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Patrick Mahomes had two years remaining on his contract, and he and the Chiefs are adding on 10 more, making it a a…
Retweeted by Damien WoodyGotta think percentage of cap is tied in I would think on a 10-yr deal💣💣💣💣💣 @HarlemMC @HarlemMC Ma’am!The way the universe works though... great look at the struggle many players face with weight & nutrition after leaving the league. Some amazing tra…
Retweeted by Damien Woody5,000 calorie lunches, crushing Tums, insecurities about body image and longterm health concerns. Offensive linema…
Retweeted by Damien Woody @michaeleaves Bruh.... @HotKetel PBS series on Reconstruction @iwrite2praise I read up on the Homestead Act but not the other one @wafflesonair21 That’s what I’m watching
@Oclark38 Yup @ZmanIsles I already know about thatI swear learning about Reconstruction has been such an eye-opening experience for me and explains a lot of what’s g… @CindyBoren Thanks Cindy!Can’t stop/won’t stop.... this #4thofJuly I thought it would be good for the family to learn about a period in history that’s almost NEVER…
@jelani9 🤣🤣 @GeorgeFoster72 Man if I say what I REALLY want to say...folks on here might come for me so imma chill lol @GeorgeFoster72 Whatcha talkin fammo
Retweeted by Damien Woody @minakimes @HamiltonMusical
I forgot just how brilliant @HamiltonMusical is #HamilfilmNever seen my family so quiet and captivated 😂 watching @HamiltonMusicalJust despicable just reported on @FirstTake that he just heard from a very reliable source that Daniel Snyder WILL… my brother! @GeorgeFoster72 How we livin FizzleGood moanin.....MAJOR! @lifewave98 I have no problem with that but it’s just a symbolic gesture and not addressing the core issues ppl have with the league @lifewave98 It’s panderingCmon NFL 🤦🏾‍♂️
2020 well well.... @MrAdamAp @GetUpESPN nowhere in my comments did i say he was an upgrade. I said he's unlike anything the Pats have… 🤦🏾‍♂️
Love this 👏🏿
Ok @drebly_32! I see u reppin VA 👊🏿 @OneTough_Momma @exavierpope what he's saying makes no sense at all. AA make up 12% of the US population and we do…👀👀👀 @exavierpope Man don’t waste your time on him. He knows exactly what he’s doing @Gerald_Huggins 😂 @Gerald_Huggins Yea aight lol @Gerald_Huggins Why ppl care in the first place 🤷🏾‍♂️ they don’t represent black folks @ind1azplatan0 I’m with you 😂 @BCrum717 That he did but I think Fab’s DJ didn’t help at all @CoachWorkMedia So fye 🔥🔥‘We Gon Make It’ really is an all-time anthemFab mounting a comebackJadakiss is giving Fab the BIZNESS #verzuztv
@thomasqjones Dawg 😂👀👀 @ChrisWragge 😂Twitter is going to be a mess over this Supreme Court decision @IamJavone Amen @MatthewACherry @VanJones68 🤣🤣What do u call a news dump on a Sunday evening? LolWell I’ll be.... I love the fit for Cam!! #Patriots
Love that fit for Cam 🔥🔥🔥Schefty bomb 💣💣💣💣 @gohawks99 Like? I’m listening.....Standing ovation in the Senate. #msleg
Retweeted by Damien WoodyMississippi legislators have voted to remove a Confederate battle emblem from their state flag. Star RB @H_Kylin
Retweeted by Damien Woody @gohawks99 Seems like they’re doing a pretty good job to me....using the tools provided to them by the ConstitutionThese collegiate athletes finally recognizing their power is refreshing. Literally got a state to change its flag in like 2 weeksBoy....Mississippi got that flag up outta the paint with the quickness @peter_king Great list Peter....I would throw Bill Callahan on that list as well @RonBorges My favorite group/team growing up @SantnerSteve It’s coming lolMasked up outchea getting some lawn equipment 🙅🏾‍♂️ on Twitter to see what’s lemme go cut my grass
Geoff!! 😂😂 Born Day queen @jazadelphia 🙌🏿So we got the #Clippers right off the rip huh....#LakeShow
@Bakari_Sellers Congratulations my brother! @scottwalters007 Actually he was by certain segments trying to tie him to some kind of a hoaxI swear...some of y’all out here like this re that picture NASCAR put out @scottwalters007 That’s not even remotely the same as the picture NASCAR put outNASCAR president Steve Phelps says NASCAR conducted a "thorough sweep of all 29 tracks where they race, and 1684 ga…
Retweeted by Damien Woody @scottwalters007 Where? Show me video/proof b/c that’s not the statement NASCAR just put outNASCAR says of 1684 garage stalls, only 11 have pulled-down tie rope with a knot & only Wallace's stall was a noose…
Retweeted by Damien WoodySo y’all gonna sit here & tell me these ‘nooses’ are commonplace in these garages huh 🙄 my grandparents used to tell me ‘common sense ain’t so common’, boy those words couldn’t be more true than wha…‘Inappropriate’ is putting this mildly @bomani_jones @nolen_lamberth @dariasteigman 😭😂 @dariasteigman The problem with Will’s argument is his individualistic mindset as it relates to race relations when… @dariasteigman I just listened to it....what were your thoughts?
What in the hell did I just watch 🤦🏾‍♂️ @bomani_jones BetNeed to go back and check out Bomani & Will Cain going at it on radioGreat stuff here with @damienwoody...the owner of the best background on TV right now!
Retweeted by Damien Woody.@michaeleaves @elleduncanESPN @JayHarrisESPN and @MariaTaylor lead a series of important conversations tonight at…
Retweeted by Damien WoodyFree agent guard JR Smith has emerged as a leading candidate to replace Avery Bradley on the Lakers roster, sources tell ESPN.
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ON TODAY’s @willcain POD: -Which NBA player's legacy would get the biggest boost with a title? -The FBI determines…
Retweeted by Damien Woody @dentale11 That’s one garage my man! My question was is it commonplace 🤦🏾‍♂️The Major League Baseball Players Association has agreed to report to training camps by July 1 and play a 60-game s…
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