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@JediMasterAlex jus disrespectful to the actual 4th member of the group, pat smear @Xouped LOOOOOOOOL @CrypticNoOnee LETS GOOOOO500 in 5 minutes and i have to do the wap... naked.
Retweeted by daip @PigsAndPlans this just disrespectful to Pat Smear too smhkurt dave and krist did not write nevermind, and in utero to be in the same pic as the dude that dropped bad habits… @theneedledrop how big was the check melonit takes me 10 minutes to open up the spotify application on my pc please doug @rosstopherpriv mmmm my goat fr @shivisdumb @JoeyTheSuperJew yea you definitely lost a bet or something @CFC_Ant would @koordell WHAT AM I WATCHING
Retweeted by daip @WhosBreezyUK @koordell HAHAHHAA @realJBA @theweeknd ik your mentions are SHOT rn @koordell you spittin @Blankzy_ from JCFC can i possibly speak to about a business opportunity that is mutually beneficial for all parties involved?
@Froste that third picture making me feel some type of way.. @HarryButAverage what is this joemama quality bro LMFAOholy shit @JoeyPrivateJew bro that shit was scary @GrahamaPriv when someone tells grahamalot that they thought trump was a bad presidentwhomst want smoke in 8ball @Blankzy_ can i Q with yall @JoeyPrivateJew did @SkreetMan @Yuhuuur @OnTheFlyTwitch @Josh_Tries @FelonyPS did this help flyroh @Ultra15151 @Schovee @Schovee @Ultra15151 this last map miami dont count, i was exhausted, playing cold war for almost 9 hours on no food took its toll @Ultra15151 @Schovee mercii was the only one killing me, i was running circles, smoking the rest of yall @Schovee @ripxRain LMFAOOO @ripxRain lol @dxukkaj i love you jakku<3 @prakdip ily prak @ripxRain lemme get in this @Josh_Tries @JoeyTheSuperJew oh okay i was gonna say bro i got fucking SCAMMED @Josh_Tries @JoeyTheSuperJew wait why did you get 100 @Yuhuuur i am better than youthis is a call to chall any1 in the comm, @Boy1drr what is so funny ishani am the best cw sniper on the timeline @iMercii_ i didn't say anything for the rest of the round, i was in awe @iMercii_ high roller challs wif homies watch if u would like 😀 @privshiv the guy u like @privshiv this makes more sense lol @TristanGHill yoMAGAs do you ✅hate the establishment? ✅think libs are annoying? ✅hate war? ✅hate “woke” advertising? ✅think hi…
Retweeted by daipdon’t think that I like you @GetSpectrumpowerade deadass got me bussin
@LazyBautista nah deadass though, i shaved the other day and i was looking huge bro @WhosBreezyV2 @Yuhuuur you put those kids on BLACKED wowthe way this dude josh got aired dawg lmfao up to see that you can see when you bookmark something @CryptiicNo let him slide, he got the goat pitcher as his pfp @iHaveNoHoe @j4zzyko ceaser cookin his ass @Josh_Tries what happened joshua @TheTopViking @iHaveNoHoe LOL @jakkuxd i more focused on nude by radiohead, banger
Retweeted by daip @Josh_Tries wait nah what the hell is this @Schovee happy birthday @fvckwill happy bday fvckwillium @Mako peep last tweet @Mako mako mako mako, next otf tourney me u +2 lets gojeez @Josh_Tries deadass gonna be a super soldier with perk greed @Josh_Tries WHAT @Boy1drr @iHaveNoHoe @Yuhuuur 5 slices left gimmie 5 @Boy1drr @iHaveNoHoe @Yuhuuur I AM EATING @Caxital yes lmfao its long asf @Caxital wait is that deadass the # lmfao @Xouped NO FUCKING WAY LMFAOOOmob of the dead not even t2 wtf @IcyVert WTFF @Raiders @derekcarrqb this was full 10 minutes ago
Retweeted by daip
@LazasBautista @FelonyPS @Josh_Tries @Yuhuuur thanks laza @iMercii_ @iPurrple @Ultra15151 @Schovee gg boys u guys are nasty SENDS IT TO A SECOND BEST OF 5 🚨🚨🚨 SECOND BEST OF 5 STARTING VERY SOON TEAM TWITTER USERS @Josh_Tries
Retweeted by daip @notedub sup edub1031danny green on chicago bro LFGGGGG love cold warTHE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR 🚨 THE GRAND FINALS COMING UP NEXT 🏆 $400 ON THE LINE 💸 TEAM TWITTER USERS…
Retweeted by daip @Blankzy_ @FelonyPS @Josh_Tries @Yuhuuur apple watch said his bpm was at 150 during our match bro
@BlankzyPriv gg man 💜4v4 SND @OnTheFlyTwitch Tournament /w @daiptix @FelonyPS @Yuhuuur (delay)
Retweeted by daipno regainingjust saw this and lost full 2 hours before the tournament starts @Josh_Tries welp it was fun while it lasted !good morning twitter, otf tourney today😈 @iHaveNoHoe @NesoEE join disc too @iHaveNoHoe @NesoEE can you hurry up old man @iHaveNoHoe ishan cordthis mp5 setup👀