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@alex_yetto @TejasKumar_ @mjackson @lukejacksonn Yes, pretty much every week @rachelnabors 😂 thank you for capturing, I'm very lucky to work with you too! @TejasKumar_ @mjackson @lukejacksonn I agree that needs to be well communicated though!! @TejasKumar_ @mjackson @lukejacksonn I think in general it helps to know that interviewer rarely if ever will care… @TejasKumar_ @mjackson @lukejacksonn Anyway thanks for feedback. It didn't occur to me that a question like this wo… @TejasKumar_ @mjackson @lukejacksonn There some questions where if a candidate uses an imperative form, I'd be curi… @TejasKumar_ @mjackson @lukejacksonn I see. I'd say we do expect that candidates are able to do both. E.g. it would… @TejasKumar_ @mjackson @lukejacksonn Someone asked to write things in an "object oriented" way? Or what do you mean by the same experience? @mjackson @lukejacksonn fwiw I don't even know what object oriented style even means in this context @mjackson @lukejacksonn Sad to hear, this doesn't match how we train people to ask interview questions (including t…
@BrandonBloom Wanna hear more about what’s hard @andrewingram @satya164 @sebmarkbage Yeah so I’m saying you can replace this Tracking wrapper with a function you c… you like to help test new React features *before* they are released? To share upcoming changes with our part…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @andrewingram @sebmarkbage “Returning context setting component” read like type to me. You probably meant element? @andrewingram @sebmarkbage Like you can nest or extend the value instead of types @andrewingram @sebmarkbage Still sounds like it could be one type @andrewingram @acemarke @sebmarkbage Then wrap just wraps in JSX. No need to create new context or anything @andrewingram @acemarke @sebmarkbage const { trackevent, wrap } = useYourThing() wrap(<Tree />) ? @andrewingram @acemarke @sebmarkbage Just make sure it’s not new context every render @acemarke @andrewingram @sebmarkbage It doesn’t really make sense because if you have two of those which one would… @giuseppegurgone @kentcdodds @Rich_Harris Yea I didn’t want to comment for this reason because I feel bad about thi…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @andrewingram @sebmarkbage @notdetails @sophiebits 2020Flying out today for my first React Conf! Super excited. Who else is coming?
Retweeted by Dan Abramov
@bskkkkkkk @slicknet Can you clarify? Not sure I understna @mennovanslooten @slicknet Yeah we don't have feature branches at all @pkursawe @slicknet Everyone can commit bad code into production @domitriusclark @TierraWhack ~~~ i said thank you I DESIGNED IT ~~~ @domitriusclark @TierraWhack Fair @richardkotze @slicknet Yeah we branch all work. We don't do long-lived branches though. Most diffs are expected to… @annwitbrock @slicknet This is a really great question btw. @annwitbrock @slicknet If either of these problems occurs, it's something to bring up with the manager. The manager… @richardkotze @slicknet Merge @cherouvim So if you land a risky commit, the expectation is that you'll be monitoring tasks and groups for early i… @cherouvim The mantra is generally "do what you need to as long as you're there to support your changes". @cherouvim Engineers have a lot of autonomy — so yeah, it's a matter of building trust and responsibility inside an… @slicknet At FB we don't have a notion of commits without a "pull request". I.e. it's pull request only (we call th… you're using React in a non SPA way, or migrating to React incrementally -- either way, Portals with Context…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov- Angel Haze on Werkin Girls @mrusso880 😂😂😂I’ll start: - Nicki on Monster - Jean Deaux on Amphetamine - Noname on Diddy BopSend my your favorite 🔥🔥🔥 verses from female MCsDocs docs docs docs docs*kiss
