts their name with R @trasheam omg relate.....trs tkt kl nyampein pendapat bakal dimarahin(please help retweet and like) hi i finally open for commission, just dm me if interested! help girlie get sum coi…
Retweeted by khalishabring back the ssg era we miss themmy perception of you is completely shifted now wow u rlly betrayed me like that :/ @h0neybliss first of all his name is reyhan πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦―wait NO oct 20now i know why keep listening to kultusan on repeat back in nov 20 JAJSJSJSJS SOMETHINGS FISHY N I CAN FEEL IT @lgabyt UBERSOC ELITEEE @stoopidraina diam km raina :D @v3gana fito akun lucu @cbyourlast @tearsoficha tempat tidur gue masi diberesin mak gue and yall alr start a new family? πŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈcowo apaan lu ga ngestan twice
Retweeted by khalisha
naon sia anying @cbyourlast IYA I RMB U SAID LO JUGA NUNJUKKIN FOTONYA @waIIahu happy 1M @cbyourlast why u ask....just look at @sundaykisseu WHAT? itu kyk hitam tp kena cahaya sore aja.........mario lawalata bro....... @sundaykisseu wait it’s not??? @lilacslushie suddenly my username is artsy.peach @cbyourlast such a long time ago πŸ§Žβ€β™€οΈ