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daiyi! ✨ (chris) @daiyitastic Oakland, California

I like drawing & climbing mountains because it makes me feel free. zines, backcountry nature journaling, a fast house 🚐 \o/ eng @honeycombio; they/she ✨

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@sunmoyed sd is experiencing weather?? @philipnrmn OKAY SO can you please explain to me english speakers' ability to casually avoid acknowledging ambiguou… @amain270 DANG I hadn't heard, i am filled with hopeful nostalgia! @__steele aw I can't wait until we're a big company that can hire lawyers and have international employees 😭 @igorwhilefalse aw yay! best of luck!The open, safe, & free space for tech workshops and learning/creative groups is facing 2x rent increase. Co.up is w… @flowersandbytes coco is the best <3HI INTERNET IT IS SELFIE TIME here's an accurate photo of my workday
@snehainguva OHO @sadisticsystems ALWAYS @philipnrmn a most dignified gelatinmobile \o/ @thesquashSH DUDE contact Cathie asap!!
My climber friend is selling her Transit Connect camper van with a bed & off-the-grid solar panel & battery set-up!…
come work with me!!
@nat_exploring Old Oakland farmer's market! TAKE SOME FROM THE KITCHEN though I got 8lb!!IT IS TIME, PERSIMMON TIME \o/// ($1/pound at the farmers market!!)
@daveliepmann oh man. I feel so out of touch with modern culture in like 3 different ways
@JeremyMorrell I couldn't see the fish though!
@djpiebob 🎶 all I want to do is see you turn into a giant woman 🎶we spent a lot of time looking at this rock
IT IS HOT I WISH TO EAT THE GIANT ICE CREAM CONE @angelica5antos I am sorry to report that this is exactly what real life is like :'|
What’s wrong, Chile? An Essay. (In english, in a nutshell)
Retweeted by daiyi! ✨ (chris) @queersorceress oh!!! if any of these positions look interesting to you I would be happy to answer questions :D @xfry wow!!
@tweets_so_fresh what would you prefer? @tweets_so_fresh also I was just at segment an hour ago?? @tweets_so_fresh @DaveJosephsen this IS GREAT I am putting it under my pillow @rodzajowo this was my conclusion as well???? @lizthegrey @FisherDanyel @honeycombio I want to be danyel when I grow up \o/ @allingeek @honeycombio what is PMET? O:
@JeremyMorrell oho that is satisfying :^) @JeremyMorrell suction snake!!
@katelikestoread they are such happy apples! free range and roaming the Sierra foothill without a care in the worldescaped the bad air to go apple picking with the fam C: we got 18lbs!! featuring life-drawing gouaches of our bou…
@jackrusher oh!! this is strangely satisfying. like a box of paper clips learning to dance.I went to Reel Rock and saw all the people I had just seen in the climbing gym earlier
@forstertweet @geekygirlsarah i am happy to answer any questions about the company/people/team!
