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@courtneyjinean now WHY you look so good rn??????😟 ain’t messing wit no average chick POP POP !!
Retweeted by toe @CupcakKe_rapper $damntoe 😍✨New year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by toeSza by me 🧚🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by toe @oh_jayla EXACTLY!!!!! @damn_toe Forever a bop
Retweeted by toe @jordan_whoelse like???? it’s just not giving that 😟 @aBallOfCiara i know that’s right 🥺 @beeeaanz now hold on because i like det🧍🏿‍♀️ @damn_toe i’ll romance you too 🦦
Retweeted by toeromancing myself chile @damn_toe
Retweeted by toe @g0divagoddess EXACTLY BESTIE!!!!!!😍✨ @g0divagoddess i love you so much bro like because i’m deadass not goingjdkdljdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkd i need this… @damn_toe Look, I’m just tryna put all the facts on the table for you sis!! Don’t you let them ugly ass folks overw…
Retweeted by toe @g0divagoddess this is so true omg i genuinely haven’t had an off day wtf. i need this bad af...... it’s settledhdj… @damn_toe Smoke. Give yourself a facial. Catch up on sleep. Exercise.
Retweeted by toe @g0divagoddess nooooo kizzy on that one chile. but then imma be bored af at home.... @damn_toe .........don’t
Retweeted by toe @g0divagoddess no because i literally won’t 😟 if i just didn’t go to work today... be ON IT with these. And why did everyone always say the same stuff? “For the grown folks”
Retweeted by toeListening to Aint It Fun x Paramore as an adult.
Retweeted by toewe miss you, aaliyah. 🕊️
Retweeted by toe"no man wants a woman who.." we don't care lol
Retweeted by toe#WhereTheMoneyReside
Retweeted by toe @iconicbadboy exactly what i said @damn_toe Taurus?
Retweeted by toe @iconicbadboy yeah🥲did I win? #BussItChallenge #BussIt
Retweeted by toe8 year old me tryna figure out how they got a car in the middle of the mall
Retweeted by toefood elliott and her bubblegum (2000s) 💗🍬✨
Retweeted by toeI do not like to FaceTime unless we best friends or I’m in love with you
Retweeted by toe @AshiaMonea_ exactly what i said bestie!!!!! @O2STREET just a 10/10 chile @MPincumbe chewed @DeiaSantia tea omggg @_ashtonnn right!!!! i see what you mean now chile just so nasty the way they did him. he was very annoying tho like... @uhknee_ fjdksskzkzkzkskskskskskskssjsjsj no like that sad was sad af fr & why is it always 2am omg i miss binging🥺 @damn_toe @_ashtonnn I was on the floor sobbing at 2 am, and my mama checked up on me and was like, why u crying an…
Retweeted by toe @heirslaughter that’s cap i’m sorry @_ashtonnn helpppppppppp now why you lowkey just spoiled because i didn’t know they got miranda........ @_ashtonnn i was kinda ok with george d*ing off. it’s the way they got him that was just sad af😭😭😭😭 lexi & mark tho? boy....Pregnancy can literally end in death & these niggas do not be worth dying for
Retweeted by toethat they’re all absolutely beautiful & 100% capable of telling the truth & pointing out valid issues? absolutely😍 Martin Luther King Jr on vacation in Jamaica
Retweeted by toefuck what jer talking about
Retweeted by toe @heirslaughter jer? wanna kiss myself
Retweeted by toe @jollibeauty you chewed wtfmy first makeup look of the year 🦓🖤🤍
Retweeted by toe @O2STREET it’s not making sense at all fren like @Yosnier_ helppppppppp just hateful chile. her picture sitting in his camera roll rn. just say you a fan uglass nigga @Yosnier_ funky ass. a grown ass NIGGAyou were sitting next to jesus during the last supper yet you're on here addressing a 19 y/o lol...
Retweeted by toe @Yosnier_ lmfaoooooooo collect his ass like the collection plate bestieIs that insect called 'Europe?'
Retweeted by toeain’t never been left on read
Retweeted by toe @_Vaun legendarically @yaplayingnow 😟how he make his acoustic guitar sound like that
Retweeted by toenow we- by me
Retweeted by toe @JhopexFenty i mean they’re only 2 years apart ion think it’s a ~huge~ deal, but some people saying she’s legally a… @LeeBruh_Greene @cool_tr3 fjddkdkdkdksksksksksk please @LeeBruh_Greene @cool_tr3 that’s what i’m see too chile so we just gon stay out of it 😟 @JhopexFenty at max & some samples chile @JhopexFenty streets saying she’s legally an adult 😟 @theealexiia chile lemme stay out of this one 😟ask a child
Retweeted by toe“gag order” is so funny to me like @cool_tr3 not she bagged solange chile chile 😟 @theealexiia i mean she’s what 18? & he’s 16? ion think we should be alarmed but idk 😟 @cool_tr3 ch-that’s julz? saying minimum wage shouldn’t be $15 an hour and I’d have to agree. It should be $30.
Retweeted by toeyou work for that rich rich man and he only giving you $16 you mad at the wrong ppl
Retweeted by toeaquarius: i like you! person: i like you too!! aquarius: you what??? 😐😐😐😐
Retweeted by toe @india_indeed omg😭😭😭😭😭😭 @tariqterry nor is it THAT serious like relax😭😭😭😭 & i personally think they should’nt even be in no relationship wi… @lilyjjanet DKDKDKDXKZKXKDKSKKDK @idkmackk fkdkddkdkdkdkdkdkdkddk no because why they stupid af @lilyjjanet like baby please get it tf together @damn_toe now u complaining u have no friends. NOW WHOS FAULT IS THAT?
Retweeted by toe @ariontheair lonely as hell now looking stupid chile @damn_toe Now they friendless 😩
Retweeted by toe @sirzeldin like all you telling us is you’re controlling & insecure af baby. get ✨help✨ @ronnniiie it’s them thinking this take was a chew like😭😭😭😭😭😭 “periodt” girl be quiet @sirzeldin no because how dumb could you be fr😭 @ronnniiie just stupid chilethen y’all break up & now you look big & dumb. very embarrassing I tried, here’s my #bussitchallange 😂😂
Retweeted by toeone year of progress 🧍🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by toeYou pull one little piece of lip skin & your whole fucking lip unzip.😒😂💀
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