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Dansgiving Brooks @dan_brooks San Francisco, CA

Of Lucasfilm. Senior Content Strategist and Editor of ELO devotee. 1/3 of @depthsofnetflix podcast.

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Straight from Grayskull's vault, this is the prototype for the original He-Man action figure. #MOTUmemories
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksParents, why do Cookie Monster and Gonger drive out to the country only to use an iPad to talk to peopleHey, Mando! If you don't know who the Mandalorians actually are, I answer this question at
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @pablohidalgo Release the Snyder Cut of CatsHoliday cereal boxes from the 1990s were weird and great. (I still have my spinning Sugar Bear ornament.)
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I watched The Brothers Grimsby this week. A movie has not made me laugh so much in I don't know how long. It's gros… @Shudder Summer of 84Boom. lord @MjDailey That’s not The Mandalorian
Now that #StarWars #theclonewars is out on #DisneyPlus I expect a lot more friends to join in on the…
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksMy kid has discovered Power Rangers. I regret that I was 12 when it came out and felt like I was too old for it. It… on to your physical media, people.
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksBehold: our recipe for Mando Ice Cream Sandos! The preferred dessert of every bounty hunter, from the mind of… @iantDC Fun fact: that GIF is from a video I wrote. So it cannot be used against me! @PhilSzostak That is an amazing quoteSo can anyone recommend any new showsEcstatic nerd in nerd cave freaking out over being in Star Wars canon while family sleeps. Holy shit!…
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @ksleezy No @belnoah @MikeChannell I had them flag youYes, to Chris A you listen. Don’t let this one get spoiled for you. @kodiebeckley Glad to hear it! And FYI that episode is George Lucas’ favorite in the series. @TheApexFan Yay of course @toybroreviews Not enough.New Star Wars is almost here, people. Get hyped. #TheMandalorian
I spoke with @RoanhorseBex about #ResistanceReborn!"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" will stream on @disneyplus Feb 2020! ⁣ I’m so thankful to have voiced 2 absolute, albe…
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @joshshabtai If it's real. @mattsinger Not sure. I thought there was a law or policy against cartoon characters on food products though.Yes have some @DarickR I didn’t know! Happy birthday, you’re an amazing artist!
@TheApexFan That’s interesting. I also thought one of the bros on the train looked like a Trump son. @lucyjamesgames Ha, read fine to me!Joker movie question. Minor spoiler below. Why was young Bruce so...emotionless? In every scene he seemed to just… cross sell artwork by Alfredo Alcala #heman #manatarms #skeletor #beastman
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksAlso, here's a preview of STAR WARS #74, in stores this coming Wednesday with gorgeous art from @philnoto and lette…
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @thedeebear Sorry to hear that. Scary stuff.ICYMI: The @MapleLeafs gave Kade a birthday party to remember last night! More:
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksMcDonald's Batman Returns Ad (1992) 🦇
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @MonicaoTo That would drive me crazy! @ckinfinite I enjoyed it very much, but you have to look past some silly jumps in logic to do so. @Shuttlecock Yeah. I kept waiting for someone to tell me I was on a hidden camera showTerminator was really good, by the way. @JasonFabok The return of the yellow oval is worth the wait alone#NightmareOnElmStreet indeed changed my life. Thank you, Wes. See you in my dreams. 35 years seems like the blink of an eye.
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksSaw Terminator tonight. Couple on my left was giggling at random times. Woman on my right brought her f-ing dog.… @JoeyWanKenobi I don’t think I want to read the article. It can’t live up to the photo
@iheartguitar Wayne’s World 2 is better than 1“Brad Pitt just got kidnapped” video! Let's check out Wave 4 of @super7store's #MOTU vintage style figures! Video here:…
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @sexyarmpit I loved it from the start! @LizDennebaum This catalog kept Jack entertained for long timeThe wait is almost over! Here is everything we know about @TheMandalorian so far:
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @JennBB8 Awesome!Guys, I did it. (God bless the very patient @McDonalds manager who worked with me, a 39-year-old man getting Happy… @forcewave1139 @ThomasStorai @missingwords I’m not moaning about anything. I’m a longtime comic book fan. I love su… does a “journalist” write sentences like this @ScottWalker Glad to see you focused on the important stuff @PixelDan So they still have the license? @missingwords We need more low-budget, character driven movies in general!I had fun chatting with @cameronmonaghan! Greatest insight: he will have a "Cal corner" in his house with action fi… like this is really the only reason I'm here
@ValerieGoGo1 Do it! Dan who loved ELO and couldn't find anyone else who did would be very happy right now. (Well, 39-y… love this video of Dion playing one of his greatest, most personal songs many years after he wrote it. @KristinBaver That too of course @kyle_newman Thanks, sirYou’re on notice, every other team. The climb to 1st begins here @ChrisClow It’s made quite an impact thoughSo @starwars asked “Who is the most underrated bounty hunter?” and I said ASAJJ VENTRESS…
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @CraigDrakeArt It’s in there, kiddo @cavanscott Next time you’re in SF you should check out the Super7 store. Fun stuff!I don’t venture into politics here too much but Bloomberg is someone I’d actually be excited to vote for. He was a… @alexjkane Yeah those were good @OverbeckJack Ha no prob. This list was hard. I was originally going to do 5 episodes but just couldn’t leave some out.Have any burning questions about She-Ra Season 4? Post them here and they might just get answered by @Gingerhazing
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksI went to McDonald's and left with a McNugget Buddy. Today was a good day, so I wrote about it.
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @instalyssa @McDonalds You have no idea @OverbeckJack Not on this list, son
@KristinBaver @reisobrien A few minutes later you walked into a sign. @MrMarkZamora @McDonalds Nice! @AustenRisolvato @McDonalds YES @MrSmartyMan Yes!Yes, I have called a @McDonalds looking for the new retro Happy Meal toys. (And they say they're getting them tomorrow?) @FookThis Hey, thanks! @kodiebeckley I am a longtime defender of that episode and character. @heathdwilliams Just accept that it's coming when it comes. Have gas in the car and bags packed and a car seat and you're fine.Please note that if you disagree with anything on this list, you are wrong. headline should actually be: "That Time George Lucas Asked a Cowboy-Hat-Wearing, Wolf-Obsessed Hockey-Loving…
Retweeted by Dansgiving Brooks @EricOnkenhout Have not, actually! @Prefect_Timing @BBCRadio2 Thx man!“Losing You” from the new ELO album. Jesus H, Jeff Lynne can write a song. And that voice. Just incredible. lord's the day!'m very glad to see the wheel from Who Talks First live on in the capable hands of the great @mattlieb.
Cal Kestis himself, @cameronmonaghan, talks becoming a Jedi for #StarWarsJediFallenOrder:
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksSkeletor’s pep talk: “You’re bad enough, you’re devious enough, and everybody hates you.”
Retweeted by Dansgiving BrooksMy wallet is going to hate me