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''way too horny'' and ''bewildering''

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Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓BLACK FRIDAY SALE 30% off everything in my depop this weekend, sale ends Sunday night! 😊 almost all items are NEVER… doing all my xmas shopping online, & it being my birthday this weekend (thank u lovely people sending me ca… do you kindly educate your siblings who are fully grown adults but still younger than you, when you can see the… Swift is truly a gift this year. I’m so thankful for her faithfulness. She’s been with me since I was 14 and…
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓cum??? you mean preg nogg???
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⚠️ Major cheesiness ahead 🧀 this day next year we will be MARRIED. ill be a wife? ill have a husband?? Seems fake (… Jason Derulo has fallen down the steps of the Eir Centre in Sligo
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓Just got some pretty stellar news in work, and its my birthday weekend too. Catch me absolutely drowning myself in… @EveryTimeIDwyer Oh christ NO! get me wrong i still actively and regularly use my DS, i love it, but the lil mini discs that PSP games were o… @JustEatIE @KrispyKremeIRL Omgggg 😍 @fortygigserverThe absolute gall of @RozannaPurcell calling herself body positive only to then release a clothing line where the s… President of Disney Channel
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Even waiting for my new phone, its here in the house but I can't have it until Saturday and its driving me INSANEI didnt think I was an impatient person but ive quickly learned im wrong. Im SICK of WAITING. Waiting for lockdown… of summer and winter
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓Dave has some balls doing all his previous poor bakes in the final, absolutely love the idea of the redemption cake… tell my kids this was joe biden and kamala harris
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓😍😍😍 not disturb me i am blooming
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @JustEatIE @fortygigserver 💕Oh fuck yes HERE 😍😍😍 I'm not allowed open it until the weekend coz otherwise I literally would get NO work done, but its he… new phone is out for delivery !!!
@GhostAnneBoleyn @SayHiSinead#playboy #missguided #boohoo #newlook #asos #PLT #prettylittlething #nastygal #fashionFurther discounts on my depop, most items brand new with tags on that I didn't return from online shopping! A fract…
What a kool kat u see me at th bage of Shred choese at 3 am .. .... .... No u didnt ❤️
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @BrewDogdublinop Christmas came early! 😍🍻 #COLLABFEST2020
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓"Man it must really suck to be a woman" says Patrick, there I am thinking YES right like gender pay gap, inequality…
Nobody: Someone from Kilkenny:
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓He has me spoilt fucking rotten girls im not gonna lie cant deal omg my fiancè bought me the Note 20 Ultra for my birthday next week. Its on the way. I worked in a phon… @fortygigserver @90sVisuaIs 💗 don’t think enough of you saw this.
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @YLaylee @fortygigserver 😍Felt cute last night, zoom birthday drinks for @photobob_omb & asking @MadaTrah to be our groomsman 💗
The Pokemon Art director has created these cute Salary man Kirby images You are very very welcome
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓girls don’t want boys they want the entire penguin clothbound classics collection
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓i think they think yorkshire pudding is like chocolate pudding..
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓Nice to wake up today and see the IBSA petition being shared around work (just in our social distros) and everyone…
this is a state of grace, this is the worthwhile fight, love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @sapphicg0th Only seeing this now and its sold out (which is great!) Where can I watch the livestream?
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @darren_scott @sonofedge Omg Sin I've found someone else that does it too, I'm not the only one that CROAKS 🤣 🐸 @SayHiSineadIf you trust the bank and get your wages put into your account, and when you go to spend your wages the bank says t…
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓I LOVE THE JOKER MOVIE
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@emmetbabey @MrStackpoole Big @LeumasMartin vibesHe is wintering out the back-end of a bad year
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓This was absolutely fantastic though writing the school survival guide
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓Did my cat write this? From under the couch don’t want boys they want the ten minute version of all too well
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @NetflixUK put Fairly Odd Parents on Netflix u cowardsMy DMs are open for anyone whos struggling or wants to chat about it. I'm out the other side now, & stronger than e… heart goes out to all that are struggling through it right now ❤ when it happened to me, I had already moved to… someone who's sex tape got leaked before the era of OnlyFans, I used to think it wouldn't be as bad if it happen… @MrJamesMay @thegrandtour @fortygigserver finally !! @CianOMahony @fortygigserver
girls all across the UK when Vernon said “good girl” #ImACelebrity #ImACeleb
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓I've been having the worst week, but thinking about lil house bits, decorating and colours and furniture, its the o…'m absolutely ecstatic, I love my apartment but even though it's a penthouse it's still only a 1 bed. The storage… we bit the bullet a few months ago & bought a house. A new build, gorgeous 4 bed by the sea. Still a good ~4 mon…’s Covids 1st birthday wtf
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Dec being like "Jordan the snakes there, forget about them" 😂 #ImACelebOmg so I'm watching Forged in Fire and Will Willis (what a king) literally just commended someone on their tenacity… crispy skin off a roast chicken truly is one of life's simple pleasures 🍗 @SayHiSinead, sorry I haven't responded to your text, video games basically don't have loading screens anymore
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓Tell ya one thing, its a been a while since I've been so gripped by a book that I've stayed up until 3am to finish…
no thoughts, just baby snoopy
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓nobody: hollie arnold: MBE MBE MMMMBE MBE MBE bang #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓Ant & Dec explaining the Castle layout #ImACeleb #imacelebrity
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓Fucking hell Bev #ImACeleb
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓I think I fancy Vernon Kay tbh & it's not something I was expecting but shur lookit here we are #ImACelebPure buzzing for I'm a celeb omgevery For Him gift guide is just like “have you considered sock?? what about TOOL??“
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @MauraTheThird Happy birthday beautiful!! 💐✨💖 I hope you've had a lovely day xeverybody fears raymond
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓 @RexChapman @davidintheforc1 @SayHiSinead are u ready to cry
She is honestly the worst character ever who wont drink orange juice with pulp are babiesMy husband set up a motion sensor sign that lights up when my cat poops....please hire him, he has too much time on…
Retweeted by 🌼🔗🤓I love them friend: “how you keeping man”? Me:
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Hoovering carpet in a house with pets'm sorry but look at this absolute monstrosity of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Patrick got??? Ignore the chipped nai… morning I've been having a really rough couple of days after some pretty bad family news. This chunky boy is n…
Yet another injustice @vegansandwichco Ok thank you, will keep an eye out! 😊 @vegansandwichco Is there anything similar that can be bought before those dates? Have a secret santa dinner with f… @YLaylee Ahh Super Potato is amazing 😍
Long stressful day in work so I hopped into the bath. Eyes have been sore and tired so I said I'd forgo the project…