@dietrich oh thank you!! I should specify that it's dictation through Voice Control that's not working. I can do ot… join my team! bonus: you get to work with the loveliest engineering manager I know. :D if you are interested… @shiftyp apparently D: it could be a chrome issue. all of Voice Control is not working for me in firefoxHi @asana your product is unusable to Mac voice-command accessibility usersI found out one issue where Mac Voice Control won't type into input fields that are <div> elements with javascript… @perlhack how long of a trial did you give it? I am going to try sticking with it for at least 3 dayswow I can't use voice dictation in Firefox in Catalina .-. (I'm guessing it's a permission problems but the usual t… I horribly incompetent or is mac accessibility's voice control/dictation really unusable )': @alainadev I did! just frazzled x_x THE FERRY LINE EXTENDS FROM THE FERRY BUILDING TO FOLSOM ST east bay people who work in SF, the transbay tube is down and they're telling people to take the bus or ferry t…
the keyboard firmware flasher told me to hold down the button until the keys flash red, and they have not after sev…
@kwyntastic yeah! I sat down on your couch to read a book and got distracted xD
omg this is unexpectedly great🎵The popup weed market brings the boys to the yard And I say, just don't block my car Park respectfully, you don't… @theBrc007 the problem I face is that language-learning isn't high-priority enough to overcome climbing mountains a… looking for instructional mandarin youtube videos is a horrible experience for me because I find reasons to be… no I was looking for a fun way to teach pinyin to my partner and somehow ended up in the most cursed corner of c… entry of youtube autocomplete for "how to pronounce _" is astounding in its own special way other news, aerial conditioning has made my pull-up bar figure 4's a lot cleaner :'Doh geez I heard rattling at the gate and reached for the ice tool my housemate keeps by the front door D': HAPPY SPOOP SEASON
@mipsytipsy @JeremyMorrell @honeycombio @djpiebob dang you convinced Ian to do something that isn't retriever? :P @kwyntastic @JeremyMorrell WHEN @Camigomez318 @jsconfco @melinamejia95 yay! @JeremyMorrell @mipsytipsy @honeycombio o man did we write a blog post about this yet 👀 paging @djpiebob @JeremyMorrell I wish v much to look!! @kwyntastic Bureaucracy all the way down @nat_exploring LIVING ON THE EDGE [OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM]scheduling medical appointments is basically a full-time job. .-. @JeremyMorrell WOW dang changing my plans to visit you before the fall is over???
the flag was pretending to be a cape! my roomie @nat_exploring catches me taking down the aerial silk (:
@starsandrobots was it enjoyable? D: @starsandrobots german is the most grammatically dense language I have attempted to learn, and I did notice the eff… @litonico_ "Scroll to descend into the computer." omg this has lito written all over it @starsandrobots interesting! what do you like about icelandic? @litonico_ where can I experience this narrative for myself?? @katelikestoread what about the quality jason content though @katelikestoread omg hi!! if you would like to escape the frenzy come by my house and I'll cook you dinner or something :DAMAZING, cars are banned from market street and bicycles no longer have to joust with buses \o/ @JeremyMorrell @kwyntastic why do/did y'all like flow?it looks like my extended circle has mostly tried to convert their js codebases to typescript 👀 @violasong @ioctaptceb wow what a comprehensive overview! congrats to the team \o/ @stephbian nice!!
@emilywithcurls such smiles!! ;o; @emgrasmeder 🌈 @mikefotinakis @senorarroz @honeycombio wow dang, so good to hear! honeycomb + feature flag impact, such a satisfying combination :D @ilmirajat that is encouraging! I've found varying levels of value in auto-generated docs but it is definitely a be… @michellecohrene yikes, breaking updates! what about the typescript dev experience do you like better?have any of you successfully migrated a production codebase from es6 javascript to flowtype or typescript? I WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORIES @mandkips People's History of The United States is my couch book, Zami: a Biomythography is my bed book :Dthat feel when you're reading 2 really good books concurrently so you read one on the couch before going to bed the… 4.5 magnitude earthquake occurred 0mi ENE of Waldon, California. Details: Map:
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@keyboardio omg remapping the keys required firmware shenanigans, that is not a great user experience for me. going… @noahlt @keyboardio I think that would suit my hand a lot better. I don't know what I'd use any of those far away… @_jsimonovski @honeycombio @wiredferret aw yay! such a well-traveled sticker @keyboardio first day acclimating to @keyboardio and I am confused why hitting enter requires serious finger gymnas… @mayli aw (:After eight months of living in the Netherlands, four things our family now takes for granted: 1) A cycle track on…
Retweeted by daiyi! ✨ (chris)I had a squash taste test and @noahlt mentioned one of them looked like Luigi :'| #squashgouache #inktober @klappradla ah yes! I already have the caps key remapped and can't imagine life without it @thesquashSH I've been doing the sleeping trick, it's impossible to fall asleep otherwise due to pain D: I had thes…