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Dan Abramov @dan_abramov London, England

Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

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@woutervanvliet @reactjs I think it’s highly likely that Suspense will be shipped by the end of the year. But the e… @alocke12992 @vuejs
I'm so in love with @Framer X. It only took me a few minutes to make the glowing cubes from the homepage work in Fr…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovExcited to announce our website's new look 😊 New features: "Get Involved" & "Hire Me" Get…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @YamenSharaf @EmmaWedekind @reactjs I think you might actually enjoy it if you use it for what it was designed for… diamonds shine in the dark frank ocean an intellectual: these minerals on my body break light
Retweeted by Dan AbramovCatch my @reactjs and @storybookjs course - the kind folks at Egghead made it free this weekend!
Retweeted by Dan AbramovThe Framer X course is coming next week. It's going to be free. Can’t wait to teach designers how to code React com…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovHey, London! @MengTo is teaching a full-day workshop next Sunday at @pivotallabs! Learn how to use Framer X’s power…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @james_k_nelson I think it’s legit. Need to figure out how to suppress. Added to todos @DesignByAdrian @TatianaVeratti @reactjs File an issue? Tbh I don’t think it’s specifically intended to debug loops… am so in love with the new profiler in @reactjs 16.5 Wasteful re-renders beware.
Retweeted by Dan Abramov
@dan_abramov @swyx @FrameworkSummit What's funny is that it hasn't been financially successful but it's one of the things I'm most proud of.
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @dan_abramov there’s @josepheames@FrameworkSummit happening in a couple weeks
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @Blymers @LiiorC I think talks on them would be fair game, sure! @swyx @josepheames @FrameworkSummit This does look similar! I guess “frameworks” in the name confused me a little b… should be a thing. JS umbrella is too generic and I want to zoom in a little bit. But React/Vue/Angul… @vincentriemer @sophiebits @cpojer Also @CompuIves might give you pointers @vincentriemer @sophiebits Code splitting is something that's actively being worked on AFAIK? cc @cpojer
I ❤️ @codesandboxapp It has drastically simplified my life as an OSS maintainer. My most common two replies to Gi…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @nullvoxpopuli @OrbitJS @jsonapi @dotnet You know what I'll say. "Suspense will solve this.." @nullvoxpopuli @OrbitJS @jsonapi @dotnet In general invoking callbacks from lifecycles seems not great. @nullvoxpopuli @OrbitJS @jsonapi @dotnet That seems like a non-ideal pattern to me. The component that owns the sta… @nullvoxpopuli @OrbitJS @jsonapi @dotnet I think the rule of thumb is that you shouldn't need synchronous re-render… @RustineDave Start with one file! 35! Learning @reactjs. Getting to know the prerequisites to efficiently learn it. Knowing the fundamental conce…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @nullvoxpopuli Can you provide a small self-contained sandbox demo? I agree it’s not an ideal pattern in general bu… @varenya90 @MellowDipti Yeah it’s because this line applies to class components too. Even though they’re not directly called like functions.Introducing: This Week In React ⚛️ Weekly coverage of interesting pull requests, discussion, and RFCs around Reac…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @_baxuz Make a Vue logo with HTML/CSS in four minutesI need to work on my CSS skills! That was fun.
@kureevalexey @ken_wheeler It’s Your Company NowDuring dev-the-dev this afternoon I played with React in the Terminal using react-blessed. So far, I've come up wit…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @kylemathews @AdamRackis @wycats @jdalton @gatsbyjs I don't get it. Do you mean it's impossible to import a CommonJ… @AdamRackis @wycats @jdalton We're removing mjs support from Create React App 2.0 for this reason, let the tooling stabilize first @brian_d_vaughn This is the Chinese introduction of profiler, translate the blog post you wrote.
Retweeted by Dan AbramovReact DevTools 3.4.0 is now in Chrome and Firefox stores! This update includes: * Improved coloring and ranking of…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov⚛️ Check out this demo @yungsters recorded of the new @reactjs DevTools profiler inspecting Facebook Marketplace (a…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @nullvoxpopuli @brian_d_vaughn We're looking into this @CiaranxD Sorry, no idea how the TypeScript version works, it's not maintained by us @OliverJAsh Note sure if you've seen but 16.5 offers a special profiling build that has prod-like perf characteristicsSorry To Bother You will have it's UK premiere at the London Film Festival!!! It hits the rest of the UK on Decemb…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @OliverJAsh Have you profiled what’s taking the time with 16.5 profiling mode?
