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Detroit is so good!The Last of Us: that was a lot of fun. Loved the focus on stealth. Did not expect this ending but it made sense. I…
Inside: cool puzzles. Was expecting more from the ending. The outdoors atmosphere reminded me of my childhood which… @neoeno 6tag yourself
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @marbiano3 @Mappletons We’ll close the mailing list after a more polished V1 is ready and available on the website. @LagierGear @Mappletons No idea. In our case illustration is core to the very mechanics of the course so not illust… next module is written and now being illustrated by @Mappletons! So you can expect it t… @sebmarkbage @threepointone I just put it on repeat @fashy Really hoping this is the explanation. 🤞 Still embarrassing.New York Times is in this list??? Wow. @edalusicarus @samccone By Redux. :-) No relation to React.
@aweary @rickhanlonii @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @sebmck @wycats By the logic in this thread, CM would… @aweary @rickhanlonii @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @sebmck @wycats The concurrent mode project was largel… @aweary @rickhanlonii @stubbornella @sophiebits @sebmarkbage @sebmck @wycats Did you know we rewrote the SSR render… @wycats @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage Agree with that. @wycats @_jayphelps @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage I think we need to be clear about the difference between making a… @buildsghost @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage @wycats I think this is true and something we need to solve. @sebmck @aweary @sebmarkbage @wycats Flight is actually an interesting counter-example because it’s not very useful… @wycats @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage We have a vision of what we want to exist. I think it’s great that there are o… @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage @wycats There’s obviously a question of how ordering influences direction. Because you… @_jayphelps @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage @wycats See thread below. It’s easy to confuse ordering with direction. @wycats @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage Sounds like a leading question :-) Yes? @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage @wycats So I think it’s fair to say that FB influences in what order we work on things… @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage @wycats The other asterisk is timing concerns. E.g. we always wanted to improve server… @aweary @sebmck @sebmarkbage @wycats There’s kind of an asterisk there. It is solving problems for Facebook in the… @aweary @sebmarkbage @sebmck @wycats I think there’s still a large spectrum between “100% public communication”, “m… @sebmck @aweary @sebmarkbage @wycats Yeah. I understand the skepticism but I don’t know if I can offer you much mor… @aweary @sebmarkbage @sebmck @wycats I don’t disagree with what you said. I’m saying that the fault is with our laz… @sebmck @sebmarkbage @aweary @wycats I think you’re right it implies a different category though. I don’t know if m… @sebmck @sebmarkbage @aweary @wycats Massive projects are often different in that they have a lot of surface area w… @aweary @sebmarkbage @sebmck @wycats Yeah. I think that’s mostly artifact of habit and inertia, not of being FB-dri… @tannerlinsley @sebmck @wycats I wonder if people think it’s private because it’s assumed we can’t possibly be work… @tannerlinsley @sebmck @wycats This is what I see when I go to the React blog. I don’t think private is the right c… @aweary @sebmck @wycats I think that example in isolation is fair but it isn’t really representative of the approac… @aweary @sebmck @wycats Yes and it’s literally the only time in the project lifetime that something like this has h… @sebmck @wycats Another aspect of this is the content industry incentives. If we have a story and release a small p… @sebmck @wycats I think people also vastly overestimate our planning capacity. We have progress on major workstream… @sebmck @wycats Lately there has been a lot of criticism in the other direction. That we’re sharing things too earl… @sebmck @wycats I think it’s fair criticism that we don’t share roadmap updates as often as we could, but deliberat…’s going on with my hair on this pic’re live now
Come hang out with us tomorrow on @cassidoo's stream! You can reply here if you have any questions or topics you'd…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @cristiencodes If it doesn't make sense after that pls feel free to reply to email with your questions! And I'll try to write backMom, I made a rectangle Bush 2020The sound is super crap quality which makes it all the more charmingI love this cover so much
My buddy is a Cagegit push -f -u @freezydorito no. @mattgperry @AndaristRake You can’t outsmart the constraint of render being pure by counting or anything else. Rend…
@mattgperry I’m curious into what you ran into though. What does synchronous React make easier for your use case? @mattgperry Concurrent mode is interesting in the sense that ultimately, its constraints *unlock* things that aren'… Thursday at 9am Pacific, I'm going to have the @reactjs Core Team joining me for a Q&A with the community! Com…
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Okay. I think I understand it all now! There was one bit of dialogue that threw me off but thinking more about it,… website is super helpful actually @CarolSaysThings Yeah the second world is shot in a mirrored way so that’s just a hint to which world we’re looking at.I was a bit frustrated before going to bed but the core mechanism they revealed at the end is slowly growing on me.… were some sequences where the monologues were getting unnecessarily repetitive and I wish they spent more tim…’ll need to rewatch some episodes. The unique thing about this particular season is that few of the pieces fit tog… spoilers, I’ll say I liked the major story arks and am mostly satisfied by the endgame. I think they traded… the third season has completely fried my brain. 😁
Signed, a tomatoThat feeling when you replace a salad with a stage play but it still works because they share the same underlying structure @cpojer Are you saying they want to... begin the next cycle?Anyway I’m not angry or anything 🙂 Our family is more understanding and respecting of our choices now, and all pare… @nbrites_ “Seeing their family grow” is very self-centered. I understand people are biologically wired to want that… @Jean_malan Excuse me, who are you and what gives you the confidence to tell me what I should be doing with my life? @cpojer Yeah. I just wish they acknowledged that. I’m so annoyed when they’re being selfish but instead of admittin… trust parenting is hard — guess what, that’s why I’m not singing up for it just out of peer pressure. If you did… thread everyone’s discussing reminded me how my and my wife’s parents spent YEARS pressuring us to have childr… can't remember the source but somebody once said, "Every day, Twitter has one main character. The goal is to never be that character."
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @laurosilvacom Yeah we just rewatched both seasons a week ago!1 hour until the final season will be released worldwide! Get ready.. ⏳
Retweeted by Dan AbramovWe’re gonna need a lot of this hope y’all are already in the bunker 27 June, 2020 THE DAY OF THE APOCALYPSE
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @DarkNetflixDE #DarkNetflix
Retweeted by Dan Abramov“[Dark] does what Lost ultimately failed so miserably at: It makes perfect sense out of the seemingly impossible.” 🔥🔥🔥Hyyyyyyyyype. Six more hours to the final third season! I better go to sleep. @lifull_ @DarkNetflixDE Yes
This seems like a good change if it’s properly enforced but it’s also mind-boggling these ads were allowed in the f… @utsav_20 It’s the intro song! @dangolant Tomorrow, yes!Dark fans tomorrow @devthiago It will be available tomorrow globallyTOMORROW!
Retweeted by Dan AbramovThis track is seriously addictive
@thomasABoyt Oh no @RxAssim German voice, English sub. That’s my recommendation! @agwallace Now is a good time! Since you can watch 2 and then 3 in succession.2 days until the apocalypse!
Retweeted by Dan Abramovgiant brains floating in space
@JoeKamien lol @gr__or Matrix is kind of the opposite — everyone has first-person experiences but they are fake. @modernserf So it’s not that the room necessarily “understands” but that the notion of “understanding” is flawed be… @modernserf I think Turing’s argument makes sense to me in that we can’t even prove to each other we “understand” t…