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Dale North @DaleNorth San Diego, CA

Game music composer. I wrote the music for Dreamscaper, Wizard of Legend, Sparklite, Nintendo Minute and many more. 🍛🎹🍵

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@supcat Me too hahaAnd all four because I’m stupidI’m in Gear Micro announced
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John is a fantastic music maker and person and you'd be lucky to have his music in your games and projects. @kianamaiart @MouseNoises I try! My name is Kévin and l'm an animator/character designer and also do a bit of stor…
Retweeted by Dale NorthNothing like fighting a Tschäggätä Ogre on the top of a roof of a cottage in an abandonned moonlit Oppidum…
Retweeted by Dale North @leisspendragon Cory is mind-blowing. @definitelyvita @MsMinotaur Composer & Sound Designer here!
Retweeted by Dale Northinto it to bathe in blood ? Try new Evangelion onsen in Japan :-]
Retweeted by Dale Northピッツァのテイクアウトが始まったそうで予約とってない人も店頭でオーダーできるんだとか🍕🍕🍕🍕 テイクアウト限定で博多で人気のメニューも味わえるらしいです
Retweeted by Dale North @dunkman Fuck me. Stay safe and keep us posted
@FFoP_Jason Thank you!I love you, @vintageking @KonFot Very kind of you. @KonFot Sending all the good vibes your way. Good luck on everything.But honesty these are easy references. If you get this show’s constant references to popular j-drama we can be insta-friends for lifeHere’s uh MarineKart romantic anime references Dark Souls and Mario Kart in the same ep 👌👌👌😆 @lucengame This looks so good.It's still absolutely wild to hear my music in Nintendo content. Shameless, I know haha sorry. But YAY for Xenoblad…『ファイナルファンタジー・クリスタルクロニクル リマスター』のサウンドトラックが発売決定🎉🎉谷岡久美さんの新曲、主題歌フルバージョンなど収録予定です。詳細は後日発表いたしますのでお楽しみに! #FFCC #FFCCRE ニュース…
Retweeted by Dale North @harpsonaTweets Ok!So good @harpsonaTweets Hey um plz record for me tooI guess what I’m saying is that while kindness and compassion are always special, it’s fucked up how rare it seems… any act of kindness or compassion I’ve seen shared from out there in the streets today is making me cry s…
I think the highest of game makers that won’t hesitate to ask five times. And even higher for those with the patien…’s comforting to hear the top pros in the field talking about how they had to rewrite tracks five times before ap… am so so happy these exist 😂 I am singing along to all of them. Also: very relevant to your interests… not interrupt his sunbathing
Retweeted by Dale NorthPlease do not ever forget what you’re seeing today.This hits so hard., have some relaxing vibes from my balcony. Stay for the corgi boop
@Tamashiro_E Thank you! @JamalGreenMusic Thank you!This makes me so happy did this when I told her to poseWhen you can finally get some fresh air on the weekend roses lookin good! @korov @AoiTsukihime I hope they’re different flavorsI mean...I’m in @miyagawa Instafollow
@Benjamin_Taylor OPPO is a name known to audiophile folks. I have a pair of their planar magnetic headphones and I… with the new sampler and changes the Orchestral Tools stuff is still full of bugs and inconstancies. I stopped… @HunterBridges @supcat Brings me regular delight @MitsutoSuzuki You al made fantastic music! Thank you!Attack On Titan Final Season Key Visual
Retweeted by Dale North @mire_tyler Japan still does it everyday!They really did a fantastic job with these liner notes #FF7ROST @LiamBME @theHenryDemos just enrolledBWAHAHAH PLEASE check out the GIFs of gameplay for this social distancing game Social Distancing Cannon LOLOLOLOL . 😂
I'm so glad @SquareEnix places so much importance and focus on videogame music. And glad @sem_sep is putting out al… made the Jukebox disc look like a baby vinyl just like the SqEx Jazz albums did my god my Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack is here and it is GORGEOUS! tTake a look with me. #FF7R nice SC action @ViktorKraus2 @adampi DAMN this is good @ViktorKraus2 @adampi Sold in like 3 seconds. This kicks ass. @joshlpaige Kayuga-sama Love is WarI couldn’t help but notice a particular detail in this weeks ep 🍛 @JeremyHuxley @HinoyaAkihabara Legendary curry @snackodev Oh youThis’ll have to do for now 😌 Hopefully I’ll see you soon @HinoyaAkihabara @TrendOrchestra It's so fun. Except the tempo maps. Those aren't fun hahaToday I'm working on heightening the emotion of an upcoming trailer with tons of doubling and layering and sweeteni… if you love Haikyu!! 🧡 stream it now:
Retweeted by Dale North @nfpgaming That was me growing up too. And then I got away from that sadly. But these last several years I'm right…! @snackodev is listed in Kickstarter's Projects We Love and is doing really well! Let's go!*cries*スマホを横にしてご覧ください(やってみたかった) Please turn your smartphone horizontally to see
Retweeted by Dale North @lizziekillian I haven’t showed up for work in a month but they haven’t fired me what is going on hereNew Hikaru Utada jam out. It's good! @JamesLandino @kevinpenkin @Crunchyroll This is so badass. Congrats!Let’s gooooo @theHenryDemos This. Can we have like 3-5 together? @MrBozon 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Incredible「FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Original Soundtrack」iTunes アルバムランキング1位!ありがとうございます! #FF7R iTunes
Retweeted by Dale North前に取材させていただいたところが素敵すぎて、 もっと簡単なスケッチで済ませるはずが、ついけっこう描きこんでしまう…!
Retweeted by Dale NorthI’m so glad this is happening and all of the games look amazing. Sad to miss the IRL one but this is pretty great’m no Araki but I look at my music the same way. “Does it have to be?” sums it up. No point having a universe of c… woke up to 30% funded! Everynyan is amazing, thank you so much! 😊 We did a quick little update here:…
Retweeted by Dale North @xygdrasil That’s great @PursuingPixels This is how I grew up. There was a stretch where my dad didn’t even want a tv. Living room was just… @grrlaction This is the best. @orcauwu This gif is too powerful @orcauwu This is literally my fuel @spoonythebard_ I live for this specificallyBlast from my past. This is great. cool I want to look back at this life when it’s nearing its end and feel like I spent most of it listening to and exploring music. @FFoP_Jason Sure but I’m trying to hear it all. I’m just trying to me moved each time I listen. So if it’s related… @vdeviance Same! @analogcymatics One of the most amazing things about music is that it lets you find whatever you want to in it. No… @nineroyalexo I did that 3 days ago and it healed part of me no joke