Next.js 7: ⬩ Smaller footprint ⬩ 57% faster bootup, 42% faster re-compilation ⬩ Better error reporting ⬩ Webpack 4…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @yuecma How familiar are you with React? If not very then it won’t make sense to you. Don’t try to learn both at on… @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Здесь в месаджинге часто случается затык потому что это как бы и редукс и не редукс ) Н… @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Я думаю здесь важно отметить что как раз модель (иммутабельные обновления которые мэнэд… @unel86 @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON Я в mobx не разбираюсь, так что может нет ) @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Да @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON Тут вроде редукса нет, это mobx наверное? Для mobx выглядит норм вроде @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Теперь когда контекст работает можно перенести те же редюсеры (и использовать те же пат… @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Редукс это по большей части для сложного стейта и сложной логики апдейта. И она не прив… @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli По сути суспенс кэш — это как релэй для людей которым не нужен релэй @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Редукс никогда не был заточен под асинхронную логику, да и у большинства людей там нет… @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON Если покажешь фрагменты кода я могу прикинуть археологию @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Ну это же не значит что всё совсем плохо ) По большей части то что не получилось — это… @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON А почему это важно? @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON Ну и вещи типа форм редко когда полезно "поднимать", но иногда полезно ) @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON Под reducer components я понимаю то что делает ReasonReact dispatch(action) { this.s… @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON От этого легко перейти в редуксу если хочется, или обратно @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON Начинай с ванильного реакта + reducer components (тривиально сделать самому) наверху в… @meowthsli @EhnuNywWlQdauON Совпадение? Не думаю @EhnuNywWlQdauON @meowthsli Я вообще не это говорю но ок @seldo @techgirlwonder We use inquirer in Create React App too!First 5 years: this is harder than I thought Next 5 years: this is simpler than I thought Does it ever get just right?So.. here you have all the videos from #ReactAlicante 2018. Enjoy! 🙂
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @pmcdougl Not currently, CRA is explicitly not tied to any backend. If you need SSR, use Next.js, Gatsby, Razzle or similar @NurmiSimo No but we may explore just "modern builds" as opt in. Allowing browserlist for JS is too granular and th… @lissni @AdamRackis @left_pad @webpack Not exactly, we have a "react-scripts" package which is a single build depen… @ryan_castner I think that'll be addressed by @jcemer People who write primarily for Node have refused to do this for a long time now @aberbamx Their blog post also notes there are unresolved questions about syntax which means it will likely change… the newly released iOS 12 Safari has a crazy bug - The state of a local variable is preserved even when…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @jcemer The alternative is that people can't use packages that were written for newer Node versions @ashwinkshenoy @youyuxi Here's my ideal file structure: @boubiyeah Yes @akullpp What is? @wcandillon @flowtype @calebmer @leeb You shouldn’t see any errors from React. We don’t even ship the source in the package. @iamchardmd We’re intentionally not forcing to use a Node backend. Look at Next or Gatsby or Razzle for this @Crsanthony @YamenSharaf The fact that rewires break all the time and there’s nobody maintaining them at this point… @RichCooper8 @acdlite They have Windows version in the works
Anyone found any big performance wins from the new DevTools profiler yet? Tell me about them! 😁
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @julianabsatz No, you need to explicitly import { ReactComponent } for it to kick in @podviaznikov Hi Anton! I sent you a DM but not sure if you've seen it. Would appreciate a reply (even if it's a "no"). Thanks! @AdamRackis @left_pad I mean, there is package.json but there’s almost nothing useful you can tweak there except de… @AdamRackis @left_pad No, that’s kind of the point of CRA 🙂 We disallow all that so that we can guarantee painless upgrades @okonetchnikov @romainlanz 🤔 @AdamRackis @left_pad CRA doesn’t support Babel plugins other than the ones it ships with 😎 @PixelsCommander @zxcvv Like, here's a possible Redux CRA "starter". No need to build it into CRA. @PixelsCommander @zxcvv You don't even need alternative scripts. Adding either Router or Redux is a *runtime* depen… @AdamRackis @wSokra I think it’s a very simplistic view of how or why Yarn was created. @Nufflee Sass is in the screenshot. No other plans @AdamRackis @left_pad You mean tools like Storybook? Or what kind of dependencies? @PixelsCommander I honestly don't think Redux is a good "default" (and never thought thta) @YamenSharaf Yeah then you'll need to eject or fork. There's no composable way to "supplement" a config that wouldn… @PixelsCommander We don't think React apps "need" either Redux or Router. Fixing this is a documentation problem. @aberbamx No plans until the proposal moves further along. In fact the old proposal has already changed semantics s… @SavePointSam @timer150 Yeah he'll work full time on it for two weeks to get it shippedThe updated @quip webapp is so good @Raed667 Too many inconsistencies in the behavior, no clear unified proposal. Needs a rethink. We'll probably suppo…