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What’s one thing u was mad about in the beginning of the year that ur paying now?Before I put you on tell me what’s ur motive. @itsTimHell the last 2 years is sending meWatch it 💋 @MaxiiMilian_ Ok!!!
I really don’t use my hbo max and it got the movies on here lemme watch underwaterI haven’t watched a really good zombie movie since train to busan and alive.I watched “his house” on Netflix today she was cute.One thing I would love to do although I don’t see it for myself is modeling. Me in a fab designer’s outfits with my tall ass would be cuteSooo what’s everyone up to!The category is body.I’m a tad bored. @StevieDerrick_ @MaxiiMilian_ @seasiick yup @seasiick lol yuppgood afternoon everyone @calvindewayne_ Of course. 💁🏼 @calvindewayne_ You to the bar. @calvindewayne_ I could tell by the high difference so when u hopped I knew how far it was @calvindewayne_ I’m glad u saw what I saw. @TaeDoeShark noooo aries whats wrong @TaeDoeShark you ok fav? @thiskidterry play them for lotteryokay.. i want a boyfriend.@dualipa’s ‘levitating’ meets earth, wind & fire’s ‘let’s groove’. 💞
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔#AMAs lol i wasnt even trying to learn the dance but megan ate that for me so much i know it by heartlol u kno imma order themhey where u bought these from? i want these
@wuhryn @VeryGallant I meant Alex but u def got a cute two step in u too lolIt may not be ur passion but I can’t wait for u to be a background dancer for someone @KPCeeJ I wish they would try to touch u @TaeDoeShark u still uppp @chantshmant lol ur smart @____tsuchikage lol @____tsuchikage lol now u knooooo they comingthis could be us BUT YOU DON’T WANT ME
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔Love my healthy curls🤍
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔lol cuz im only playing as my gurl courseee @ArianaGrande
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔the pan. also moved to Scorpio today. Intimacy. Desire. Passion. Seduction. Wa wa wee wah. 💦🔥
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@Of_Noble_Mien oh ur freak page got it @Of_Noble_Mien When u turn 70 or something had 70 likes @Of_Noble_Mien What got deleted @Of_Noble_Mien That too I already knew @Of_Noble_Mien I figuredI’ve learned out to make flyers !! N logo’s!! @Of_Noble_Mien Are uNow y'all know I had to do @theestallion & @JaQuelKnight’s #BODYchallenge! And of course couldn't resist the…
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@StevieDerrick_ @ShatteredVanity I’m cute and I have gorilla grip coochie they can go slander their insecurities be… I was in my first podcast festival with podcasters that been in the game Now I come from the doctors and sh… makes a genuine person and do you think you’re one of them?new episode of @SpilledMilkPod today we get into wh… where the voice notes I just did* BRAND NEW #IndieArtistSpotlight 🚨 This week’s featured artist is Singer/Songwriter @Macy_Cray ✨ Make sure you…
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔Welcome to Lyric theater 🎭🎤 many people skate by and rely on samples. A sample should never carry the song.
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I hope Superman was somewhere taking NOTES
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔 @chantshmant Lol @chantshmant @chantshmant Oh wowRetweet if you have an accent. I’m trying to see something.
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔#FreshPrinceReunion My heart is so full right now... Will you have freed me from this prison. Thank you!
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Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔So I’m just catching up on The Fresh Prince Reunion. Did Alfonso Ribeiro still not fuck with Janet? I notice that h…
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔 @jaicelemar mmmhmmm i just passed that part i was thinking that too @Of_Noble_Mien @JustPlainCamm I have a cane for u 💋 hey! me what’s ur motive.
I got the voice note!!!! @1Indigo11Aura1 @omgnotkeef oh wow @omgnotkeef what threesome?yall be having boyfriends and flirting with niggas on the timeline HEAVYYYYis everyone prepared for the next lockdown??boosie. reading? is just... chile.When you’re looking for the light in the room, it ain’t NeNe Leakes.
Retweeted by 🌬ᴴᴱᵞ ᴷᴵᵀᵀᴱᴺ 🏔 @KPCeeJ @KPCeeJ its me actually @Yooseannn im shutting it off tired of hernene... @Kebiirude i bet u doyall.. @ALEJANDRODa_Gr8 happy birthday!! @GumbeauxStJames @JustPlainCamm Lmfaooo oh my god @chantshmant that lyric popped up in my head he could be slim ,trim, it dont matteraint no fat nigga telling me what he aint eating. @ElStrickland cancerHe carried! @Of_Noble_Mien Lol of course @Of_Noble_Mien I’ll fill..How’s y’all fleeting going y’all good or u need another flush? @CDior_