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Has to be sung in the English as well because this is lyrical dynamite the fuck out of people go with Sash - Ecuador this, wearing it and telling people to throw their shit ideas in there rather then waste the oxygen pollutin… is what happens when you have to keep you opinions entirely to yourself when the obvious is rumbling on in the… don't know what's wrong with the Fiesta but the point is there)I can currently get a 2001 Ford Fiesta at £150 - £74.99 cheaper then that shirt.I'm absolutely not shitting you either it gave me heart palpitations someone needs to sort out that delorean from back to the future be cheaper to travel back in time and pick… the proper lairy Chelsea shirts through the 90's so had a look online to see if I could track any down... men'… fucking terrified personally Conservative Party haven't had a drink or a cigarette since the 03rd January, pure people lied my skin is worse and my general healt…😂✅ Over two years out ✅ Overcome mental health issues ✅ Overcome drink problems ✅ Overcome drug problems ✅ Overcome…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellWBA 🏆 WBC 🏆 WBO 🏆 IBO 🏆 IBF 🏆 Ring 🏆 Lineal 🏆 @Tyson_Fury is the first boxer in history to win every major world t…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellTyson Fury beat the fuck out of Deontay Wilder, then led an 'American Pie' sing-along. #FuryWilder #furyvswilder2
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellTyson for BBC Sports Personality 2020! Whos with us? #TysonFury4sportspersonality2020 #bbcsportspersonality
Retweeted by Dan O'Connell👏🏻👏🏻
Apparently Michael Jackson isn't dead he's a wrestler in Brazil
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellYou'd think after years of discussing this journalists would know who's in the single market but I imagine this has… genuinely staggered by how stupid this guy he surpasses himself on an almost daily basisAlternatively why doesn't the U.K. rejoin the EU and become an Irish colony for hundreds of years run purely from D…
Everyone needs to go follow my boy! Bars on bars on bars 🔥 @Donnan_S“Irish prime minister”
Retweeted by Dan O'Connell"Threatened with having their children removed from them and taken into care, [Scottish Gypsy Traveller] families w…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellThe EU may have the stronger negotiating position but if the U.K. punches itself in the head it won't comprehend th…"Known as the "Tinker Experiment", the operation ran from the 1940s to 1980s and was supported by UK governments an…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellSecond Home Office jaw dropper in a row from the Times - @Steven_Swinford reports the words “institutionally racist…
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Others who are morally reprehensible repugnant human beings will continue to push it because irrational fear and ha… isn't "fringe" it's mainstream and those who have been stoking it now have no idea how to put the genie back i… has been fuelled by the absolutely toxic nature of 'debate' about immigration and ethnic minorities in the U.K.…'m going to terrify you and tell you all I have literally lost count of the amount of times I've heard this argume… bloke eating a full English on the London Underground.
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellOnly difference now is that people can film you with something better then the potato people had back when we were… seeing people my age uploading videos of teenagers like "omg hope their parents are proud" like Jimmy bruv I r… life right now you have to train people to replace unskilled workers, they weren’t unskilled workers.