@tesseralis Thank you for sharing thisI'd love if ya'll share, retweet and join in on my first talk about @gatsbyjs if you can! This will be one of my…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @sag1v @ryanflorence @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf Does this make sense? @sag1v @ryanflorence @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf If you do: handleClick() { setA(1) setB(2) setC(3… @sag1v @ryanflorence @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf I'm probably not explaining clearly. Sorry! @ryanflorence I mean, even if you set four different state variables during an event, you're still gonna get one re… @sag1v @ryanflorence @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf Sure but if you set three different states during an eve… @undefined42 @ryanflorence If you call several state setters during one event handler, there's still only going to… @DavidKPiano @_bwhitty @ryanflorence @samselikoff @jlengstorf When I say “in event handler” I mean “as a result of… @ryanflorence It’s like “if a tree fell in a forest” situation. If a particular state never “made it” to the screen… @_bwhitty @ryanflorence @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf Effects (just like lifecycle methods) fire for state… @ryanflorence To clarify, that won’t be specific to Concurrent Mode, it’s how setState worked since 2014. @ryanflorence Like if you do setState(A) setState(B) setState(C) in one event handler. Only one render will happ… @ryanflorence Yeah rendering would also be skipped. Easiest example is batching today. You can fire multiple set st… @_bwhitty @ryanflorence @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf This isn’t unique to Hooks, you’ll have similar issue… @ryanflorence @samselikoff @DavidKPiano @jlengstorf Effects aren’t guaranteed to fire if component unmounts right a… @frontsideup Matches ours tbhWhat do you think ships first⚠️‼️ FRANK OCEAN NEW ALBUM TRACKLIST CONFIRMED ‼️⚠️ 1. weird boner 2. where my hands 3. smelly pits 4. DHL 5. bro…
Retweeted by Dan AbramovFrank Ocean dropped a new song called “DHL.” Here are five things we learned:
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @joeyrobinsondev *April lol @joeyrobinsondev @joeyrobinsondev 😮😮😮😮😮
Real-life footage of my progress as a programmer
Retweeted by Dan AbramovWant to better understand React? Framer co-founder @koenbok breaks down the theory, syntax, and required tools in t…
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @sebastienlorber @Rich_Harris @igorhalfeld @sseraphini @michaelbenin @reactjs People mean different things by “vdom… @TomHoad @Rich_Harris @igorhalfeld @sebastienlorber @sseraphini @michaelbenin @reactjs Library authors talk in shor… @Rich_Harris @igorhalfeld @sebastienlorber @sseraphini @michaelbenin @reactjs Concurrent mode is about removing tha… @Rich_Harris @igorhalfeld @sebastienlorber @sseraphini @michaelbenin @reactjs Today the status quo is IO => CPU wat… @Rich_Harris @igorhalfeld @sebastienlorber @sseraphini @michaelbenin @reactjs Another consequence is we can start t… @Rich_Harris @igorhalfeld @sebastienlorber @sseraphini @michaelbenin @reactjs Framing time slicing as VDOM-specific… @Rich_Harris @igorhalfeld @sebastienlorber @sseraphini @michaelbenin @reactjs Maybe worth mentioning that time slic… @0xca0a Just don’t traverse fibers, there are no guarantees around that and it’s also easy to do incorrectly @0xca0a GitHub issues is fine
@zachcodes CI doesn't look green @devongovett Yup @zachcodes What PR to merge? @pitchblackplay @Number10Ldn @LALGBTCenter I can’t miss this! @pitchblackplay @Number10Ldn @LALGBTCenter Do IGOR! @thekevinwang @sebmarkbage Not sure what you mean. Want to elaborate? @pie6k That said you can add // @refresh reset To the file to force every edit to it to remount the component. St… @pie6k Can you file an issue with Relay please including a reproducing example it possible? The solution is usuall… latest Gatsby website you built was:
Retweeted by Dan Abramov @simonmfox I think you missed the point of this thread. These APIs were *not* ever released yet — precisely *because* they were not ready. @TheLarkInn @sebmarkbage For realz @sebmarkbage There are still parts that don't quite add up for me. But they're getting smaller and smaller. To me,… @ericreisn Not as ergonomically, although you could always wrap Hooks into Render Props, and use that from classes @mjackson We're luckily at a point where you should actually be able to test and try this stuff soonNow it's so bizarre to see it coming together. In those demos, I'm making < 20 line changes. But I could never see… real APIs *needed* Hooks to make sense. Part of the reason we couldn't figure out the real APIs was *because*…'s the funny bit. I dug up those demos which relied on a bunch of hacks, definitely-wrong APIs and some smoke a… me, that alone was worth explaining the direction early. Even it was arguably too early. I had to say "this API… upside of this choice was that ecosystem as large has moved away from many unsafe patterns. There are even new… usually don't talk about stuff that's still in research. But we knew this vision required a significant buy-in f…