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VIDEO: These are heavy times for sure, but please enjoy this inspiring chat with the great @ahmedbest on life and h…
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This is a gorgeous song and incredibly timely. @FakeEyes22 This is amazing.Where was this in 2016? Cowards and hypocrites in charge of the NFL. @jordanhembrough So sorry.
@nbajambook Thx! @AlanLidogoster BTW Tina kept some of my SNES games so there’s a good chance that copy of NBA Jam is mine! @AlanLidogoster I have to be the Knicks.
Tweeters, how can one play NBA Jam in 2020?
These are so great and some of the beautiful cartoons I’ve seen in years. a blast talking about From Beyond with @MrSmartyMan on @MoviesUnhacked tonight. You’ll get to hear it soon!
The master. @MikeChannell @pablohidalgo stupid.I really fucking hate racists.
Retweeted by Dan and the Belmonts @cammillerfilms Good! I considered phasing it out but at this point I don’t think I can.Boom. @princethomas Wow!Love this movie. guess it’s time to finally watch Ghoulies, huh. @ksleezy I don't know what you're talking about but I've been known to kill it on the dance floor
This is going to be great! @sexyarmpit A classic. @kalebcarter My friend’s dad developed a way we could play with them using a deck of cards. Every card meant someth… @kalebcarter Ohhh never seen that one. @ArtEddy3 Nice. Great picks. I still have all of mine at my parents' house. @mattsinger Nice. I have Strawberry, Gary Carter, and Keith Hernandez somewhere but never had Doc, I don’t think.The time has come to choose. What’s your favorite Starting Lineup figure of all time? Mine, without question, is… @cole_black @mmschocolate @cole_black @mmschocolate Yes but there are many legit great episodes. Have you seen “The Arena”? @cole_black @mmschocolate It’s been a mishmash. A lot of horror movies. The Last Dance. GI Joe and He-Man cartoons. You? @cole_black @mmschocolate Ha it’s actually been m&ms. And beer. Lots of beer. @cole_black @mmschocolate Ohhhh boy. I must find these.
This is super cool. looks great. And as someone who grew up in SI, I appreciate them not making everyone talk and act like a brain… ha! sees revised release dates. Get the full details on
Retweeted by Dan and the BelmontsI forgot about the Oakland Coliseum. Saw the Yankees when they were in town during Jeter’s last season.Good. @MrSmartyMan Oh yeah, I did! @trc_terpstra Now I’m embarrassed by my list!
@sethevans @mike_audette Half dozen is a lotYankee Stadium (old and new) Shea Citi Field Fenway AT&T (SF) Wrigley Camden Yards my new track "Can't Start Over Again" with Jeff Beck here:
Retweeted by Dan and the Belmonts @aaronsagers That’s interesting. I’m not sure. There’s power in keeping things evergreen and timeless, but podcasts…’m going through a backlog of podcasts in reverse order and hearing people talk about the pandemic in this way fee… @ejsab722 Haha, love it
This is a great piece. I was too young to understand or know what was happening behind the scenes with the Mets in… @mr_s_o @starwars It’s on there but separate from the animated series.Bernie goes boom 💥 #WalkOffWednesday
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If you love the magic of Star Wars models and model making, you’ll enjoy this. (And if you do, please share!) @JediJakeSchultz I’m not, really. Heard it was terrible. You liked it? @darrenhayes @DaveScheidt Man, it was so sloppy and bizarre and dumb. @brandonh83 2 is great. I might be docking points for no hockey mask. I’m not sure.Okay not counting Freddy V Jason: Dawn of Justice, I’m ready to rank my favorite F13 movies: 3 4 6 (love the Gothi… @missingwords Yeah, same. Though I have to say, visually it looks like one of the movies we’d do on Depths of Netflix. @missingwords Yes, I’m enjoying it enough. Seems like they wanted to do Aliens meets Jason? @MickLovin2020 Saw it in the theaters! Don’t count it as a series entry.Well, Jason Goes to Hell was pretty terrible. Time to close this thing out with Jason X. Giddyup.
Empire is funny! And I wrote about it! #ESB40 oh the Empire Strikes Back anniversary is over, we can stop talking about it now me: SPACE POTATO
Retweeted by Dan and the Belmonts @alanlmatthews Haha. No, I’m a Dion superfan. @MySaga_SW Sorry, no idea.The master. @MySaga_SW There’s a link in the article I shared above. @ian_and_corgi @CMWAshby Thx dude! @thedailybasis Thanks! We do but right now we’re not bringing on new writers. In the future, though!There’s some great new Empire 40th product out there...including that AMAZING anniversary poster. #ESB40 @ejsab722
@thesmartsilkie That is badass.If you have not, be sure to check out our Empire 40th Anniversary hub. You’ll find it’s full of surprises. #ESB40 @JPernicious @thewandererdion @JamesWalbourne Thank you for spreading the Dion gospel, good sir. I love every era o… glad I subscribed. This looks awesome! @brunorodrigues @KristinBaver Oh, you're too kind.Boom. Battle of Hoth oral history, featuring new interviews with George Lucas, Ben Burtt, Joe Johnston, Dennis Mure…’s almost 10 o’clock and I can finally relax by doing dishes, how’s your day going
The writers of chat about what makes #TheEmpireStrikesBack so special and a true classic:…
Retweeted by Dan and the BelmontsThese guys! The incredible @dan_brooks and @missingwords make the days and hours worth it. Our new ep of…
Retweeted by Dan and the BelmontsSuper-excited to share this newest episode of Our Star Wars Stories. It's about Jason Eaton, an insanely talented f… @markwalkerphoto Nice!Oh my God, I love these. favorite.
@VicsCantina @MrSmartyMan It did! @MrSmartyMan This is what I don't get. It was critically acclaimed when it came out. 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, glowin… of the great treats for me regarding #RevengeOfTheSith was that I took my parents to see it, repaying them for… @JeremyKVC No idea. But I love it.I wrote about a quality of Empire Strikes Back that I think is underrated.’s snack: Yoda Cucumber Bites! Substituted hummus for avocado and messed up the ears a bit but the kids liked… @SnokesSoninlaw Thanks! @TheEricGoldman And then they just left him there! @TheEricGoldman YeahOkay that was pretty bad, but it’s up there in Jason face reveals.Has there ever been a more unappealing character in a movie than this guy @JoeyWanKenobi’s time for wine and Jason Takes Manhattan. (Growing up in NY, I was so excited when this came out, but I was not…
@ShawnRobare Stop. Flint is my favorite.