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This is the political equivalent of "I can't be racist I have 'insert ethnic minority here" friends" @Ciara87C No bar has views like the Ramble Inn nothing in Tooting even comes close these lot are on to a loser @Ciara87C Then you'll be dying to see the views of the chicken shop, Wilkinson's and Primark whilst gazing upon the… @francesleach_ Im proposing this happens to the meetings I attend
Don't they know Mr.taytos a very handsome man
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellThe petition is now at 19,000 signatures. Please continue to sign, like and share. Bernie's ethnicity as an Irish T…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellAnyone who says "quelle surprise" online is a cunt - I don't make the rules it's just how it is
If you don't think there was vetting I've got a unicorn I could sell you... they knew they just didn't care until t… @ChelseaFC give Frank the fucking cheque book in the summer for the love of fucking Christ!Why appeal the ban get it lifted and not just say "right go get who you want Frank" this is really simple shitSay what you want with the absolutely fucking awful officiating (and it was fucking awful) of that game the hard tr… butted a wall in my sleep last night - if batshuayi misses another opportunity in this half I might just head butt one voluntarilyThe PM’s deputy spokesman refused on thirty two (32) occasions to confirms whether Boris Johnson shares these views…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellAlso at this morning's extraordinary lobby briefing, No.10 refuses to say if the PM agrees that: - people should b…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellNo.10 refuses to say if Boris Johnson agrees with aide Andrew Sabisky's claims that black people are mentally infe…
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@Tina4Colchester She actually said she saw this as well I thought it was something she'd dreamt I'm now off to apol… girlfriend is adamant she's seen a documentary where a woman had a sexual fetish for bricks so much that she bou… historical ugliness of Irish people is why we have such a large diaspora, whose patriotic duty it is to rampant…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellYay we win at something undisputed ugliest world champs 2020 is one of Dominic Cummings new hires - his recruitment tells you this government thinks it’s ok to say this si…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellThis is genuinely one of the most ridiculous statements ever heard on City and FFP. Painting them as victims alongs…
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@JamesAsser Exactly makes no sense I don't know at what point most of these questions will be relevant to people's day to day life's @JamesAsser I remember when it was first introduced I was at the UKBA at the time the questions were far simpler an… be fucking mental being a baby falling asleep in the gaff and waking up in Tesco fruit and veg isle
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These fuckers are going to turn me into an extremist I swear to god how many more time's do we have to go through t…, acting like he’s one of the Guildford 4
Retweeted by Dan O'Connell @DawnHFoster Or Mad Eddie immaculately dresses scouser best shop lifter in SW had a 6 foot imaginary rabbit as his… @DawnHFoster Then there was a guy everyone called jesus who dressed all in white and gave everyone money @DawnHFoster Where to start there was a few most famous and still alive is Conrad better known as the Wizard man of… by the number of people from the ultra far-right who seem to think they've found a home in the Conservativ…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellThis is Teddy. He's two years old. And he has an absolute peach of a left foot! 🎯 Thanks to his dad, Ryan, for s…
Retweeted by Dan O'Connell#JusticeForBernie
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@ActingTheGom The traditional punch up which reduces the bride to tearsTory staff should really join a union unfortunate surname for the minister responsible for famine aid among other things.
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellMy brother was stopped by 4 clothed police officers because he had his hood up in the rain... @metpoliceuk
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellThe year is 2087. Ireland is into its 145th re-run of the 2020 General Election.
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellFuck off back to past and stay there you fucking cretins swear he has no ability to stick to his word Cummings says Boris is now PM and Chancellor to this you find yourself doing weird things as a dad - the song Maeve seems to chill out to the most is Jen… Braverman, who said that Britain has become “obsessed” with human rights, and called on the Conservative par…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellThis is in response to an MP speaking out about the tragic death of Irish Traveller Bernie Mongan. Some of us give…
Retweeted by Dan O'Connell"I'm what now? Sorry I was just having a line I missed that" you don't believe poor people should have houses sit the fuck down like an insurance salesman - which is probably apt being a Tory health secretary"Being Secretary of State is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman" mean seriously they couldn't have found a picture where she didn't look like an evil imperial officer in Star War…"I find your lack of faith disturbing" the ‘we like you around to make us look good’ but you can’t have your own mind. It reminds me that all workers…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellI am absolutely deceased
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellUsed to have a dog called Stella who id sing whatever she was doing to umbrella by rihanna - "walking my dog called… you to Marcus Barnett for writing this article on the tragic death of Irish Traveller soldier Bernie Mongan.…
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Busy singing to my daughter to chill her out I have an awful voice but this appears to work - killing me softly wit… court and one defendant told a garda to "f**k off with his Cork accent".
Retweeted by Dan O'Connell leadership contest to begin and Brendan Howlin will not be involved. @VirginMediaNews
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellBREAKING: Rupert, one of the detainees I’ve been in contact with, has been told by the Home Office they have “lost”…
Retweeted by Dan O'ConnellI have come up with fool proof way of stopping british journalists and commentators in their tracks giving bad take… there was a young white boy with blonde hair, who dabbled in class A drugs, and conspired with a friend to beat…
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