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@MichaelaOkla Omg I just saw this and decided I would never find outcan’t wait for melania and trump to divorce and then have abc boldly let him be the bachelorrepresentation is so important like if the founding fathers were hot half asian girls maybe i would’ve been interes… sister just dropped her community college art class bc she said there was “too much geometry” and i was like “wh… @ellorysmith Healed. Thank you Ellory. @emmaketchup7 👏👏👏
@abbygov You have to stan @corietjohnson @jamieloftusHELP Amazing @notrylock she is amazing and iconic @tori_spec Thank you for your service @NikaLomazzo I definitely do feel lucky for the additional inches I have @NikaLomazzo Tell her thank you her existence is a blessing @ChrisCroy I thought she was 5’!it’s just me and Kristen chennoweth out here and some Olympic gymnastsim singlehandedly trying to normalize being 4’11” - weight of the world on my shoulders @saggiesplinters @charlidamelio @GKuhlenschmidt Need to know! @safrazie 🤪me: i need a xanax prescription for when i go on planes psychiatrist: bc you have anxiety related to flying? me:… @_RobertSchultz So truei hate when someone you know for a fact has had a threesome is like “i have really bad social anxiety” like no you… footage of me doing whatever a 19 year-old on tiktok tells me to
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @anne_sundell omfg us millennials are being punked so hard✨Twitter friends, a fellow trauma survivor I care for deeply is facing homelessness right now. My friend Nik put to…
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @amore_orless hahahahahathis is what every couple that goes out for indoor dining in beverly hills looks like
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time for my daily shame shower. (where i take a shower and think about every cringey thing ive ever said or done. it takes an hour usually) @khiyon94 @TheWittyGirl @CrystalnChelsea YAYYYYAnnoucing on MLK day that @CrystalnChelsea, @khiyon94 & I’s comedy pilot about a psychic that scams a white lady in…
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @blackprints hahahahahah @saggiesplinters So smart go girlieI’m sorry but we’re in a pandemic. No one should be allowed to buy red solo cups. What are you using those for 😳
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ok fine I’ll pay my taxes but I want an itemized list of the services the govt thinks they provided me w this year… know im surrounded by fakes bc im 25 and no one in my life has called me out for wearing band tees from urban outfitters @nori_reed U need to write a song about it!Jeff Bezos made $4,475,885 per hour in 2018 and they have us at each other’s throats for $15 an hour
Retweeted by Dana Donnellymoms are obsessed w simping over their shitty ass sonsis it the best movie ive ever seen or just the first movie i haven’t been on my phone during in a whilewhy did my dad just send me this tweet i’m going to kms
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @corietjohnson OMFGGGold women describing how they met their husband of 60 years
Retweeted by Dana Donnellyit’s crazy how a lot of the people criticizing burger flipping are white dads who love to grill
CEOs on their yachts drinking thousand dollar bottles of champagne getting economic anxiety over the idea of paying… way they are handling the vaccine rollout in Los Angeles is more proof we have no business hosting the fucking Olympics here
Retweeted by Dana Donnellycorporation: if minimum wage goes up, how will we stay in business? everyone: pay your executives less corporatio…
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @ginadivittorio it’s about time!!Sports icon @danadonly finally getting the recognition she deserves
Retweeted by Dana DonnellyWhy are anti $15/hr ppl so horny for others to starve and die? Like I’m not one to kink shame but damn
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @guacamoley3 hahahahaidk who needs to hear this but you weren’t gifted your parents were just narcissists who couldn’t accept that they’… arguing against raising the minimum wage. that budget book you’re simping for will literally never fuck you
Retweeted by Dana Donnellybunch of high schoolers just walked past my car in the Taco Bell drive thru I was playing coldplay loud as hell. on…
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@ohJuliatweets ya literally thought it was you I’m shockedfyi im not actually that interested in the “science” here thanksok how about this for an invention? coffee that hydrates you. @TheWittyGirl hahahahai have no respect for adults who act like their parents’ dog is their dog. you’re 30 years old, just get one of you… every great woman there are like 3 guys she used to date who have her blocked on social media @emmaketchup7 Wake up!
i think im generally attracted to older men, not bc i have “daddy issues” but bc my dad is dead and millennial men… think that everyone with a period should have one day off from work a month and I don’t think I’m kidding
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @blackprints HUGE CONGRATS @amore_orless Still cute!im worried this tweet has cringey “feed me pizza and touch my butt” vibes. lmki want to be able to skip the early part of friendships and just jump straight to the “being on our phones the whol…
it’s so hot to me when foreign government officials issue serious stay at home ordersBridgerton wants what Brandy’s Cinderella has
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly*me after being on my phone for the whole movie* i just felt like it was really slow and confusing?
Me on Twitter: landlords deserve the ***** penalty Me in my email to my landlord: hi sir first of all I love you
Retweeted by Dana Donnellygirls describing their high school boyfriend: my first love! the one who got away! girls describing their college…
Retweeted by Dana Donnellythey should make covid in charge of distributing the covid vaccine everyone would get it so fast
Retweeted by Dana Donnellysorry i didn’t text you back, i spent all day completely consumed by my own self hatredfor me the difference between getting 6 and 7 hours of sleep is either i spend all day wanting to kill someone or i… @heyjaredhey hahahaha @AmySilverberg life is crazy in that hot girls are always cold @sahana_srini Omfg @Hooraydiation The horror @HarperRoseD Ok damim not in therapy anymore bc at this point most of my problems have to do w internet shit and there isn’t a license… @corietjohnson lmaoooo
@SydneyBattle Pretty privilege is people never wanting to hold ur hand @DarthLux SAME @SydneyBattle representation matters @thisyearsgurl hot little cold girlsam i straight or do i just like men bc their hands are always really warm and every pretty girl has ice block hands @anne_sundell America’s decline will be marked by DIY tiktok surgery tutorials bc no one has healthcaregoing viral on parler by posting “unions 🤮”
Retweeted by Dana DonnellyThe most realistic Harry Potter storyline is definitely the one where he can’t handle that his girlfriend cries a lot
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @corietjohnson THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME EARRINGS OF THE REAL LIVE MEDICATION I AM ONi am @danadonly ‘s ear pharmacy ‼️ 🔆 💊
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @cmbc_podcast god these are all so good @wyntermitchell you’re better than mewhy do weekends go by so fast? im not READY to check my emails 😭 @sophiebuddle Lmaoo @emmaketchup7 That’s just not you“idk how y’all do that 9-5 shit” - me doing that 10-6 shit
Retweeted by Dana DonnellyI feel like Tyra would have asked the girls to take the Capitol building as a mini challenge
Retweeted by Dana Donnelly @nori_reed I cut some in April and now they’re literally gone
@makeupatake ok looks like im gonna have to fire off some accusatory texts rn @GKuhlenschmidt @Converse @KamalaHarris Omg congrats! can’t wait to order a pairdreams come true @Converse x @KamalaHarris
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