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#bigscottishbookclub | ‘You Will Be Safe Here' & 'Maggie & Me' | Literary Ambassador @thesavoylondon | | 📚 🐓 🌈 | High Life Columnist

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@JohannaTC @rushton67 @katemosse @jonathancoe @SharLovegrove @DoughtyLouise Me@also @LesleyF16147542 Missing it? @TraumaTroveTrac @marvellousadam Useful@this. Thank you.I’m very proud to work at @ObserverUK
Retweeted by Damian Barr @JaneSAnderson15 @NivenAudrey @joannaofottawa @heawood @BBCScotland Let’s see what happens! And thank you x @joejonas @McConaughey Total dream! Brings back memories (and fantasies) of life on the Drag. @NBCNews The world is on fire @DeeBarr10 @SimonMagus 🤩 @AndrewPoetry Need @__Dor__ @cmccrudden ! @sineadgleeson @heawood *clutches pearls* it’s so dismaying, this internalisation of the idea that there is a neutr… @cmccrudden I still think this looks like a cot in first glance. @sineadgleeson @heawood ‘Neutral’ oh ffs. @NivenAudrey @JaneSAnderson15 @joannaofottawa @heawood 🤩🤩🤩 @heawood Adorable @Glittermonk3y Good for you!! And indeed not @SimonMagus Me! @SharLovegrove I can’t. @ListenNotes @LitFriction Oooh thanks! #litsalonPaging @valmcdermid @Beathhigh @LiamMcIlvanney @edbookfest @GoldenHareBooks @PortyBooks please take a wee look here… you help us? We only have until Tuesday to get as many signatures as possible and ensure housing is recognised…
Retweeted by Damian Barr @julesbuddle Thanks!We all need and deserve a safe home to call our own. Please take a moment to sign this petition. 🏡 💓 thank you. @wilsondan Cute @randallwrites @LesleyMcDowell1 @WomensPrize See piece by @JohannaTC today @LesleyMcDowell1 @randallwrites @WomensPrize I like that you do! @randallwrites @LesleyMcDowell1 @WomensPrize You’re such a duellist. I love it. @AKCM30510837 @IWC_Media @BBCScotland Oh don’t start on the £! Safe trip! @JohannaTC @rushton67 @katemosse @jonathancoe @SharLovegrove @DoughtyLouise Yes I see those pages get brighter. I’v… @LesleyMcDowell1 @WomensPrize About men writing as women and vice versa, quite aside from the binariness of this an… @LesleyMcDowell1 @WomensPrize Has a man tweeted you about your apprance yet? Counting down the seconds... @R_McCormack Really. Not. Good. @valmcdermid @LesleyMcDowell1 @WomensPrize Thanks for speaking up- those shortlisted for prizes deserve to at least… @JohannaTC @rushton67 @katemosse @jonathancoe @SharLovegrove @DoughtyLouise Much needed! @AKCM30510837 Oh good! I am@v glad you enjoyed #bigscottishbookclub @IWC_Media @BBCScotland when you moving back? @JohannaTC @rushton67 @katemosse @jonathancoe @SharLovegrove @DoughtyLouise Ooh I enjoyed this work-out. Didn’t kno… are fiction’s life support system – buying 80% of all novels. But their love of an emotional truth has been u…
Retweeted by Damian Barr @ninacaplan 👀 💓 @fredhogge @ninacaplan They are so grim @MargieOrford 🤩 @BruceDevlin I’ll just go back to@sleep @MargieOrford What a dream! @ninacaplan 30 years?! Wow! @jeaninecummins 🤩🤩 @ToniVbooks 🤢 @efrogwraig Ha! @davidhlane 💓Just woke up. What did I miss? #ripvanwinkle #catchingupwithlostsleep #itsbeenquitetheyear @davidhlane Welcome
@Neil_Denny @littleatoms Thank you! Honoured! @BloomsburyBooks4. You Will be Safe Here, by @Damian_Barr @littleatoms #bestof2019
Retweeted by Damian Barr @triciabeckett72 Oh thank you! I hope so @IWC_Media @BBCScotlandEvery now and then I try contact lenses but can’t deal with the gross eye-activity. Off out to birthday party after…
Retweeted by Damian Barr @cnlester It’s sadly a very crowded hill x @robbiecowen @BenMyers1 🔥 @deebeeheych It’s utterly on point @Jonesthebook @MarieAnnUK @matthaig1 Horrific @SuzanneWTweets This is horrific @buddah_uk Terrifies them @CatRentzenbrink @thebookseller I love some serious planning! @Downith @Lin_Manuel Shall do!Oh. This is just, devastating. And in the end he’s right: love is what we need be thinking about when we vote. Corn… @mrsjaneymac I’ve been writing about memoir as memorial while doing my@phd so it was that and the thing I realise i… @cmccrudden Oh that is basically us all finding our way through life! @NzeluWrites @mrsjaneymac 💯 @mrsjaneymac I wonder if every writer who goes to see has a similar moment? It was just brilliant. I reAd it first… @robbiecowen @BenMyers1 Sext @BloomsburyBooks It’s all the fun! #bigscottishbookclub thanks for shouting about us! @IWC_Media @BBCScotland @gerryhelmet Cute ;) @StuartEvers Aye deeply @mrsjaneymac I thought of Frannie! ‘Who will tell myself story?’ @CATEMH @MerielMyers I have not seen this - sounds a heartbreak! @WaterstonesVic @thebookseller I was peering in@your windows last night after going to@see Hamilton @LightingMonkey Very cool! @ruthmedia @shelterscotland Thank you!
@stephens_ben So few places that are free and givingSo, I hadn’t expected Hamilton to be so interesting on the acts of writing and storytelling. #iwrotemywayout @bella_wylie @MerielMyers 😭Up to the minute @Matt_Casbourne We do what we can x @Flashman58 @FoxedQuarterly @PNovelistGale @whatsamadder @DavidNWriter @MarianKeyes @AndrewPoetry Let’s hope so!When libraries close, minds close too. Books are not a ‘nice to have’ they are a fundamental human right.
Retweeted by Damian Barr @MerielMyers Beaches, ending.John Major doesn't believe that Boris Johnson is fit to be PM. Ken Clarke doesn't believe that Boris Johnson is fi…
Retweeted by Damian Barr @KatyaTaylor @_MattShaw 💯 @thereidfeed Thank you for sharing this x @_SusieRose You know I’ll@be there for that @shelterscotland I’ve signed and I am proud to support your important work. Thank you.Housing is a basic human right. I signed this petition and hope you will too. Thank you. @suzycorrigan Oh fabulous!!!Nice shout-out for #litsalon podcast here - yes 🎧 #podcastfriday #readingisresistance
Retweeted by Damian Barr @2outa3 @MooseAllain I agree - genius! Thanks for that laugh! @clean_prose 💓That Boris Johnson chooses to engage in taking giggly selfies with Philip Schofield & Holly Willoughby, yet despera…
Retweeted by Damian Barr @clean_prose Oooh I’d like to pop in! @__Dor__ @cmccrudden @alice People of talent?! Wtf?Nice shout-out for #litsalon podcast here - yes 🎧 #podcastfriday #readingisresistance @paulabookfest @edbookfest @RolandGulliver You have programmed thousands of events, brought stories to hundreds of…