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@jasaeeeee It looks so good 😩😩😍😍 @DatHilight Aquarius hello!I ain't gon lie I need you🙏🏼’m glad Megan is alright. I saw the video of police forcing them out of the truck. I know that was scary as shit.…
Retweeted by bodega cat @4_GROUND Magical tbh feel like a lot of people are in their feelings right now...I’m thinking of doing a session/ learning seminar for upcoming Artists from Boston, Mass area. If this is something…
Retweeted by bodega catMonica >>> dates are our favorite 🌞🍒
Retweeted by bodega cat @4_GROUND Candles, aprons, everything @mrcarter1of1 😎Hours
Retweeted by bodega catI wanna get cute to go out again🥺
Retweeted by bodega cat @big_business_ Neither a fat ass,nor big titties. 😞 are having a field day with “entanglement”.Once covid is “over”, I need to see Masego live.I have neither. been missing for 9 days now. If y’all could please retweet this that’d would be GREATLY appreciated. I’m really…
Retweeted by bodega catSAME. @YungEmac Must be nice!Okay fine🥺’s your IG?I want some macaroonsBring “Tap To Tweet” back
Retweeted by bodega cat @nicaapplebaum Man...💔💎 @rachelysantani 🥰😘WTF. need to get off social media because i read this as “entanglements”.“Oooo an investment!” Said no toddler ever. @rachelysantani 🥺i have feelings.Gratitude is an exercise, you worked out today?
Retweeted by bodega catI just want some ice cream😩 @4_GROUND Thank you! @graceeannette Thank you! So do i! I work for a tech company and this was a perk they covered. I knew i had to take advantage. @4_GROUND Yup. Freezing them. @nadinedleon Thank you!!! I’m in such baby mode now, but I gotta chill😂 @graceeannette Freezing them until I’m ready/have a partner. 🥰🥺🥺🥺🍾🍾🍾 now i want babies. @graceeannette Thank you!!! I know, i was shocked! especially after being on the pill for so long. My estrogen leve… context a normal egg retrieval is about 10-20 eggs (I work at a reproductive endocrinology practice) 47 eggs is…
Retweeted by bodega cat @heymissashley @_MASSAIH_ YUP @_MASSAIH_ I was so bloated after the retrieval too. Now i know why😩 @_MASSAIH_ Lmao that was me! @NanaCastro_ Thank you so much!! I can’t wait to use them😩💙 @nicaapplebaum Thank you babe!!Now i just need to find the father of my babies🙃 @nicaapplebaum Doctor said around 80% will survive the thawing. Incredible.Especially after being on the pill for so long i was hella nervous.I can’t believe i had 47 eggs retrieved. FORTY SEVEN 😩 that’s why i was so bloated and irritable.! @fmason3 Yupppp @gotpinkbtchh Forreal!I just rewatched all the seasons on hulu the other day🥴 in Oakland this Saturday, and Oscar Grant’s Mother will be there. Everytime I have seen her, my emotions ha… tell you this much, no matter how good you are to people it won’t make them good to you.
Retweeted by bodega catPraying for protection and healing over Megan.
Retweeted by bodega cat @dreadedgod This is really sad. Smfh. @gotpinkbtchh SUPER TRASH
🕊’t ever put the p*ssy on a pedestal. lies. plants, sunsets, and candles lit after cleaning. is a garden? Where are the plants and flowers???😩 share this. We need to say his Name. Lots of immigrants fall through cracks when it comes to getting to the…
Retweeted by bodega cat @souvyy It’s making me so hungry!Facts @souvyy Same🙃Another one ☝🏽😎 #BLM
Retweeted by bodega cat @Tiatalksalott 💙💙BITCH YALL TRIED TO KILL MEGAN???
Retweeted by bodega cat @dulcideleche who the hell would hurt such a gem?!AT all’s fucked up. @TrillCreoleCED Yea she was. Meg got shot?? Sheesh. @MoneyShotRonny Make it make sense. Because I can’t 😂CA is going back on full lockdown ...yet here I am buying all these new clothes. Where tf do I think I'm going? LOL.I have zero energy to do any work today. @lost_mungu Will do, thanks!Plants have such attitude. on ovulation day.
Retweeted by bodega catRihanna just wants all my money huh?nobody: Vice: we sent the whitest person on our team to document compton’s underground rap scene
Retweeted by bodega catInvest in your immune system.
Retweeted by bodega cat @lost_mungu She doesn’t care😂😂😂😂😂 @Tiatalksalott Oakland 📍 @inocean6 Yes there was lmao @VonnyQuest Good or bad?😂 @NTVE_Tongue GROWTH!!!A woman who did it by herself. Props lol.
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