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@Leefrog2 It’s great if it works for them! I think there’s a subset of apps where small bugs are tolerated or they’… @coderitual We have parts of the picture but there is another part that is missing (caching and invalidation)… @little_bret Good way to put it.Async/await is great in node web apps, with request response lifecycles, and you don't get new requests that impact…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @CallMeWuz It doesn’t make the general problem easier. I went from specific to general. @CCPustejovsky @freezydorito This in particular (about Suspense) relates to experimental features so only dive in i… @CaptainCryptoHD @freezydorito Yes @HeartCmy Ah yes I’ve seen that one. I think this is about a different issue than I’m describing. @CallMeWuz It helps, sure. A bit clunky. But the problem I’m referring to is not just about fetch, it’s about anything with “await”. @HeartCmy I don’t see how this helps (or what exactly you’re proposing) but this seems to me like it would make the problem worse @freezydorito It’s interesting how Suspense avoids this pitfall. It doesn’t care about Promise result or even if it…’m not against async/await in general (it is pretty nice when you do want to handle things sequentially with no co… in components is a bugfest. Components have props/state that change over time. The async/await model do… @ryanflorence “and here’s why this is a good thing” @andrewray Is there anything after 500?i love using rn in conversations. am i saying 'right now' or talking about popular cross-platform declarative ui fr…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovPromises are cancelled.Tbh I think when we rewrite React docs to use Hooks, this is what the section on "ad hoc data fetching" should look… is back! 😅 the bug, good night
neo.jpg I know SpanishThere's a surprising number of different things happening in that trackGonna listen to Despacito on repeat until I find the cause of this bugI was a little sniffly at the time 😷 but I had a blast speaking with @adamstac and @jerodsanto! We spoke about my e…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @brianleroux @kennu But yeah this isn't unique to React per se. Just the thing I like about it the most. @brianleroux @kennu I think it's interesting that it mostly works for lifecycles and such even though early on Reac…
Signed, someone who just locally deleted 95% of the website in five minutes to narrow down an issueThe best feature of React is that it lets you delete code. Take an ancient component nobody understands anymore, re…’s the strangest React Hook name in your codebase? @brian_d_vaughn found useSoybeanStore.js in ours today. @aahfrena Yep. @aahfrena Yes, but limited to actual language features. Have a problem 2. Use deep clone 3. Now you Now you Now you Now you Now you…
@Ramakri23880333 @Mappletons Still working on those @dan_abramov here
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @DUBSACKDAN Wait what @dp_engel This is it. Thank you!
This 5 second song intro is stuck in my head. Help me figure it out, I don’t remember any words. I just remember th… @amasad I used to think there was a “React floor” at FB but it was like five peopleMood to be co-organizing with @rachelnabors @NikkitaFTW @_phzn to bring you this 100% online, 100% free, 100% fr…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @garybernhardt useLayoutEffect is “Hey React, you were tight about to flush to the DOM and ima let you finish but f… @DanielHoffmann_ @oleg008 React is always slower in dev mode. This is by design, not some kind of a bug. @oleg008 Not quite (it’s not an empty function after all) but it should be relatively light. If you see it add a si… @oleg008 @AndaristRake @acemarke There are things we could do differently and speed up. That RFC is interesting. I… @oleg008 @AndaristRake @acemarke Maintaining registrations also isn’t free. Aside from memory usage you have to con… @oleg008 @AndaristRake @acemarke It might be weird from the perspective of something like Redux that only cares abo… @oleg008 @AndaristRake @acemarke Yep. A lot (most?) of context never updates.
@jaredpalmer Let's change them back in a few years? @sebastienlorber You can already do this in userland with context, right? As long as your error boundaries are granular enough. @oleg008 There would be some overhead but I’d expect most of it be due to the wrapping itself. useContext() inside… @oleg008 This doesn’t make sense to me. Context that is mostly static (like in styled components) is supposed to be… @mathiasgheno You win @gharrower HiThe only more obnoxious genre of tweets are the “just take it easy, why are you so angry” reply guys“Stop tweeting about programming” is just as obnoxious as “Stop tweeting about non-programming”. I tweet about what… @BethelGold I learned Visual Basic but nobody used it anymore. I think yeah it was pretty difficult for a while.When self isolation ends I’ll take a time machine and travel to this concert @BethelGold Around 15 years @BethelGold Accidentally found Visual Basic inside PowerPoint. Bought some books and studied it. Fiddled around a lot.nostalgia, META @thepericulum Not much, a little bit. Recommendations? @BethelGold What's upThis record is inherently nostalgic because it romanticizes the UK 90's rave culture. I feel like there’s a whole n… album is my perfect programming music. When I need to concentrate on getting something done, I just put it on…
Can someone build a DOT language import for @excalidraw? 😀 Excalidraw's P2P Collaboration Feature
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @finalquest @dan_abramov @Sathyareddy98 @reactnative We did a talk at AgentConf introducing LogBox where we explain…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @Sathyareddy98 @reactnative It's included as opt-in: require('react-native') .unstable_enableLogBox();
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What kind of website is the best in the world?
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @dan_abramov When I look at shallow rendering, I see "call this function, but don't call any of the functions it ca…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @minh_ngvyen @AndaristRake @IAmTrySound We're hiring @AndaristRake @IAmTrySound I wouldn’t say there’s not much discussion about active ones. Some of the interesting on… @AndaristRake @IAmTrySound As a result, we only really post RFCs that we’re confident in and spent months thinking… @AndaristRake @IAmTrySound Yeah that’s fair. 🙂 One thing that’s not visible on this repo is that we post maybe 10%… on writing a good one? Look at the ones that were merged. What was good about them?The purpose of an RFC isn’t necessarily to get merged. It’s to advance the state of discussion by letting the argum… @devongovett @mattgperry @framer @reactjs Global always ends up being a problem. We’ve learned that with CSS classe…’s interesting because people with strong negative opinions about automocking tend to have strong positive opinio… @modernserf This reminds me of “store enhancers” in Redux for some reason but I tried reading the source code and s… wontfix
Retweeted by Dan AbramovShower thought: shallow rendering is essentially automocking 😬Having trouble with code quality? Write a lot of tests. And I mean a *lot*. Test every file in isolation. Mock as m…
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@tomdale LOLOkay Northgard is what I wantedAnyone remember Cossacks
Seems like real time strategies aren’t in vogue anymore and people prefer turn based? I guess this is like coming b… we’re at it, if I liked command and conquer fifteen years ago, what should I play on PS4?lol “the web”. The meaningless “open in browser” button with a chrome icon (I’m already in a browser btw and it’s S… nads mo problems @elstob I didn’t say who the guy was! 🙂 I don’t think it counts as a spoiler because one wouldn’t know when that ch… loved Parasite but a guy living in voluntary isolation for four years and only talking to his partner sounds like a stretch Oh @mirkokiefer Haha that's so true. @brian_d_vaughn @Eli_White Finally 🙂We just released version 0.62 with Flipper support by default! Thank you to all of the contributors that made this…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovSomething something developer relationsThe thing is that FF extension users are a tiny fraction of Chrome extension users. We're only publishing it becaus… I think Firefox doesn't want us to publish the React DevTools extension. Publishing to Chrome addons is e… @MaybeEdward @michael_timbs @adamcosi The way we avoid this at FB is that we don't have long-running feature branch… @tlakomy Haha yes. There's just been thousands of new commits overnight.To clarify, ten minutes of doing nothing.