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Dale North @DaleNorth San Diego, CA

Game music composer: Dreamscaper, Wizard of Legend, Sparklite, Nintendo Minute, Marble Knights & more. Next: Astral Ascent, Snacko, Helvetti, Mystiqa & more! 🍛

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@chipzel It goodThis channel CHANGES EVERYTHING @Nick_NDaydream 🙏🏻 @DallasCrane_ It’s more of feel making sure that things feel homogenous and good together. I don’t think there are… @pseudohumanist of course. Regularly! @esoundsignal SO READY @chinonsho Might do one better: a friend and I are talking about starting something up @XJustified I appreciate your spirits. I too would happily attend anyone hosting anything like this.I say that but to date I’ve turned down every request to do a talk or be on a panel lolIf someone gave me a GDC or other industry type panel/talk my first instinct would be to use it on a captive audien… a lot of this music is so dark and messed up that it’s perfect for a late nite before Halloween walkReally incredible score. KS outdid himself. And setting this show to music is no small task. Oh and IMO this show i… @CPorterMusic SameHere's a picture of @even_kei and I's next game, "S"! I also wrote an update if you're curious how the game's going…
Retweeted by Dale NorthThis show about characters in a kusoge is too real came out today! Me on music. @williampalmer27 It almost never sits well with me.I love writing music for games so, so, so much.PHEW! October 30! I probably put more hours into music this month than any month ever before. I just delivered almo… @Promtastik super happy to help if I can whenever @williampalmer27 It's very, very rare. and a pretty bad thing if we're doing this with prepared libraries, samples…
@TheMaJessticOne thank you so much! @skitchmusic there's an example of reverb EQ in a response in this thread and it shows just how powerful it isWell @HunterBridges and I wrote a song together for an upcoming project and it is coming out SO BADASS. I present t… finished off with hardware EQ and Compression is the best feeling. This is absolutely dry. No other effects… @Dj_Tenshin The latter. @IsaacSchutz @BSlickComposer yep. I say for more control just send out to multiple reverbs (that's what I do) for d… @BSlickComposer @IsaacSchutz you always get more control externally with routing and most of the time also with usi… @IsaacSchutz @BSlickComposer SD is amazing. I miss it. And yeah I almost always prefer to do the EQing at the sourc… @BSlickComposer that would be the normal way to do it anyway. The older school console send way in the analog world… @Kinoshita_Crazy Yep. My own kinda unpopular view is that all the plugins you can buy today just get in the way of…, if you take the steps to continually check/compare it comes together beautifully. My mixes are JUST one Eq pe… @Kinoshita_Crazy Check this. They go from a boomy muddy nightmare to sounding like an actual room send just by un-b… then later, the whole back of the orchestra checked against each other. matching each string stem to each other creates such a harmonious sound. This would NEVER happen soloed didn't ask for EQ tips but: 1. Don't EQ solo. At least group. Best if you group, and then compare group by grou…'s ya boi rewinding the emotional parts of sports anime and getting doubly emotional on his lunch break 😭Cute! @AustenActual I keep hearin that! Ty @GamingAngelGabe yeah amazon is like, look, we'll tell you when we're ready lol @ekkubizor One of my MEGA FAT bundles is. Goofstop. Amazon hasn't said shit. @GamingAngelGabe multiple~!That Souls footage is insane!Aw dang just got an email that says PlayStation 5 preparing for shipment! I have bought ALL the accessories...but h… @chibilola Exactly that. @Lonesteban Yeah it was no japan post for a long stretch. Now it’s limited. DHL and FedEx going full force thoTook a quiet beach breakfast to start out the day instead of emails and canned coffee. @Lonesteban If you’ve seen my home you’ll know they’re shipping hahaWait what?! @PJonesComposer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @Lonesteban Either is okay @chestnutvinegar 😭😭😭 @awintory This is it! Yep haha @jakcadden I had a karaage-kun limited release banner hanging in my kitchen for a long time haha @chestnutvinegar Thank you 😢 @jakcadden Of course I have! I’d like that just as muchSomeone mail me Famichiki and a Strong Zero 😩My sleepy companions ❤️❤️ Christmas Cake!! got up, started recording music, and now it’s 6:30pm. What? Honestly if you could make days twice as long as they…
@quotationclark I’m glad home makes you feel better. And thank you! Super busy but doing well @quotationclark hopefully you can have a chill evening @JennRavenna @AestheticsJapan Amazing workOmg am the picture of health is on sale for Halloween! Go play and hear some creepy music from me! 👻 back is mad cute too is arguably the worst Japanese canned coffee but the can art is great. I love Demon Slayer! Slack/Trello/Email/scheduling checking devices 😌 @WayForward @13amgames Congrats to all!The syncopation in the intro of Toshiki Kadomatsu's Monorail is so, so satisfying. It goes hard but is so smooth at… @Nick_NDaydream Same across the board32nd birthday celebration for Mega Drive! SOR4's They Are Back played virtually on MD using the SOR2 sound font wit…
Retweeted by Dale NorthIt's rare for Square Enix to launch a Final Fantasy website without music! But it's a good one anyway. The lore of… @aramjabbari Ah man. Mega congrats!Oh wow this is cool! @MasonLieberman it is the best best best.Late night mixing with my good analog bois @Tiaygo_ J-pop is where my musical heart lies. Secretly all my work is really just kinda jpopI know this is delayed (super busy with work) but: BRAVELY DEFAULT II OMGGGGGGHey @motutech thank you so much for upgrading the metering for Avid surfaces in the latest Digital Performer update…
@pongball What a jam! @PC98_Audi @InvertMouse Thanks so much for having me. Let's do moooooore together! @lukethecomposer Sneak me into the next one @lukethecomposer JEALOUS. Also I would have just flat out cried. Man, that’s so amazing.More cutscene scoring today. Again, very appropriate for the season. I freaking love this part of the work so much! @eschmiel "That is the Bottleneck"This show is getting too real lol @insanerainmusic Sounds fantastic @failpositiv Welcome back. This is a jamI love that WF mentions the music! ❤️This stage was my favorite of all the songs I composed! @laryssaokada WDef some harmonic and also stringwork flexing goin on, like hamauzu. The composer, Toshihiko, is so… @laryssaokada This show was great too! And a good example of why I love Jdrama music. The range and expression, the… @awintory @GiantSquidology @A_i @iam8bit @ayoitselaine Congrats on this!Good stuff! Also nice to see game music shoutouts from Shu! @laryssaokada I already thought you were cool but your coolness level increased considerably by knowing this.nice want to tell everyone when I recognize and correctly identify a player in the background of a city pop song but t…'d be surprised how much time you end up making when you don't know this lol