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@zachbdunn fuck you @NintendoAmerica please make more so I can buy one @bdgrabinski @criterionchannl I actually loved that movie when I was younger @michaelaWat @morninggloria @AlyssaMastro44 Oh that part is BADDDD @michaelaWat @morninggloria @AlyssaMastro44 OK BUT: a bad movie with good moments. @CubanMissileDH Dan there's a quarantine going on, I'm doing my part to preserve essentials.quarantine update: I have not left my apartment today and I also ate multiple spoonfuls of off-brand nutella @MaxGenecov Max... thank you. We worked hard!!!!The site-specific production at Brown University in 2014 that I directed @caitiedelaney GOOBER!!!!!!the movie is called tangled but her hair is never tangledyour quarantine name is your crush's first name and your enemy's last name come on do it we're all bored we need drama @amahnke Grim & Mild dominating the history charts!!! @NobleBloodTales is doing a podcast series on the 6 wives of Henry VIII. Subscribe now to have history deliv… @Shwaclyn <3 <3 <3 <3Should I get one of the ones that don't hook up to a tv? @amahnke a Journey @MikeDrucker No i mean I feel like I SHOULD get the tv one, right? @MikeDrucker but.... dont I want the tv?well, looks like they're sold out everywhere so looks like this time they saved me from myselfoh no I'm gonna buy a nintendo switch @aaronnemo @mikiebarb thanks I love itback in february I invested in the phrase "now more than ever" and now I am a billionaire @HilarieBurton ON MY WAY. @megangailey @NobleBloodTales Yessss!!!!!!Today's episode of @NobleBloodTales is the first one I've recorded from my makeshift closet studio. It also happens…
I accidentally listened to all of @DanaSchwartzzz's @NobleBloodTales this weekend, so I am very glad a new episode is out today.
Retweeted by Dana Schwartz @RyanCurtissLee omg the highest praise😭❤️"Anne Boleyn had played the game well enough to become a queen, but there was nothing she could do to save herself… if true[Company voice] bobby bobby bobby baby bobby bubbi robby robert darling, we have decided to move our Mary Shelley pilgrimage with @DanaSchwartzzz to 2021. Registration for this pi…
Retweeted by Dana Schwartz @Remember_Sarah only works in theory @LoxPopuli Did you say...... nationwide @Remember_Sarah or maybe classical liberal @Remember_Sarah oh no is ravenclaw libertarian @andmichaelgreen I'm embarrassed by how often I think "what would Tom Stoppard do" when I'm outlining something new @andmichaelgreen ME TOO! And the proper pronunciation of "ha-ha" @fadeinsoftware don't tempt me @scalzi LOLIf you've ever had a conversation with me, you know I am obsessed with Arcadia and I WILL talk about it for 11 hours if you let me @mattiekahn YES'Arcadia,' by Tom Stoppard @amahnke WE MADE 20 EPISODES, AARON!!!!!! @ToddStashwick @ReturnoftheRoo Thank you. It's an incredibly stressful time. I'm just trying to find a little levity with a joke.I also want to give a shoutout to my wonderful and tireless research assistant, @norellehan! @ToddStashwick Guess we have to fight to the death!!! @ihatealexd thank uToday is the day! Part 2 of our Six Wives series: Anne Boleyn. @travismcelroy I was about to ask for your noods :( @Jody_Houser We need the comic!!!!!! @zachsilberberg @travismcelroy It means what it means @travismcelroy Travis.... yes
@LizMaupin his shoulders are his neck @LizMaupin THE FACEI just want everyone on the same page about thisnudes sent during the quarantine don't countNew episode coming tomorrow 👑 🩸 love him to trump rn: anxious about how little I've accomplished during the quarantineI’m starting a quarantine book club!!! First meeting will be 2 weeks (that seems reasonable, right?) boredom has really started to kick in now so i decided to make a song using some objects around my house
Retweeted by Dana Schwartz @travismcelroy And of course, Marvel superheroes like the X-Men have never, ever had a political agenda.
@danadonly cancelling zoom dates is my heroin @starbucksbecca A TWINGE!!!!! @Adam___Green A+evergreen @Brandon_Bird And everyone knows that X-Men never had a political agenda 🙄Putting the “teen” in quarantine know I shouldn't engage with trolls but truly sometimes I cannot help myself @simoncurtis LOL TRUE @realDonaldTrump @JayFaerber GOD FORBID you become a bigger fan as you delve deeper in!!!!!Ok. I’m only posting this here to show how this guy has finally shown his whole ass. He is TERRIFIED at the prospec…"Fan" gatekeeping is a profoundly toxic subculture, the people who think enjoying a thing gives them ownership over it.The idea that I need to somehow prove my "worthiness" in order to work in a certain genre is incredibly toxic (and… question: do male writers deal with this? (Also imagine seriously believing anyone got into comics for the… no he doubled down have gone ALL IN on Bobby Z for this bracket. JOIN ME — nay, join US! @ChaseMit I’m a busy “casing a banks” @espiers all of my passions represented! @ChaseMit He spotted me like a bank robber @ChaseMit Marketable IP is every comic creator’s dream @DanaSchwartzzz But don’t you see, if you don’t make it clear that you like comics on instagram, you must be a hack…
Retweeted by Dana SchwartzMen really need to take a deep breath @Missmegaaaan I’ll post the link!I’m starting a quarantine book club!!!! Our first book will be LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE! If you want to join, try to… @dj_danl time has no meaning anymoreIT IS DONE. someone actually did it. I am buying The Pajamas
@JennyGorelick JENNY YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION @zachsilberberg u venmo me I WILL buy them @zachsilberberg moresomeone please give me 224 dollars so I can buy this dry clean only gorgeous nightmare @remy_solomon @Remember_Sarah omg drop the link